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Trail Ride Pictures and Videos


 I thought it would be fun to share pictures and an occasional video from some of my rides.
These are the same places/trails where I ride and train all of the horses that I offer for sale.
Tennessee is full of beautiful places to ride/explore, so I feel very fortunate to see them and felt
obliged to share some of the views. I hope you'll enjoy seeing them as they are surely happy trails.

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I call this orange blossom "butterfly weed" as it attracts them like flies to honey...

Wild Sunflowers

I run across a lot of wildlife in my riding but I usually don't have the camera ready.
Here's a couple of videos of them watching me watching them. 1 2 They weren't worried.

It kinda' makes you think...

This is Wildy's "other brother Darryl". My best spotted boy, LS, at The Walls of Jericho

Maggie Mae taking a break to look at the scenery on  gorgeous September day while
out for a "working trail ride". A pretty darn good way to spend the day "working" in
my simple way of thinking. I believe Maggie may just be thinking the same thing, too...

gentle smooth gaited tennessee walking trail horse, gaited trail horses for sale

DA and Brad discussing who's going down that "Man from Snowy River" hill first...

trail and pleasure tennessee walking and spotted saddle horses, gaited trail horse for sale

spotted saddle gaited trail horses for sale, tennessee walking horse

HollieAnna's first really big away-from-home trail ride... What a day she had.

Snake Creek.... This is one of several places that I take a lot of my daily "working"
trail rides when I'm getting/keeping my horses ready for their new homes. I don't
hire "cowboys" or anyone else to do my riding because it's just too important and too fun.

Carter Mountain ..... An absolutely beautiful fall day



Sulphur Creek in Elkmont, AL    This is a great new place I found to ride safely 365 days
a year with no hunting to worry about.  For a small annual fee and I can ride all I want.



Benefit for St. Jude's Hospital ~~~ Spring's beauty is well on the way in Tennessee...




Benefit Ride at Raus ~~~ Beautiful Tennessee Fall Colors...


Blue Creek....


Lewis County.....


Carter Mountain..... Ride to the Walls of Jericho coming in from the bottom

To see and hear the beautiful sounds of this falls and creek...Video1  Video2


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 Evening Shade Farm
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 Site designed, built, and maintained by David Taylor
   Owner/Operator of Evening Shade Farm
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