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Rainbow's Perfection (Jr) Page



 Every Rainbow has a Pot of Gold... Rainbows Perfection , aka Jr.,
 came to me extremely frightened and completely untrusting of humans.
 That was in February of the year 2003. Now 4/1/03 begins the chronicle of
 his journey towards his pot of gold. While he won't be available for sale
 for quite some time, I thought you might like to share in his journey and
 his progress. He was "broken" by some possibly well-meaning, but inept
 "cowboys", using the good ole fashion method; whips and spurs. I do
 things a lot differently here and for a horse like Jr. , the way he needed.
 Slow, patient, soft-handed teaching that allows a horse to want to give
 you his mind and body. So at four years old I must start all over again
 helping him to forget the past and embrace the present, and people. At
 this point I have made tremendous strides to that end. He now comes
 to me in the stall for petting and grooming, will take treats/feed from my
 hand, and will follow me all over the round pen. Just today (4/1/03) he got
 to go out in the pasture free to run and when it came time to come in, he
 allowed me to walk up and catch him with no qualms. I can and have
 ridden him, but that's on the back burner right now. He needs to feel
 complete trust for me, and by extension all people, before I begin his
 saddle work so that he will be able to answer requests without question.
 This is becoming one of the most rewarding challenges I have had the
 pleasure of experiencing, and when the time comes to find his perfect
 partner I'll face the most difficult challenge of all, letting him go.
 4/11/03  Equine dentist was out and Jr. had an appointment. He stood still
 and allowed all work to be done with no sedation and no problems for
 him or the dentist. 4/28/03  Started on his round pen work and he's coming
 along nicely, listening, beginning to relax, and trying to comply. 5/25/03 He
 is just about ready to begin some saddle work. He's about to turn the
 corner and really open up. 6/23/03 Jr has taken a small step back, but that
 was certain to happen sooner or later. He is bouncing back and will be
 better than before when it all settles. 7/17/03 Waldo has really been great
 for Jr and he is moving ahead wonderfully. Today he stood for ears/nose
 clip and was near perfect. 8/22/03  Talk about smoooooth gaits and gentle,
 I don't know if I can ever sell him. I love his gait, too.

     Rainbows Perfection aka  Junebug
 9/19/03  We went our first little mini-ride today and Jr was fabulous, having
 no problems with anything we encountered. I concluded, and without
 any hesitation, that he will be sharing life with me forever. We have come
 to such a meeting of the minds that I can't imagine him not being at the
 barn every day when I go feed. I thought going in that maybe I could
 keep the line drawn, but that wasn't possible. I've done my share training
 and showing and won many ribbons, but nothing I have ever experienced
 with a horse has been anywhere close in terms of satisfaction/fulfillment
 that Jr  (whose name has somehow evolved to Junebug ) has given to me.
 I am so thankful that he came into my life and taught me all the many
 valuable life lessons that came along with getting to know and love him.
 It does not get any better than this.  
 1/6/04  It's a new year and I thought maybe a Junebug update was called
 for. He is fat as a butterball (much like me) and is doing great. I've pulled
 his shoes and he's ripping and running with everybody else when the days
 aren't raining. As soon as spring gets a little closer I will put his shoes on
 and he just may be going to show him some in western/country pleasure.
 His gait is absolutely wonderful barefoot or shod, so he'll get some saddle
 time as the weather permits. He has really started to feel totally at ease and
 you can tell he trusts me implicitly. While getting his stall cleaned the other
 day, he decided to jump the buggy. Once out, he knew he'd made a mistake,
 circled the barn to his old stall and then back to me to be caught and put
 back in his apartment. Thanks to all who check in on him. More soon...
 10/9/04  JunieB is doing so well that I thought it was way past time for  a
 new picture or two and some new video. He's been spending a lot of time in
 the pasture with Justine (Wildy's mom) and some yearlings. It  has really
 done a lot for helping him see how horses of other ages and genders react
 to different "stuff". I rode him today for a couple of hours and had quite a
 wonderful time working on reining, etc. He's incredibly intelligent and a
 great student which makes teaching him so much fun. I've made a very
 important decision to let an extremely gifted horseperson/friend let Junior
 come out to Arizona to try out living with her and a special group of horses
 that include a former Evening Shade boy I called Lincoln. He'll get many
 of hours of daily one on one and he deserves to give it a try. More to come...

 Great view,  great life, and the best is yet to come...
 10/26/04  Junior arrived in Arizona and, from all early indications, seems to
 be quite taken with the view and the company. As I looked over the many
 pictures of his arrival and first days there, it was surely the most bittersweet
 rollercoaster of emotions I have probably ever experienced. From the very
 beginning my only desire has been for Jr's health, mental and physical, as
 well as his overall happiness with his quality of life. I never dreamed of his
 spending a single day anywhere but here until I considered just how much
 he was being offered in this new and special life adventure on which he has
 now embarked. I will always be in close contact and get to share in his
 triumphs as I share this most special of bonds with his new family, always
 confident that even though very hard on me, this was the decision for him...

 2/24/05  As you can see, Jr is settled in and having the time of his life. This
 picture was taken back in December on a really cold day and it was also the
 sixth time under saddle in Arizona. He is so calm and content now that he
 will even come up to the golf cart that delivers feed and hay for some loving.
 The dentist was just out and Jr stood perfectly for his work with no sedation
 or twitch used. All the guys and girls out there have adjusted to each other
 and there is harmony among them one and all. I didn't think I could have a
 feeling of greater peace than he brought me to love him when he was here,
 but this is right up there. More updates will follow... What a home.
 6/5/05  Junior is celebrating his 6th birthday today and what a day it will be
 for him. I sometimes wonder if he ever thought his life would get so good to
 him back when he was a youngster. It's so much more satisfying than words
 can begin to describe to know that his quality of life and happiness couldn't
 be any better than it is today. Julie, Kim, and all the gang out west have my
 eternal gratitude for the love, devotion, and the wonderful home they have
 opened up and offered to him. Happy Birthday boy. I love and miss you...
 10/24/05  Time flies and it is way past time for an update on my special boy.
 Junior is doing great and has settled in to the most wonderful life any horse
 could ever have. They say he's turned into quite an escape artist and has to
 have double locks in order to keep him from visiting around the barn and
 paddocks outside. He gets hours and hours of love and attention daily along
 with all the other guys which now includes yet another "Rainbow" horse.
 In addition to Lincoln, the mini, and all the others, Junior now has three
 close "cousins" who share not only his bloodlines but also life with some of
 greatest people they could know and love. Thanks again Julie and Kim...
 5/9/06  As you can see from the new picture to the left, Jr is having just too
 much fun playing with Lincoln and their miniature friend. Julie says that
 they both profess their love for her and are determined to protect her as well
 as play with her. I'm told that the entire episodes always resemble footage
 shown in fast forward. I can't imagine of a better life in even my best dreams
 for any horses than the life this extremely lucky bunch enjoys with Julie,
 Kim, and the rest of the "gang".  Jr is most certainly their horse in every
 respect but he is one of the loves of my life and will remain in my heart and
 soul always. It just makes me smile every time I think about it.
 12/24/07   The picture at left is Jr and Lincoln and Julie out for a ride to the
 top of their lookout point at their new home in New Mexico. It surely looks to
 be the beginning of a beautiful new chapter in their lives and a lot of fun. The
 move and setup took longer than expected but I'd have to say from the looks of
 things it was well worth the wait.  Alt. Picture  
 9/9/08  Julie just sent the beautiful snowy picture yesterday and I have to say I
 am just a little envious of that ride and scenery. She said the dog just showed
 up and has decided he'll just stay with this family, but who in their right mind
 could possibly blame him. It's a great decision. Hopefully, we are going to see
 some snowy weather this winter here in southern middle Tennessee and I'll
 get an opportunity to have some of the same fun. Jr and Lincoln are so very
 lucky to have such a home and wonderful people in their lives. Julie says she
 can now just cradle Jr's lower jaw in her hand and lead him any/everywhere
 she wants and he goes confidently with her. I always knew it would get this
 good and it hasn't even approached the very best yet. Thanks again for sharing
 your lives with me and I am always anxiously awaiting the next update....
 ps... It is hard to believe that in just one month, 10/9/08, Jr has been gone from
 here four years. Time flies when you're having fun and every person/critter/etc
 is happy and content...
 6/5/09  Jr. had his 10th birthday today and I just bet he's about the happiest
 10 y/o TWH in the world. I celebrate his life every day and know he's got plenty
 more ahead. I'll always miss you and love you the best of anything on God's
 green earth. That's what my momma always told me and I know it to be true...
Christmas 2008.  Joy to the world...