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TN Walker pictures Picture of TN Walkers   Your competition will Panic.....Widespread Panic is a product
  of our breeding program. He is one of the smoothest horses I have
  ever ridden with a gait to make him a serious liteshod competitor.
  Very light in the mouth-- beautiful, proud, confident, and easy for
  anyone to ride. He is also one of the best trail horses I've been on in
  the woods. Sired by Prime Design, 1988 three y/o world champ
  and out of our beloved Delight's Miss Missie..... Smile every time
  you get on and ride. 15.1 hands.  Foaled 07/98   
  Baby Pictures       Head Picture   


Everybody out of the pool... Delightfully Splashed came to play and things are fixin'
 to get busy. He's a 9y/o, 16.1h good time memory making trail riding partner that may
 be one of the best I ever raised up.  He's from the same year and bunch of boys that my
 very own LS was a part of, and if I hadn't accidentally fallen in love with LS, this boy
 would never have left Evening Shade Farm.  Splash has one of the absolute smoothest
 gaits you will ever have the pleasure to ride but that's not even the best of it.  He can
 tackle any obstacle on the trail with perfect ease and it won't matter what comes up, he
 will get you to the other side.  He is cool, calm, steady, and sure footed so riding in any
 type terrain has never been an issue.  As predicted, he totally outgrew his human mom
 and so she decided that mounting and riding a smaller size horse was going to work the
 best for her.  And I was so happy to be able to make that happen for her and also to have
 the opportunity to get this great boy in the process.  As awesome as Splash was when he
 was 2, 3, and 4y/o, he's done as expected and contined to make an even better horse as
 he's aged.  All the routine stuff like bathing, clipping, loading/unloading, standing stock
 still to mount/dismount (which is particularly handy on a boy so big) , and any farrier
 should beg to shoe him.  I wish horses like this were easy to find, but sadly, it is nearly
 impossible and getting harder every day.  I never worry or care how long a horse stays
 here with me before I ultimately find that "perfect fit" home but I'm betting that this boy
 won't stay here for very long.  Don't miss out on your only chance to make a Big Splash
 when you saddle up and go riding... SOLD
Alt. Picture1 2 3   Head Picture1 2  

 7/16/17... Took one of the absolutely most enjoyable trail rides yesterday on this boy.
 Great weather, but the company and riding Splash made it the best.  They don't come
 much better than this boy... Somebody better hurry or you'll miss out on a "once in a
 lifetime" trail partner and best bud... Trail Picture1 2 3  

 He's may be a thief, but you'll gladly give him your time..."The Lone Bandit" will never
 be riding by himself because he's just too much fun and you're gonna want be saddled
 up and on his back every chance you get.  He's a 4y/o, 15.2h big bunch of trail riding
 pleasure that just gets better and better.  His mind is so steady and solid which makes
 taking on new challenges and obstacles almost a no brainer.  With a smooth easy gait,
 riding all day is comfortable and easy, and you don't need special skills or shoeing for
 him to set up and gait on down the trail.  Cars, trucks, dogs, etc have never seemed to be
 any issue to him, and when I approach something new or different, I just talk to him as
 I ease up and investigate.  With his quiet mind, he just takes it all in and moves politely
 along.  Once he learns something new, much like the Prego Spaghetti sauce, it's just "in
 there" so the future is always simple.  Bandit, and since I have another Bandit it can get
 confusing when talking about them, comes from a long line of very talented horses who
 have been in shows and on the trails.  So it's just in his DNA to be an outstanding horse
 partner who has years and years of fun to share with some lucky person.  This boy makes
 the going look easy, taking on water ditchs, logs, muddy places, hills and "hollers" as
 though he were much older.  That's the real beauty and joy of the great younger horse.
 Given proper guidance and with a vision in mind, they are always the ones that make
 the great older horses.  Here is an opportunity to partner with an incredible horse who
 seems to want to learn and please with his every action.  Don't dilly dally and miss out
 right here and right now.  With The Lone Bandit under you, No Posse needed... SOLD
 Reg. TWHBEA  Alt. Picture1 2 3 4 5 6 7  Head Picture1 2 3 4 


 Like a spider on a living room curtain...Spider, yes that is his registered name, reminds
 me so much of my own "personal and not for sale at any $$, LS" that it's uncanny.  It
 was meant to be that I would purchase this boy since one of the ways that I have always
 described LS is by relating his trail skill ability on the steepest terrain as being "like a
 spider on a curtain".  Then along comes this boy whose actual name is Spider and he,
 too, negotiates the toughest terrain just like that.  He's a handsome 4y/o, 15-15.1h who's
 already an incredible trail partner but he ain't even scratched the surface of what he can
 and will be when the perfect someone chooses him as their partner.  His gait is really
 smooth/easy to ride at any speed and he doesn't mind how far you want to go because
 he's got plenty in the tank.  But don't let that fool you because he also knows walking
 slowly is also part of the gig.  He's learning to neck rein and will ride as well in an offset
 D ring snaffle as a curb bit.  Spider is so keenly made and would remind you of driving
 that beautiful and responsive sports car that we all dream of from time to time.  He's an
 excellent housekeeper in a stall and also a quiet pasture mate when turned out.  Spider
 is used to going alongside farm equipment, dogs, bikes, traffic, etc and has never had
 any care about them. He crosses water, ditches, logs, doesn't mind riding any position,
 stands to mount/dismount, loves a bath/groom, super easy to shoe, loads/unloads like a
 great horse does, and is just an all around pleasure to enjoy.  I just love it when I locate
 and get to purchase "home raised and trained" horses with such excellent upbringing.
 You'll definitely want this kind "Spider" in your barn, or house, forever... SOLD
 Reg. SSHBEA  Alt. Picture1 2 3 4 5 6  Head Picture1 2 3 
 03/01/18... Just reset Spider after the same long rideless (is that a word) winter we all
 endured here and he was so perfect.  If I had rdidden him all winter long he couldn't
 have been any better.  Perfect gait, perfect manners, perfect ride....

 11/26/17... Trail riding on about as pretty of a late November day as anyone could ask
 for or hope to enjoy.  Great friends, great horse under me, and beautiful countryside to
 take in from horseback... Trail Picture1 2 3 4 5  
 6/11/17... Took Spider riding and he was the bomb.  We took the trails, brush busted
 some steep hills, rode some deer trails, and just overall had a very large time.  He is so
 centered and laid back, yet has the gas for "heavy towing" whenever asked.
 He just FUNNER... which is way gooder than regular FUN....

 Freckles is a beautiful Chocolate Mocha coloring
 Pretty as a specked pup... Freckled Cassanova  is more talented than pretty so
 you can just imagine what an incredible ride he'll be, and the videos below show
 a glimpse of how he tackles any/everything on the trail. He's a 4y/o, 15.1h TWH
 with an awesome disposition and a gait that is as smooth as silk and just as easy
 to ride. He's fast becoming one of my personal favorites to take out because if I'm
 in a "take it easy and slow" mood he's a perfect ride and if I happen to be in one
 of those "let's get busy and tackle the hills and woods" mood he's the perfect guy
 for that as well.  His gait is one of those floating on a cloud rides from the slowest
 walk right on up to the top end and his mouth is so soft and responsive that you
 can almost look at the reins and he gives. Freckles has a rock solid mind and he's
 been steady in every situation we've encountered from wildlife to high wind to all
 manner of traffic and just takes it all in stride. Water, ditches, logs, dogs, rough
 terrain and about anything else we can have happen here in our world is just a
 walk in the park for a guy like Freckles. And I have his brother coming up right
 behind him so there's more of this good stuff coming. They share the same great
 bloodlines that so many of my horses share and it seems that they always make a
 great trail/pleasure partner and companion. One of the traits I want in all of the
 horses I bring up is a great student and Freckles would get straight A's in every
 subject. He'd also be the teacher's pet because he's a lover and really gets into his
 person which is also one of my important criteria. If you imagine yourself on this
 boy you'll be having some serious fun and good times. The folks at Westminster
 Kennel Club better be glad he's a horse and not a pup because he'd easily take
 "Best in Show" honors every time ...  
  Reg. SSHBEA Alt. Picture1 2 3 4  Head Picture1 2 3 4  Trail Picture1

 Cassanova's Pretty Boy (Freckles brother) ...
 Reg. SSHBEA  Alt. Picture1 2 3 4 5  Head Picture1 2 3 4   

 This boy has markings as unique as Mystic River...
 He loves Yankees, too... Reb It Up 
 4y/o, 14.3h smooth gentle beauty... 
 Reg. TWHBEA/SSHBEA Alt. Picture1 2 3 5  Head Picture1 2 3 4
gaited trail horse
spotted saddle pleasre horse
tennessee walking trail horse

 No need for Angie's List... "The Handy Man"  can take on any job you want to do when
 it comes to trail, pleasure, and absolutely fun riding.  He's a 6y/o, 15h boy that has been
 there, done that, and got the T-shirt trail riding professional and you'll be hard pressed
 to out-ride his skill level.  Personally, I'm not even sure that is possible.  Andy is sweet as
 the sweetest, calm, gentle, and rock steady whether you're in the stall, the cross ties, tied
 to the trailer, giving him a bath, or out on the trail.  He does everything that a seasoned,
 great minded horse should do and will have you smiling the entire time that you're with
 him.  This boy is one of those "total packages" as he has perfect markings, great mind,
 plenty of heart yet happy to walk slowly on a loose rein, wonderful gait, and really a
 nice size for most.  Andy has seen road riding, tough terrain woods riding, flat and wet
 land riding, and is happy to do whatever is in front of him.  He's led a great life so far
 and I fully intend for him to live a great life for all his remaining years, which are sure
 to be fun and many.  Patient, confident, sure-footed, rock solid even where there is no
 trail, and beautiful to boot.  That's about everything a person could ask for in a horse
 partner and companion.  He's happy in a stall and has blended well into any group of
 my horses in the pasture, and you won't have to hunt him down because he seems to
 enjoy human companionship so he'll come find you.  Whether you love riding on well
 established trails or blazing new ones, The Handy Man has got the job covered from
 A to Z.  Get out you To Do list and put Handy Andy in charge.... SOLD
 Reg. NSSHA  Alt. Picture1 2 3 4 5 6 7   Head Picture1 2 3 4  


 Get you some Boo... "The Bronze Booyah" is one very special guy to me and as the
 name Booyah implies, he brings some very special joy to his person and their life.
 Boo is a one of a kind horse who will make that very special horseperson the best
 of partners and companions. His story is very unique for me as he was purchased as
 a 2.5y/o colt who had literally never been touched or handled since birth. He'd also
 never been registered at that time so until I did his paperwork and DNA to get him
 officially registered with the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders Assocoation I never
 knew what his bloodlines were. And since I am very funny about what bloodlines
 I choose that was unusual for me. But he, and a Golden brother, seemed to need me
 so they were purchased and the adventure began. I utilized principles from all of
 the clinicians out there in order to bring these boys to a point where I could begin
 saddle work and riding.  The reward has been well worth the effort and Booyah has
 become quite a special horse. He has a wonderful heart & disposition to compliment
 his beautiful looks. He is an awesome trail and woods horse and has excellent trail
 skills taking on even the most difficult challenges carefully. He walks up the steepest
 terrain one step at a time never rushing and keeping his footing solid & steady. His
 slow walk is very comfortable to ride and his trail gait is very nice to ride.  Boo
 is the kind of horse that needs someone who is looking to really love him because he
 thrives on that interaction. He has always given 100% and done his best to learn each
 and every lesson presented and he has passed every class easily. He stands a stoutly
 built 14.2h and at coming 8y/o he is probably near the optimum size he'll ever be.
 Just like all of my horses, he will stand perfectly still for mounting and wait until he
 has been asked to move (after he flexes both ways) before taking a step. Even after
 an extended layoff he has always gone back to work like he didn't miss a day but he
 enjoys regular interaction with his person, even if you don't ride.  Of course he does
 all the routine stuff like a champ so it's always fun to spend the day with him doing
 whatever you choose from trailering out for a nice ride or giving him a bath so that
 beautiful color shines.  He really thrives on attention and being loved on so the more
 time you spend with  him the more you'll love being with him.  While gold is always
 nice to have, some Bronze Booyah is so much better... SOLD
 Reg. TWHBEA Alt.Picture1 2 3  Head Picture1 2 3 4
 8/26/16.. I am so very happy that Boo has been selected to be a part a a wonderful
 new family.  He is so very blessed to begin this new chapter in his life and I just
 know that an adventure is about to begin.  This is awesome....


 He'll be your designated driver in style...
"Jacked Up On Gin"
 will have you all
 jacked up on riding every moment you get the chance.  He's a 6y/o solid 15.1 hand
 boy that has serious skills whether you're trail riding, road riding, doing a country
 show or whatever else you choose.  Jack was the undefeated yearling World Champion
 under halter so it goes without saying that he's drop dead gorgeous but that's not
 even the good stuff.  Under saddle, he's one of the nicest you'll ever ride with a gait
 most would kill for and he looks incredible doing it.  And to make mounting a little
 easier, he will park out so it's just a short step up.  Jack will gladly walk on a loose rein,
 neck reins the best, and has one of the most relaxed short lopes that I've ever had the
 pleasure to ride.  However, his gait is so smooth and easy I don't really see the reason
 to worry about loping.  Out on the trail Jack knows exactly what to do and how to do
 it like a pro so riding him is a simple cool breeze.  I can't say how blessed I feel to
 have the opportunity to offer horse partners like Jack and literally every one of the
 boys I have this day and every day.  My daily goal is to always feel that I have the best
 horses that I've ever had and I can say that Jack just adds one more to what is already
 an impressive group of trail and pleasure partners.  This boy is full of personality so
 if you are looking for a partner to really enjoy from the pasture to the stall to the trail
 and more then Jack is definitely your huckleberry.  Who says that you have to go out
 partying to have a super large time.  Get all Jacked Up right here....  SOLD
 Reg. SSHBEA and NSSHA  Alt. Picture1 2 3 4 5 6   Head Picture1 2 3  

 Jack's family had a change in their schedules/life so I was offered the opportunity to
 bring him back to Evening Shade Farm.  And I pounced at the chance.  He's back....
 here so don't miss out on making him your next trail partner...


 These two beautiful boys are full brothers and
 have both beautiful looks and minds to match.

 He ain't heavy, He's my brother... These two awesome boys were hand raised
 and loved by their breeder until I purchased and brought them home to be part
 of my family here at Evening Shade Farm. They had been handled lovingly and
 gently their entire lives but had not been put under saddle to learn all the various
 ins and outs of being a great trail partner and companion. Now 4 and 5 years old,
 they have turned into some of the best I've ever had the pleasure and priviledge
 to offer for consideration. Who Dat (the black/white 15h 4y/o) and Duggie (the 
 bay/white 15h 5y/o) have some of the sweetest dispositions that any horses could
 ever have and the type of willingness that makes trail riding some of the best fun
 to be had while dressed. They both finished their ground work with the ease you
 would expect from great minded horses and went to work under saddle like they'd
 done it all before in another life. And they just keep progressing with each ride. I
 would love it if there had been a third brother just like them and he'd be here, too.
 From the pasture or stall to the trail and back again, they both make it all so easy
 and simple. All the routine stuff like bathing/clipping/shoeing/loading/etc are all
 done with zero problems. Out on the trail they take on whatever challenge is out
 in front of them with confidence and even if something odd does come up, and it
 invariably will, they stop still/take it in and then move on as asked.  I've done
 about all of it from water to downed logs and ditches to hills to pastures and even
 some urban riding and these boys make it all enjoyable just like all the really good
 ones do. Once again they prove that a beautiful mind wins out over all else even
 when you get a later start out in life. Heck, I wish there'd been a dozen brothers
 because guys like these are hard to find and I'd have 'em all...
 Alt. Picture1 2 3  Head Picture1 2 3   

 It's a Black Tie affair... "
Tennessee Tuxedo" makes every trail ride seem like the time
 of your life and it ain't just the tuxedo that's doing it. I have raised this boy up from a
 yearling and it has certainly been worth the wait for him to bloom.  Tux is now a 4y/o
 and at 14.3h, he's a great size for that rider who likes a horse that is easy to mount from
 the ground without a step, log, etc.  All of my horses are laid back in disposition but this
 boy is really laid back which would make him great for that novice or timid rider that
 isn't looking for a horse that wants to get up and go.  He's not a dead head but he is
 totally content to walk all day everywhere you might go.  Nothing so far has ever made
 him uneasy and no matter what has come along he acts as though he's seen it or been
 around it before.  Tux loves a bath, loads/unloads with ease, stands stock still to mount
 and dismount, is simple to clip/shoe/groom or just about anything else you might dream
 up to do with him.  Traffic, dogs, debris, etc. have always been non-issues with him and
 so I have been able to ride along and enjoy "whatever" while in the saddle.  I seem to
 say over and over how great this young horse or that young horse is, but it really isn't
 magic or bragging on myself because the truly rock solid horses are born, not made. He
 may be one of the most steady minded horses of any age that I have ever had to offer.
 And I search very diligently to locate that type horse and through the years have gotten
 even more selective when choosing my horses to be offered.  This boy is no exception
 and I am glad he's here.  Why just rent a Tux when you can own one... SOLD
 Reg. TWHBEA  Alt. Picture1 2 3 4 5  Head Picture1 2



And the Eyes have it... "
Mickey Blue Eyes " is anything but a "wiseguy" even
 though he is one tough cookie.  He's a 9y/o smooth riding trail guy with a heart as big
 as Texas and a disposition sweeter than Halloween candy.  At a very sharp made 15.1h,
 he is plenty of horse for most sized riders and he doesn't mind working all day long and
 into the night, if need be.  But don't think that means he is not equally happy to walk
 down slowly on a loose rein with all the folks that just want to ease along the trail, even
 those quarter horse people who still haven't learned that trotting is a drag.  Mickey has
 ridden some of Tennessee's toughest trails and never batted one of those beautiful Blue
 eyes at the hard work and tackled it all with confidence and precision. His gait is a true
 4 beat saddle horse gait that rides like glass and he carries himself so proudly that most
 anyone who sees him pass will comment on his stylish way of going.  I love riding him
 for many reasons that include his technical prowess on the trail, wonderful manners on
 the ground and under saddle, his high headed way of holding himself, and yet he is so
 easy in the mouth he'll ride as well in an "offset D snaffle" with no curb as he does in
 the usual "Argentine snaffle" in which I ride all of my guys.  This boy is one of those
 that really is the "total package" from looks to gait to disposition to ability and back
 again.  He is a breeze to handle doing anything you might have on the schedule for the
 day and your farrier will absolutely love him, and you.  Mickey is going to put a giant
 smile on the face of whoever chooses him as their next trail/pleasure/life partner and
 he truly is one of the "Goodfellas"... SOLD Alt. Picture1 2 3 4 5 6 7  Head Picture1 2 3
  Trail Picture1   Trail Video1
  I would have gotten more trail videos and pictures but was just having too much fun
  and forgot... go figure.  Great horses and great company make even a blistering hot
  day of trail riding the best... Trail Picture1   Trail Video1
 Mickey's family had a change in their schedules/life so I was offered the opportunity to
 bring him back to Evening Shade Farm.  And I pounced at the chance.  He's back.....
 here so don't miss out on making him your next trail partner... 


All Aboard!!!... Color Train is one ride you won't want to miss because it's
 some kind of fun.  This absolutely beautiful 15.1 hand 6y/o will get you into and
 back out of the station in some real style.  His gait is one of those "to die for" super
 smooth/easy that he'll do for the asking any time and it doesn't require any special
 skills or techniques to ride.  Train is incredibly sweet/affectionate/loving and that
 makes horse partnering time especially special.  He's extremely careful and sure
 footed out on the trail and seems at ease in any type terrain we've encountered from
 flat and open to hilly/rocky/muddy and all the rest of the stuff we ride through here
 in Tennessee.  His mind is rock solid and steady so you don't have to constantly be
 worrying about what might pop up out of the brush or come down the trail.  Train is
 equally at home riding in an urban setting where we can encounter cars, 4 wheelers,
 bikes, hikers, mailboxes, you name it.  He also neck reins the best which is handy,
 although not necessary, to enjoy a great ride because the real key to a horse that
 handles well is having teeth professionally done and being taught to have a soft and
 responsive feel. That is something every horse at Evening Shade Farm is taught to
 know.  Walking down slowly on a loose rein is never an issue so if you ride with a
 few of those folks who still haven't learned the joy of riding a gaited horse, it'll be
 no problem.  But you ought to at least try and convince them to give up trotting, lol.
 Don't mess around and let this Train leave the station before you get on.  Be your
 own Conductor so you've always got a ticket to ride the Color Train.... SOLD
 Reg TWHBEA  Alt. Picture1 2 3   Head Picture 

When only the best will do... "Walkin' in Platinum"  living at your house and
 being your trail partner might just put a bigger smile on your face than a trip to the
 finest Jewelery Store.  He's a beautiful Palomino and White 3y/o who is fast becoming
 one of the nicest trail horses to be found.  Once he sheds out, that beautiful color will
 really stand out and he'll be turning heads everywhere he's ridden.  KK has a great
 gait at any speed and while he's always happy to walk down the trail, he's equally
 happy to gait whenever asked.  His disposition is wonderful and he has a rock solid
 mind.  He remains calm, cool headed, and steady in any type riding environment so
 it's always a simple pleasure to saddle him up and ride.  At 15.3h and a little more to
 grow, KK is a great size and can carry most anyone with ease.  I always hear from
 folks wanting a great 8-10 y/o horse because they have been conditioned to believe
 that age makes horses great.  It does not.  The really great aged horses were really
 great young horses, just like KK, who haven't been messed up by someone in their
 life, however well meaning, that just did the wrong stuff.  I would gladly take a dozen
 more just like this one but they are getting harder and harder to find.  He does all
 the routine daily stuff like a gentleman and while he's not the best housekeeper in
 his stall, he ain't the worst either.  Loading, unloading, standing to mount, walking
 off on a loose rein, and all the other things looked for in a great partner are all
 standard equipment on my horses and KK is no exception.  Nothing is much better
 than getting to grow with a great young horse.  Why not just go ahead and treat
 yourself to one of the finer things in life...Put some Platinum in your trailer... SOLD
  Reg. NSSHA  Alt. Picture1 2  Head Picture1 2  

 Make your own weather... "Generating a Storm"   is one of the simplest and most fun
 horses that I have ever ridden.  For my personal taste, I would rate him right up there
 with my own "not for sale at any price" LS and that's a tall order to fill.  He is sweet
 and gentle from A to Z and everything in between.  Woody trailers so quietly that you
 may stop to check and make sure he's still in there and once you get ready to saddle up
 to ride, he's patient and easy.  But now is when the real fun begins because this boy is
 one of the best you could hope to trail ride.  He takes on any terrain with ease and it
 doesn't matter if you're going up or down or on flat ground he'll negotiate every step
 just as solid and steady as walking around the barn.  I presonally love dropping off
 steep stuff more than climbing, and while he can easily power walk up the steepest
 challenge, when he heads off and down it's like he shifts gears automatically and just
 crawls down like a spider on a curtain.  Woody is happy in a stall and also makes a
 wonderful pasture mate for every horse with whom he has shared the space and never
 has he kicked or charged anyone here.  Given his registered name, the most natural
 nickname would have been Stormy but this gentleman is anything but a "Stormy" and
 I would take this wonderful disposition every day of the year.  At 5y/o and 15.1-15.2h,
 he's just about the perfect size and build for most anyone.  His gait is totally awesome
 and he has a wonderful little short lope if needed, but with his gait I'd rarely ever find
 a reason to lope.  And to top all that off, Woody neck reins for easy one hand riding
 which frees up the other hand for whatever you choose.  You'll never need to chcck the
 forecast 'cause the weather is always perfect for riding Woody... SOLD
 Reg. NSSHA   Alt. Picture1 2 3 4 5 
Trail Picture1 2 3 4 5   Head Picture1 2


 "Lord I was born a Rambling Man"...Parader's Rambling Man is the kind
 of horse that will have you wanting to ramble all over the country.  He's an awesome
 5y/o who stands just a smidge over 15.2h and every inch of him is some kind of good
 looking handsome man.  Rambling Man is a stoutly built guy that can carry the load
 all day long whether you want to do it at a nice slow walk or step up into one of the
 absolutely smoothest nicest gaits you might ever ride.  Out on the trail he has the skill
 to tackle anything in front of him and he does it with a cool head and very sure feet
 which always leaves you feeling safe and confident.  He is patient in a crowd and so
 steady in his way of going that you might forget that you're rambling on horseback
 and not some fancy 4wheeler.  A few weeks ago a friend borrowed him for his partner
 to use on a big group ride with more than 100 horses and all the hoopla that goes
 with that, and they said he was absolutely awesome and were smiling from ear to ear
 when they brought him back home. Ride out alone or in any size group, anywhere in
 the group, he's got you covered.  Rambling Man stands stock still for mounting and
 does not move a foot until asked and then leisurely walks off on a loose rein.  All of
 the routine stuff like baths, clipping, loading/unloading is a breeze which make him
 so easy to spend the day with.  Top that off with him being an excellent house-keeper
 and you have one awesome guy. All in all this is one of those horses that is everything
 I want from his keen mind to his super smooth gait.  The Allman Brothers Band would
 have been proud of this boy...  SOLD   Reg. TWHBEA/SSHBEA
  Alt. Picture1 2 3 4 5  Head Picture1 2 3 4   

 Your heart will melt... Heart of Bold is another great brother to Bold Kat, Me
 Three and several other of the very best I've had the priviledge to raise up and
 offer. At 15.1h and a coming 5y/o, he's just about perfect in every way for most any
 rider. Just like his brothers, he's got the perfect mind for learning anything I've
 ever showed him and he never forgets a lesson. One of the most fun horses of any
 age I have ever had the opportunity with which to work. He's so proud going and
 makes you feel like a million $$ and still gentle as a lamb whether you're playing
 with him on the ground or up on his back having one of the best rides of you life.
 Out on the trail he is cool-headed, confident, sure-footed, and equally important
 he is patient and quiet. He goes down trails with ease but if getting off the trail is
 your thing then he's your Huckleberry as he is just as great where there is no trail.
 He reminds me so much of Harold (top of the Sold Horse page) in every way that
 I find myself sometime forgetting who I'm riding and I tend to want to call him by
 the same name, so he's become "Harold, too" for me. He's got such a personality
 that seems almost human and the easiest/sweetest horse no matter what you may
 be wanting to do. Out on the trail he's tackled any and every thing/situation that
 has arisen from difficult terrain to whatever type of wildlife, which can come out
 of nowhere. And he has done it all with the confidence and professionalism of the
 much older horse that many think are the only ones settled enough to deliver the
 solid ride we all want to enjoy. Even if he weren't the beautiful Grey that he is, I
 would still want as many more like him as could be found because these are the
 only type horses that make the "great ones" who take perfect care of their human
 partners for years to come. This boy has something much more valuable than a
 Heart of Bold, has a gigantic Heart of Gold...                Reg. TWHBEA    
 Alt. Pic1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Head Pic1 2  Trail Pic1  Enjoy...
 8/8/2014  I needed to go around the road a few miles to look at a hay field that
 will soon be ready and I wanted to see how it was coming along.  So, instead of
 driving the truck I decided to enjoy the beautiful day and ride my favorite boy,
 Heart of Bold aka HaroldII.  It could not have been a better ride and he proved
 to me again (just like always) that he is one of the absolute bestI've ever had
 the pleasure to offer.  We went past dogs, hogs, cows, unidentifiable pieces of
 junk, all kinds of traffic, and much more with him just taking it in and going on
 down the road with ease.  Never a spook, bobble, jump, or anything else except
 delivering a totally enjoyable ride for a couple of hours.  And as a side note, as
 of that day he had not been saddled and ridden in probably at least a month due
 to having others to work and some very busy days keeping up with all the routine
 stuff that requires so much time.  It goes to show me once again that while great
 training is obviously vital, DNA and a great student to begin with trumps it all...

 Timing is Everything... PT's Timing is Everything  has turned out to be one of the
 very best trail partners that anyone could want.  He's got all sorts of experience in
 about any type terrain and proves time and again that he's got what is necessary to
 get the job done, and done well.  Tee has been camped and ridden multiple days as
 well as enjoyed many day rides and it just doesn't matter what he is asked because
 he always delivers a correct response.  At 4y/o, 15 hands and very sturdy built, he's
 just about perfect for most any rider and he's so calm and laid back that I suspect
 he'll make even the newer rider feel confident and safe.  His dog walk is extremely
 comfortable so you can spend time going slowly with your non-gaited friends, even
 though I still can't figure out why anyone wants to trot.  He has a very nice light
 mouth so there's no tugging or pulling to get a response, and that is something that
 I take great pride in all my horses.  Tee's gait is nice and easy to ride and just seems
 to get better as he gets older and more miles under his feet.  He does absolutely the
 best when up in a stall but also makes an excellent pasture mate and you'll never
 find yourself chasing him down because he comes to meet me any time.  This is just
 another examlpe of a boy that was born to be a trail/pleasure partner from Day One
 and he's only gonna get better with age.  Timing is Everything and if you wait too
 long the Time will pass for you to make Tee your very own....  SOLD
Alt. Picture1 2  Trail Picture1 2

 Take a virtual trail ride on Tee.  We enjoyed the 70 degree day on 1/15/17 and I'm
 going again today with Kit Kat and Bandit.  Here are some videos taken from the
 saddle while enjoying the ride on Tee.  
 This is one awesome boy and it's hard to imagine anyone that couldn't ride him...

 You gotta' see this handsome boy in person...He's plum purty...
 Live your Dreams... Count's Day Dreamer   fills your days with dreams come true
 trail riding.  He's a beautiful 6y/o, 15.2h who will let you get as close as you want and
 return your love in spades.  I raised this boy up from just a little yearling and kept
 him back for a couple of years because he kind of stalled out growing for about 18 mo
 and then shot up to the big awesome boy he is today.  He has a really nice gait to ride
 at any speed from the slowest walk to his "moving on down" the trail gait and it is so
 simple and easy to ride.  Dreamer is a great pasture mate and keeps a stall very nice so
 it is easy to manage him in most any setting.  Out on the trail he's very quiet and takes
 on the trail with ease.  He takes on hills, hollows, logs, ditches, rocky ground, and
 whatever else has come up without issue and if he does encounter something unfamiliar,
 he'll quietly stop, look at for a second and then politely move right along. At home he is
 so easy with which to work as he loves baths, is so easy to shoe, respects your space, and
 does what you ask for the asking.  And he'll also saddle up and ride away from the
 barn with ease and never look back. Of course, he stands still to mount/dismount, flexes
 both ways and backs, will not move off until asked, and then walks off on a loose rein
 just like a nice horse and partner is supposed to.  Loading and unloading are a breeze
 and once you get to your destinantion he will stand politely to be saddled and wait for
 you to get ready to leave out.  While no horse is perfect all the time, it is nice to have a
 partner that complies with your needs and makes horse handling and riding a joy and
 Dreamer qualifies for that any day.  Spend your nighttime dreaming and your daytime
 riding with your Dreamer...    Reg. TWHBEA    Alt. Picture1 2 3 4 5
 Head Picture1 2  Trail Picture1  

  Lewis and Clark must be looking for her...TrixieHontas is one fine girl
 by anybody's standards. She's a very stoutly made 14.2h of pure trail riding fun.
 Her gait is one of those just perfect 4 beat saddle gaits that makes riding so nice
 you'd swear you're in a Lincoln Town Car. Trixie is a mature gal at 17y/o but I
 will put her out there with anyone's youngster and leave them in the dust behind
 me. Her manners are second to none and whether you're on the ground or in the
 saddle, any time you spend with her is quality time. Trix would be the perfect for
 most any rider but she'd make the perfect last horse for that mature trail person
 who still has 8-10 good riding years and then wants to enjoy their horse just being
 around them and loving them. It doesn't matter if you don't ride her for six months
 because every time you saddle her up she's the same great ride. And don't think for
 a minute she is a dead head because she's got everything you'll need to get the job
 done and then some. On the trail she's cool headed and steady in any situation and
 always very surefooted. Trixie neck reins and backs the best and riding her out on
 the trail is just a blast. She's been here at Evening Shade for several years and every
 day with her has been a joy. But it's time to downsize a little and because I have too
 many old brood mares and others that can't be ridden it was time to let someone
 really enjoy Trixie as she loves to be handled and ridden. The pioneers always said
 "go west" but any direction you go on Trixie is the right direction...
 Reg. SSHBEA  Alt. Picture1 2 3 Head Pic1 2  


 An Awesome Design... "Beaucoup's Crimson Design" was raised and went to school
 right here at Evening Shade Farm.  He's a brother to my personal horse, LS, and many
 others by the same sire & they always turn out to be some of the best of the best.  Ranger
 is certainly no exception as he has every characteristic looked for in a great horse/trail
 partner.  His gait is absolutely fantastic from the first step to the the last and comfortable
 at every speed from just moving to really gaiting on down the trail.  He's a 6y/o, big 15.3h
 boy that has beautiful confomation as well as the sweet disposition we all want in a trail
 partner.  It doesn't matter if I take him out around the road or load up in the trailer & go
 out to one of my several favorite day riding places, I always have a super ride and enjoy
 the time we spend together. Ranger is a really good housekeeper in his stall and always
 blends right in with whatever group is out in the pasture.  His mind is rock solid & steady
 so he seems to be right at home wherever we ride and traffic, dogs, flying paper, etc have
 never bothered him one bit. Out on the trail he's surefooted and confident making every
 trail ride a complete blast.  I have found through the years that the great minded horses
 don't waste our time trying to get them over every new thing that pops up so we get to
 spend our riding time doing just that; riding.  I truly wish that I could find 20 more just
 like him but they are truly very few and far between and I will enjoy every day of riding
 Ranger until that perfect human partner comes along, which I suspect won't be long.
 This is one Design I would surely love to clone over and over... SOLD
 Reg. TWBEA/SSHBEA  Alternate Picture1 2 3 Head Picture 


Sweeter than any candy bar... CC's Mister KitKat seems like he's got an entire sugar
 plantation on the inside as he's one of the most loving horses I have ever owned and
 offered.  He has one of the sweetest faces you'll ever see and his keen little ears just
 set it off all the more.  At just 7y/o and 14.3ish hands tall, KitKat is perfect for many
 of the smaller to mid-size riders out there and so solid/steady that most all who ride
 him would feel confident and safe.  He may be one of the prettiest travelling horses
 you could ever watch and if you're the one to choose him as your trail partner, then
 also one of the prettiest travelling horses you will ever ride.  He's so calm and steady
 that it's hard to imagine anyone who wouldn't feel totally safe and confident on his
 back, whethere riding at home or out on the trail.  KitKat is a good housekeeper if
 he's up in a stall, but he loves being out and has been a wonderful pasture mate no
 matter with whom he is sharing the pasture.  Even when he's walking down slowly
 he holds his head and neck with style and looks like a million bucks.  I have owned
 and placed many beautiful horses through the years and I will say without taking
 anything away from any other wonderful horse that this boy has one of the sweetest
 and most beautiful heads and eyes with an expression that could melt an iceburg in
 seconds flat.  KitKat is purely a pleausre to be with no matter what you may want to
 do for the day and everyone who meets him will no doubt fall instantly in love with
 him so you might want to lock the barn.  Get your sugar fix right here with your very
 own life sized KitKat... SOLD
 Reg. SSHBEA  Alt. Picture1 2 3 4   Head Picture1 2   Tack  

 1/16/17  Watch Kit Kat trail riding along with Bandit and they were both incredible
 and neither had been ridden in a couple of weeks.  Trail pictures/videos links below.
 Trail Picture1 2   Take a virtual trail ride now...

 4/4/17... Took this boy trail riding after 6 weeks of soggy weather and he was just the
 "bomb".  I can't imagine anyone that couldn't ride this boy and love every minute...
 5/1/17... Some folks showed up unexpectedly today.  Wind was literally blowing all
 day at 25mph and above.  This boy was rock solid and had not been out of the stall
 in over a week.  Saddled up and mounted like he had been ridden every day.  Perfect!


First Down on every play... 9 Yards of Fizz is plenty big enough to carry you and the
 ball all the yards you are willing to ride and do it in style.  He comes from bloodlines
 that I have gone back to numerous times as they always seem to have the qualities we
 need/want in our trail partners.  He stands a full 16.1 hands tall and at 7y/o, he's the
 perfect age to be both young enough to ride for many years to come and old enough
 to suit most any rider.  Fizz is a long legged drink of water so he can really cover some
 ground, even at a dog walk and it's a very comfortable walk so you won't mind walking
 all day if riding with some of those folks still bouncing and trotting down the trail. And
 when it's time to gait, he steps up into a really smooth nice gait and can easily gait for
 as long as you like if you have the terrain to allow for it.  His trail skills are some of the
 best and I have not encountered the terrain that he has had any problem handling.  He
 gladly stalls and has spent a lot of time in the pasture  always accepting every new guy
 with ease making them feel right at home.  I even have a weanling out with him and they
 are the best of pasture mates.  Fizz has ridden parades and done his share of road riding
 and he's steady/easy in every way.  He's confident and safe, surefooted and careful so
 he never has trouble on the trail.  If you like your trail partner on the bigger side you
 probably won't find one much better than this.  He has a light easy mouth and is simple
 to ride and operate so most anyone would feel right at home even though they'll be way
 off the gound.  He was barefoot for a couple of years but I have keg shoes on his front
 feet as it's just too rocky to ask one to go barefoot up front and he has excellent feet
 both front and rear.  Riding Fizz will leave you feeling like you're constantly making
 a First Down with no yards to go.... SOLD
 Reg. TWHBEA   Alt. Picture1 2 3  Head Picture
 4/30/17  Had the most enjoyable ride today and he proved again just why partners like
 this are the only kind to have in life.  He delivered another flawless ride through the
 hills and hollows making it seem effortless.  Smiles and smiles....




Somebody call a Doctor... "
Dr. Topper" can cure all your trail riding ills with his super
 personality and winning ways.  One of my good friends even took her 4y/o daughter on
 a short trail ride with her sitting in the front of the saddle.  He's a handsomely built
 14.3h with that beautiful mocha color making him really stand out in any crowd, and
 he's a really great size for easy mounting/dismounting.  Topper has a really nice gait
 that just keeps improving and his calm easy "anything goes" disposition will leave you
 thinking he'd be 13y/o.  His mind is super solid which makes riding in most any setting
 a breeze because he seems like everywhere you go, he's been there before.  He's a solid
 4y/o and as good as he quite naturally is already, it's just going to keep getting better
 as he continues to age/grow.  His price will evolve with his progress so you really don't
 want to wait too long to decide on making him your next trail partner.  I can't say why,
 but it is getting more and more difficult to find the really great horses out there so when
 I have one like Topper it just makes me smile.  And it makes my job so easy because with
 proper schooling and direction this type young horse just gets better and better.  Topper
 is an excellent housekeeper when up in a stall and he's blends right in to any pasture mix
 of horses so he's always easy to manage.  And you won't go very far to find him because  
 he meets you at the gate when he sees you.  Of course he does all the routne stuff just like
 every nice horse partner should do so bathing, clipping, loading/unloading, etc are never
 a problem and your farrier should love him.  All in all, this is simply one of those young
 horses that make the great aged horses we all admire.  You can look and look but it is
 doubtful that you will ever Top this one... SOLD
 Reg. NSSHA  Alt. Picture1 2 3 4 5 6   Head Picture1 2 3 4  NEW 7/12/17 


 4/6/17 ... This boy has really become one awesome partner.  His gait just keeps getting
 better and his disposition is absolutely the best.  Wish I had 20 more just like him....

 7/9/17... Awesome trail ride.  This boy learns everything on the first try and he never
 forgets.  On to the next fun thing. Trail Picture1 2 3 4 



 Deal yourself a Royal Flush,  Ace high....
Ace's Magic Pattern
reminds me very much
 of Blue and Bold.  He's a 5y/o, 15.3-16h big ole gentle sweet giant that can carry most
 any size rider all day long with ease.  His disposition is laid back and easy going so
 if you're not in a hurry he's plenty happy to walk, but if you want to gait for a bit he'll
 step right up into a nice smooth gait to move on down the trail.  Nothing ever seems to
 be a bother to him and so new things that come up along the trail don't rattle him or
 cause an issue.  He just looks at it and then politely moves on.  It's always such a joy
 to find and own a rock solid kind of trail partner that makes trail riding relaxing and
 fun, then it's not a job, it's an adventure.  Ace does fine in a stall and is a great pasture
 mate with all who've shared time outside with him.  The day that I took those few quick
 videos back in January, he hadn't been out of his stall for well over a week because the
 weather had either been rainy or below 20 degrees.  I saddled him up, he stood stock
 still for mounting, and he walked down the driveway just like he's supposed to do.  The
 wind was blowing 20mph or so, as you can hear and see in the videos, and yet he was a
 quiet gentleman the entire 15-20 minutes we were making videos.  He's got it all from
 disposition/temperament to gait to technical skills to conformation and all the way to
 beautiful color.  Those who have watched my site for years know that I have offered
 very few Buckskin and Palomino color horses because, while there are quite a few out
 there, the really good minded ones are rare.  I am tickled to be able to offer such a nice
 boy for some new blessed person to share in their life and enjoy.  You don't have to go
 to Vegas to play a Royal Flush.  Play with your own Ace.... SOLD
 Reg. TWHBEA  Pictures and better videos coming as weather permits.  These are quick
 phone pictutres so they're not the best.... Alt. Picture1 2 3


Let's do it again...Kawliga Again and Again comes from a bloodline that
 seems to always produce just what those of us, wanting that calm relaxed horse
 partner that gives 110% when asked, are looking to find.  Being a firm believer
 that to get what you want it takes the right ingredients, this bloodline has those
 and always make just what I'm looking to include in a great trail partner.  Playboy
 is as gentle and sweet as you could ever hope to share time around and has a mind
 that makes horse time a pure pleasure.  His gait is extremely nice and easy to ride
 and his way of going is a thing of beauty.  He'll walk down slowly on a loose rein
 all day long but is happy to step up and gait whenever he's asked to.  And never fear
 if you miss riding him for a while because he never changes and gives you the same
 great time every ride out.  I seldom get the opportunity to purchase a really great
 horse with some age because, generally speaking, no one who's going to continue
 riding ever sells their really great horse partner unless there is a calamity in their
 life that forces a sale.  But every once in a while some of the folks I know who are
 able to breed their own horses have to make room for new stock to be born and
 that's where I love to come in.  Playboy would be the type horse that any person
 who loves to ride will enjoy whether beginner or seasoned rider.  It's nice to have
 horse partners that I would love to clone and Playboy is no exception.  Riding him
 just once won't do it... You just gotta do it again and again... SOLD
 Reg. TWHBEA  Pictures and videos coming asap....


 Your future is looking mighty bright..."Watch the Future" will surely make your trail
 riding days have a promising future.  If you like one to be pretty, sweet, stout, and
 capable then this is most likely your huckleberry. This boy was raised up and ridden
 by my best friend/brother's son and he's had one incredible life up until this point
 and you can believe that I fully intend to make sure the rest is just as awsome when
 I place him.  He's a just about perfect 10y/o, 15.1h trail ride deluxe when it comes to
 horse partners and the very best is yet to come.  When I was finally able to get him
 purchased and brought him home to Evening Shade Farm, he had not been saddled
 or ridden in the last two years because his people just got busy with life and getting
 settled in with a baby on the way.  After bringing him home and having Dr Baker out
 to take care of his dental work, I saddled him up and climbed aboard only to confirm
 what I already knew, which was that he would ride off like he could have been being
 ridden all along the way.  Out on the trail he is the consumate professional, taking on
 any and every challenge with ease and confidence.  He'll gladly walk all day long
 on a loose rein or step up into an absolutely fabulous gait that is so simple and easy
 to ride.  It won't matter if you ride out alone or in a group and he doesn't care if he's
 in the front, middle, back, or if you ride off from the group for a nature break or for
 whatevere reason.  I almost never, and I stress never, get the opportuniy to locate and
 offer an incredible 10y/o horse because very rarely does anyone turn loose of one
 unless they are no longer riding.  I am so thankful I have this chance to do just that.
 Here is your chance to predit your own Future...
 Reg. TWHBEA  Alt. Picture1 2 3 4  Head Picture1 2 3 4  Tack Picture
 TrailPicture1 2 

 12/28/16  Strawberry and I went on an incredible trail ride by ourselves today.  The
 weather was amazing for December and even though nobody else was available to go,
 we just couldn't resist.  Here are a few pictures and videos of our day.  I hope you enjoy
 looking because we surely had a large time making them.... Take you a virtual ride...
 Trail Picture1 2 3 4 
 4/2/17... I hadn't saddled up Strawberry since December so I washed him up and went
 trail riding with some great friends for what was one totally enjoyable day in the sun.
 He always rides like you were just on him yesterday, no matter how long it's been...


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