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Please look below to see some of the horses that I have placed in new homes.

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    All of my Tennessee Walking Horses for sale and Spotted Saddle Horses for sale are ridden alone and in groups, on country roads and trails, around cars, trucks, tractors, ATV's, eighteen wheel Tyson Chicken trucks, etc. and are exposed to as many different obstacles as possible. My trail rides consist of uphill and downhill, creeks and water, rocky and muddy, and sometimes roadside riding, so that the horses for sale will be versatile and experienced on trails.  My gaited trail horses are never ridden in "long shank bits", "gag type bits", "twisted wire bits", or any other harsh style of "Walking Horse" bit. Each of my gaited trail horses are taught to work first in a plain "snaffle bit" with no curb strap/chain for a very light touch. Only when they fully know and understand what is expected are they finished off with a very mild "Argentine" style bit for that last little bit of primping. I represent any Tennessee Walker for sale or Spotted Saddle Horse for sale as honestly and accurately as possible. Potential buyers have the option, and are welcome, to come and test ride any horse and have a pre-purchase exam before horses leave Evening Shade Farm.
    I am not a professional horse trader and do not make my living selling gaited trail horses.  I work with the School System. Consequently,  the selection of gaited trail horses for sale that you will find on my site will be limited to only the caliber horse that I would personally keep forever because my goal is to offer high quality gaited horses, not quantity. While many of the gaited trail horses for sale are raised and started right here at Evening Shade Farm, I also search out quality gaited trail horses. These are not horse sale, trade, or consignment horses, but carefully selected and purchased by me from individual owners. I look at many different aspects of the gaited trail horses we consider, and ultimately the decision comes down to one all important question; "Would I purchase this gaited trail horse for my own personal companion?". If the answer is yes, that Tennessee Walking horse is the one you will see on my Horses for Sale page available for your consideration. Please feel free to contact me at any time with any questions you may have using the address, phone number, and/or e-mail link above. I really look forward to hearing from you.....

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  Above: Harold at 4y/o ~~~Below: Harold at 7y/o

  Harold's beautiful shade of grey now (03/11) and
 he celebrates his 11th birthday, better than ever...

 Only his hairdresser knows... A Different Shade of Grey  is unusually
 colored, but he's an unusually nice horse in every other way also. He's 7y/o
 15.1h TWH gelding that has been trail ridden in just about all the popular
 places and it's apparent in his demeanor. He has all the qualities that will
 make owning him enjoyable from the easy way he grooms, shoes, bathes, to
 his wonderful gait and disposition under saddle. Harold stands quietly to
 mount/dismount, walks slow and easy until asked for more, and is one of
 the most polite and sweet horses. He measures 15.1h and so he's just right to
 get on and off easily. He's grey and proud of it... I have gotten so attached to
 Harold that I had been keeping him to ride along with Bomber & Wildy, but 
 I hardly ever get time to ride/enjoy him and he's just too good not to ride...
 Head Picture  Alt. Picture    
     Harold then and now... I thought it might be interesting for some to see
 how a grey horse changes color over time. The picture above was Harold as
 a 4y/o (early 2004) and the one to the left is Harold as a 7y/o (mid 2007). You
 can easily see how he has lightened in the body as well as the mane and tail.
 But they can also look quite different going through a given year as seasons
 change. I guess one of the neatest things about owning a grey horse is that it
 is never boring because just like the weather in Tennessee, if you don't like it
 today just wait for tomorrow. They also have an unusual ability to look clean
 even when you go get them out of the pasture from running/playing/rolling.
 Black and Liver Chestnut have always been hard to beat for my money, but
 Harold's put grey right up there for me.  Alt. Picture1    2    3   Head  Picture 
Harold is now available... Harold came home with me when he was a coming
 3y/o. I started him and along the way fell in love so I kept him until he was 7y/o
 for myself. Because he was just too good to only be enjoyed for a few rides a year I
 decided to place him in a wonderful home all the way out in Oregon. Things can
 change in peoples' lives and so it did with Harold's person. Circumstances forced
 her to part with him, and like me, she loved him so much that she found it to be
 very difficult to let him leave. Since she knew that it would be almost impossible
 for her to find him the right kind of home, we worked together to get him back to
 me so I could again love him and find him the perfect place. I brought him back
 home in October of 2009 and am just now considering letting him go. Feel free to
 call me and discuss details if you're interested in a very special companion..
 These videos were taken 03/22/11, the first 15 minutes under saddle since he came
 back home to me in Oct. '09, and barefoot. He was PERFECT...
 Harold has a new home with Pepperjack and others in NY. I am so excited/happy.
spotted saddle tennessee walking gaited trail horse
natural calm steady confident trail partner
naturally gaited flat shod tennessee walker horses for sale

 Double down your bets... Andy , aka AA is the kind of trail partner I'd place all my
 bets on every single time I saddled him up to head out on an adventure trail riding.
 He's a very stocky built 15.1h, 8y/o boy that has seen just about every type of trail
 that Tennessee and surrounding areas have to offer.  And he'll take it all on like a
 seasoned pro because he is just that.  Confident, sure-footed, careful, and steady in
 any situation we've encountered from water to ditches, to crossing logs, to scaling
 steep uphill and downhill terrain this boy just delivers a great ride.  Andy can ride
 every day or miss a month and it won't matter a bit because he's one of those really
 solid horses that has been well trained.  He bathes, clips, loads/unloads, and does
 all the routine stuff so simply and easily.  The kind of partner that makes it all so
 enjoyable.  Andy was bred for, raised up, and trained by a very good friend of mine
 and only became available to me because he trusted me to place him in the home
 of a lifetime.  And I am so grateful for that trust and the opportunity to not only
 find his perfect home, but to first enjoy the hell out of an amazing trail partner.  I
 take the future lives of all my guys as the most important aspect of doing this fun
 thing I get to do.  When horses like Andy come along it makes me proud that I have
 done my best every time and get to see someone smile from ear to ear as they take
 their "horse of a lifetime" home.  His bloodlines are some of the best including
 Spotted Alen Again, Marshall Dillon, I'm in Command (my own Bomber's daddy),
 Ebony Masterpiece, and many more great ones.  DNA does tend to trump all else
 when it comes to having a great horse and Andy has some of the best along with a
 great history and the best training.  He travels as beautifully as he looks and while
 he doesn't mind tackling whatever is in front of him, he'll walk slowly and easily
 on a loose rein.  I never use "vague trader terms" to describe my horses, but if you
 can mount him and sit in the saddle you should be able to ride and have the time of
 your life while up there.  No need for Vegas. Place your bet right here...  SOLD
 Alt. Picture1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9   Head Picture1 2 3 4 5 6  


 This boy is beautiful from any direction you look...

 Straight from Graceland... Rock's King would give even Elvis competition for
 the title King of Rock. He's a 10y/o double registered TWHBEA/SSHBEA that'll
 have you standing tall to sing along every ride, and he never misses a note. King
 stands 15.1 hands and I must say every inch of him is some kind of handsome. He
 is one of the sweetest/gentlest guys you will ever meet and riding him is surely one
 of life's greatest pleasures. It doesn't matter if you ride him once a day or once a
 month because he's always the same great horse every time you saddle up. While
 we never call any horse "bombproof or beginner ready" this boy would certainly
 be the one that I'd put almost anyone alive on to ride and feel confident they'd be
 as safe as possible on a horse's back. His gait is very smooth and easy for most any
 person to ride and he has one of the nicest short lope/canters of any horse of any
 breed. King neck reins the best so you've always got one hand free to do anything
 you may feel from waving to holding your sandwich/drink. This boy was raised up
 and trained/ridden by a personal friend of mine and he's had the best life possible
 which is exactly what I intend for his future. All the routine stuff is a breeze from
 the stall to the trailer to the trail and everything else in between, not to mention
 that your farrier will absolutely love him, and you. It's nearly impossible to find
 a great older horse with a wonderful history and no issues but this guy certainly
 fills the bill in every way. Don't miss out on the best concert of your life featuring
 the King of Rock himself.  Blue suede shoes NOT included...
 Reg. TWHBEA/SSHBEA  Alt. Picture1 2 3 4 5 Head Pic1 2 3


 Vic may be one of the most handsome to be found
 And the Winner is.... Victory Number 9 was born to be a winner and has made
 just that... the best to be found. This 7 y/o, 15.1h boy has got it all plus whole lot
 more. Vic's got a disposition and gait to die for and is one of the most handsome
 guys on whom you will ever cast your eyes. He is still a stallion and much like my
 most special boy, Wildman, he is the consumate gentleman in every setting. While
 he has never been bred, he is most certainly the epitome of exactly what the TWH
 was originally (and I'll say that one more time ORIGINALLY) designed and bred
 to be; a smooth riding, even tempered, gentle/sweet trail partner who'll take you
 anywhere. That's why I haven't made a decision yet to castrate him because he's
 everything a great Tennessee Walking Horse is supposed to be and somebody may
 just see the need to breed this boy. Vic was bred for, born to, raised up, and trained
 by a great friend and excellent horseman who I've had the pleasure to know for a
 long time. He has been brought up the natural way and has always lived the best
 life possible and that's exactly what we intend for his future. He's about as simple
 and easy to operate as any horse could ever be so it always puts a giant smile on
 your face and in your heart when you spend time with him. I love riding him.  It
 has become increasingly difficult to find really high quality aged horses and so
 I raise up most of my guys, but this boy sets the bar really high for all who come
 after him. I am so glad I got the chance to make him one of my Evening Shade
 Farm stars. You'll feel like a Blue Ribbon winner every time you ride him.                                  
 Reg TWHBEA  Alt.Picture1 2 3 4   Head1 2 3 

 Mystic has physically matured so much in the last
 year that I had to update his pictures. Be sure to
 check out all of the new Alt. & Head pictures, too.
 Videos show Mystic working in a Jr. Cowhorse bit.


Take me to the River..
.Mystic River has a history as intriguing and unique
 as his name. He's a 5y/o, TWH that spent his first year of work at trick/agility
 training and has spent from then until now becoming an awesome trail horse.
 In 2007 he showed an eager crowd at the TWH National Celebration just how
 truly versatile and intelligent the Tennessee Walking Horse is even at a young
 age, and without recent trick work. He stands 15.1sh and is a very stocky built
 horse who has proven to be more than able to carry me in some of the toughest
 terrain I have ridden. Mystic has made an absolutely fabulous trail horse and
 he's so competent/capable/consistent to ride/enjoy. He's plenty gentle for most
 anyone to handle on the ground and under saddle. His gait is incredible at any
 speed and nothing seems to ever get his attention diverted from delivering a
 great ride every time. No life jacket required to ride the Mystic River...
 The fact that he was Sheryl Crow's is unique, but what is most impressive is
 who Mystic is in his own right... one incredible partner...

  Head Picture1 2   Alt Picture1 2 3 4   Trick Picture  Tack2
 Mystic was in Trick Training/Equine Agility at Red Horse Ranch. There he
 proved himself to be an excellent student and could do well as an exhibition
 horse. Here is a list of what he learned: Pedestal work- 2 feet and 4 feet in
 many variations, Revolving pedestal, Bow- either leg, Kneel, Lay down, Sit
 up, Sit down, Rear to the pedestal, Jambette, Beginning Spanish walk- in
 hand and under saddle, and Beginning Levade. Mystic will execute all of the
 above under saddle, probably with a little refresher course. Maybe the two
 most compelling aspects that Agility Training offers are that it helps horses
 learn how to learn and creates a good work ethic. Mystic has proven to me just
 how incredibly gifted the TWH is as a breed and him as an individual. I would
 keep him for myself if I had the time to fully enjoy riding both him & Bomber.

 Guess who's coming later this fall... Here's a quick preview. He's awesome
 and just gets better and better every ride out.  Somebody is gonna' be grinnin' ear
 to ear when I get ready to let him go. Assuming I can bring myself to let him go...

 Alt. Picture  Head Picture   Trail2

 I just started him this spring so he will not be offered until later this year after I
 have had many large times riding him to remember.  Thanks for your patience.
 ...After having the opportunity to enjoy several more great rides , this great
 boy's gone to live with Cat Daddy, Magic, Avenger, and Smokey in one incredible
 home with Diane and her wonderful friends/life.  I am so happy and grateful...DT

 Who's your Daddy... Rock's Cat Daddy answers that question easily every time
 you're in his company. He's a 12y/o registered SSH that has more great trail and
 pleasure riding experience than most horses will ever know. At 15.1h and a very
 heavy built horse, he can carry most any size rider all day in any terrain with the
 confidence and steady ability that everyone wants. His beauty rivals the very best
 but that pales in comparison to the total package that is the "Cat Daddy" of all.
 I can't imagine how anyone could help but fall in love with him, and even timid
 riders should feel a confidence that will make them want to ride every opportunity
 possible. His gait is so smooth at any and every speed, he'll walk slowly on a loose
 rein indefinitely, take on any challenge for the asking and accomplish it with the
 ease and steady nature of the seasoned pro he is, and leave you totally satisfied at
 the end of every ride. It won't matter if you go out every day or ride once a month
 because he's going to be the same great partner each time you saddle him up and
 head out for a minute or all day. Cat is a great housekeeper, loves a bath, stands
 for shoeing like a perfect gentleman, loads/unloads with simple ease, won't move
 a muscle when you mount/dismount, and does anything we've ever asked of him
 just like the  gentle partner that he is. In the woods he's a pro, down the road he's
 steady and easy, at he park it doesn't matter what's going on because he's got the
 calm nature to take it all in and keep doing his job without distraction. Like so
 many of the awesome horses I've owned before, it would be nice to keep him here
 forever but I just have to make him available to be someone's "Cat Daddy".
 Reg NSSHA Alt. Picture1 2 3 4 5  Head1 2 3 4 5 6

 Magic rides bareback as easily as saddled...
 He's a Delight all over... Magic's Colorful Delight is all that his name implies
 and so much more. He's a 9y/o, 15.1h registered SSH with a mind and disposition
 to rival the very best and a lifetime of trail experience in some of the toughest TN
 terrain. It really doesn't matter how seldom or often you can ride, where or with
 how many you choose to ride, how easy or how tough you ride, or if you just want
 to love on him. He's a very rare find. Magic has one of those smooth natural gaits
 at any/every speed and it is effortless on his part, and will require nothing special
 from his rider. I just really can't imagine how anyone that could climb on could
 have any trouble riding him and loving it. Baths, clipping, loading, shoeing, and
 all the other routine stuff is simple and easy making him a real pleasure to hang
 out with any time or any where. He's so steady and quiet in every situation we've
 ever encountered from wildlife on the trail to the crazies on the road that have no
 regard for others, even when they're on horseback. The other day the county was
 out mowing the roadside with their big John Deere tractor with a bush hog that
 hangs out from the side (it was raised up and singing loudly just driving down the
 road) and we rode by it like it didn't even exist. That's just who Magic is and he's
 that same horse every day. You'll never have to catch him because if he sees you
 coming his way, he's going to meet you before you can ever get to him. I love
 trail riding him because his trail work is flawless and he's careful and surefooted
 no matter what the ground is like. There's just nothing more fun than riding on a
 horse that takes out all the guesswork. I just love my horses to be Colorful and
 Delightful, but it's even better when they've got that special Magic...
 Reg. SSHBEA Alt. Picture1 2 4 Head 1 2 3 4 5


 You'll be ready for anything....
Armed and Ready aka Ready Freddy, might be one of
 the most solid minded and steady boys that I have ever had the pleasure to own.  He's
 a beautifully marked and made horse but that ain't the half of it.  Freddy has one of
 the best minds I could hope to find in a trail partner, and his gait is even better.  It will
 not matter if you've never ridden a gaited horse or had a hundred of them, it's doubtful
 that a more solid and easy gait to enjoy will be found.  Absolutely nothing has ever been
 a distraction to him and whatever comes up, like an old soul in a young body,  he takes
 it on like he's seen it all before.  Partnering with him on the trail is like putting on a great
 pair of gloves, it just fits perfectly.  Of course, he does all the routine stuff like baths, clip,
 load/unload, standing like a statue to mount/dismount, etc, are all done just like the best
 of the best.  Top that all off with one truly handsome guy and it's like you just hitting the
 Lotto, only way better because the smiles riding this boy will bring you can't be bought.
 Freddy stands 15.2-15.3, 4y/o and when he's totally filled out at 5-6 y/o he's gonna be
 one big and beautiful guy that will make all your fellow trail buddies maybe a little bit
 jealous.  And when they witness his trail skills it'll probably finish them off.  This is just
 one of those really simple and easy to ride buddies that make it so much fun to saddle up
 and head out because there's really no work involved, just play.  His trail skills are some
 of the best and riding down the road has been zero problems because he is so laid back
 and solid minded.  He's a great pasture mate and blends in with any group at my house
 and while he's happy being in a stall, he's not the best housekeeper I have around.  And
 don't think you gotta ride him every day because he's young, because you can saddle him
 up once a month and get the same steady ride which means he's just going to keep getting
 better and better.  Imagine that... a beautiful, well made, smooth gaited, even tempered,
 steady minded trail partner with years and years of fun riding ahaed.  It doesn't get any
 better than that.  You're Locked, Loaded, Armed & Ready for anything with Freddy under
 your saddle...  SOLD
 Reg. SSHBEA/NSSHA   Alt. Picture1 2 3 4 5 6  Head Picture1 2 3 4 

 03/05/18... I just reset Freddy after a long wet winter of not riding and was I so pleased to
 confirm what I already knew, which was a perfect first ride out with no lunging or round
 pen work.  I just saddled him up and mounted (of course he stood stock still), and headed
 out down the road.  His gait is absolutely a perfect 10 and his manners are always second
 to none.  I wish that I could find a dozen more just like Freddie but sadly they just aren't
 out there to be found.  Get you one of the best right here...


  RoyD has a pair of the keenest/prettiest ears ever.
 Hit the Bullseye every time...High Powered Weapon  splits the bullseye every
 time he's saddled up, and hits the trail. He's a 3 1/2y/o TWH making one of the
 best we've ever brought up, from his wonderful disposition to the incredible ride
 he delivers every time. At 15.1h+ and still a little more to grow, he's an excellent
 size and has the build to carry most any rider with ease all day long. His mind is
 as sharp as they come and it's so simple/easy to do absolutely anything with him
 because he's never looking for trouble or problems. Out on the trail he's steady
 and solid in any type terrain and it hasn't made any difference if you run up on
 turkey/deer/rabbits/birds/etc because he takes it all in like "no big deal". Roy has
 a wonderfully smooth gait at any speed from the ultra-slow dog walk up through
 the fast end and does it all effortlessly. He'll walk easily on a loose rein until he's
 asked for more and doesn't mind a bit when stopped for a rest or just to talk with
 fellow riders. His confidence in every situation we've ever encountered makes him
 seem like a horse much older than his age but we find that the really great minds
 in horses just work that way. They always take on new challenges like they have
 been there and done it all before. Roy is another great example of why I choose
 to focus my time on bringing up my own horses rather than spend the hundreds
 of hours it takes to locate those rare few older horses without baggage. Like all of
 my guys, he stands to mount/dismount(even from a block), loves a bath, is simple
 in a stall or pasture, and your farrier will love him and you. This is just one truly
 awesome horse destined for greatness. Take aim and ride... Reg. TWHBEA
   Alt. Picture1 2 3  Head Picture1 2   Trail Picture1 2 3

 Cody's coloring is as beautiful as his conformation

This boy has the experience to take you everywhere
 The name sounds fierce...But Dakota's Rolling Thunder might just be one of
 absolutely sweetest/ gentlest horses we've ever offered. I raised and placed his
 older brother, High Five, a couple of years ago and always looked forward to the
 time that I'd get to offer another from this fine family. They share all the same
 great qualities wanted/needed in a wonderful trail partner from the very obvious
 outer beauty to all the inner beauty imaginable. Cody stands 15 hands and has
 nearly perfect conformation from nose to tail. He's very laid back yet has all the
 "stuff" needed to handle the toughest terrain and I have had him there where he
 proved to me just exactly why I do love these guys so much. So far, nothing has
 ever seemed to bother him from traffic to wildlife to bad weather to gas powered
 leaf blower/ etc and he just gets better and better every ride. His gait is awesome
 at every speed and he carries himself in a very proud/ classy fashion. Cody loves
 everyone he's ever met and his stall video speaks volumes to his extremely gentle
 nature and personality. Lots of people worry about the younger horse's age but I
 love being able to personalize and make a horse my "very own" rather than to be
 riding "someone else's" older horse that they tired of having. At 3y/o and as good
 as he is today, I can only dream/ imagine just what a super aged horse he'll make
 with his wonderful attitude and loving disposition. He's gentle enough for most
 anyone with horse sense to ride, yet has the potential to be any and everything
 even the most seasoned rider could want. I would not hesitate to load him up and
 go trail riding anywhere there's riding to be done because he's proven to me that
 he's calm, steady, and surefooted enough to do the job. No weatherman necessary
 to predict the Rolling Thunder... 
 Alt. Picture1 2 3 4 Head Picture1 2 3 4 Trail Picture1 2 3

 Blackout is one of those buddies who just loves to
 be right with you and he loves getting a face hug...

 Don't dare call the power company... Champagne Blackout  will have you
 praying for a power outage/blackout every time you think of him. He may just be
 THE most handsome "Lookout" offspring I have ever raised and there've been
 some pretty ones. I just started Blackout June '09 even though he turned 4y/o
 back in May '09 because he was a bit smaller than usual, maybe because his dam
 was a maiden mare and he was her very first baby. He's always been one of the
 sweetest most affectionate horses ever and absolutely loves being with a person
 no matter what you're doing. While he was growing up I could go across into the
 70 acres pasture where he, and all of my youngsters and mares live, and always
 count on him to be the first one to come meet me for some loving. I trimmed
 his feet, wormed him, and did anything I wanted right there in the middle of
 the pasture with no problems. He haltered/led just like he was an adult from the
 first time and when I brought him over to begin work, he took a bath and clipped
 like he'd done it many times. Blackout's gait is wonderfully smooth and he seems
 able to do it for as long as you like but never minds walking slowly either. His
 mouth is light/responsive and he listens intently for whatever is asked. He's 5y/o,
 very well made 14.3 hands but you'd swear he was much bigger when you're up
 in the saddle riding. He has a beaming presence about him and just naturally
 sets his head for that beautiful way of going. He's one of the most competent and
 capable trail horses I've ever ridden and takes on every new/different challenge
 with ease like a well seasoned professional. I do, and will always, consider that
 my Wildman is the most beautiful black horse ever born but there's a very close
 runner-up right here. Don't turn on the lights because you'll love the Blackout...
 Head Picture1 2 3 Alt. Picture1 2 3 4                        
 Trail Picture1 2   

 Deal yourself a winning hand...Sable's Blackjack Shadow beats the dealer
 each & every hand dealt with his winning looks, gait and style.  He's a beautifully
 made and marked 6y/o, 16h handsome hunk of trail riding pleasure just right for
 about anyone to enjoy.  I raised him up and started him right here at Evening
 Shade and have loved taking him out riding in whatever type terrain and situation
 that might come up and he has always proven himself to be solid and steady.  He'll
 gladly go out alone, has never cared if he's leading or following, will walk slowly
 on a loose rein, step up and gait for the asking, and just generally deliver a really
 fun ride each time.  Blackjack's gait is smooth and simple to ride at any speed so
 if you aren't familiar with riding a gaited horse you'll still find him easy to operate
 and fun to ride, or if you have always ridden gaited, either way sit back and get 
 ready to smile.  He's been ridden in everything from flat and sandy to steep hills
 and muddy and everything in between and so far nothing has ever been a problem.
 If he encounters something odd, he'll stop and size it up and then move right on.
 He stands stock still to mount from the block and even stretches out a bit for you
 so getting on is a breeze and he'll stand right by something for your dismoun, too.
 The three videos showing him getting up on the platform were taken the first time
 he was led down and presented with the challenge, and he looked at the situation
 and immediately tried what was asked even though it was outside of the norm. The
 really good horses are just like that when they trust and believe in your leadership.
  I would take on the house dealer any day, any time with this Perfect 21...  SOLD
 Reg. SSHBEA    Alt. Picture1 2   Head Picture1 2 

 Cash's mane/tail are a beautiful mix of Flaxen/
 Silver/Chestnut and really set off his unique color...

 TWH gaiting at it's very best... Elusive Cash may be hiding the money but his
 gait is right there every time you ride, and it is so easy to find. He's got the picture
 perfect headset and gait that are both 110% natural in a keg shoe and Argentine
 snaffle bit; EFFORTLESS. Cash is a 3y/o, 14.3h boy with a looks to die for color
 that is so unique, especially when watching him go away from you with that tri-
 color tail that is one in a million. His disposition is super sweet and loving which
 makes him some kind of pleasure whether you're grooming or riding. He's got one
 of those steady solid minds that just seems like everything you do has already been
 done many times before and as mentioned, he's just a coming 4y/o. I absolutely
 love working with my great young horses because they are free of any bad habits
 and unless someone lets them learn one, they'll never have a bad habit. Nothing
 beats a great minded young horse, riding them is simple/easy, and nothing more
 than setting out with a vision of your perfect partner is necessary. Cash really
 loves the trails and he's very good at his job, never getting in a hurry but always
 having what it takes to get the job ahead of him done in style, and I do mean style.
 Just take a look at his gaiting videos to see what a true Tennessee Walking Horse
 is supposed to look like doing their gait in "the natural" with no exaggeration or
 manipulation. Cash's bloodlines share many similarities to my own Bomber, one
 of Wildy's brothers, and just like them I love taking him out for a ride. Of course
 he lets you do all the routine stuff easy so it's a breeze to bathe/clip/load/shoe and
 while he does have a playful streak, there is absolutely not a mean bone in him. I
 wish I could find many more just like him because these type horses make most
 any rider look good, but like his name they're as Elusive as a big pile of Cash...
 Reg. TWHBEA  Alt. Pic1 2 3 Head Pic1 Tack       SOLD

 Rare Spots indeed... I'm Bucking Two was apparently named by someone with
 zero ideas for a name for a great horse.  Buck shares the same bloodlines as at least
 50-60 other great horses we have owned and placed through the years (not to mention
 that my personal horse, LS, shares the very same bloodlines) and it has proven horse
 after horse to be one of the very best for turning out a great trail partner.  He is from
 one of the last several foal crops sired by the great Spotted Allen Again and there will
 be no more as he has passed away at the ripe old age of 29 this year, may he rest in the
 most eternally peaceful pastures, Amen.  This boy stands a very nicely built 15.2h and
 at just 4y/o, the very best is yet to come.  He is easily one of the best all around calm,
 gentle, quiet, solid minded, easy going horses I have ever had the pleasure to own/ride.
 While I will never say any horse is right for "everyone", I can and will say that if you
 cannot ride, enjoy, and feel safe on his back then you should seriously consider moving
 along to an entirely different hobby.  His gait is smooth and easy to ride at any speed
 you choose and he will just as gladly walk all day long if that is your desire.  On the
 trail he has taken on any new places like he's been there many times before and so far
 has never encountered anything that has rattled his cage.  I've ridden him down busy
 roads with idiots in trucks/trailers never considering I am on a live animal, and yet he
 not so much as acknowledged their passing, continuing on in quiet.  He's extremely
 affectionate and really thrives on human interaction which makes all that non-riding
 time that our horses require so enjoyable and peace giving.  All the routine stuff from
 the stall to the wash rack to the shoe rack, to the trailer/trail and back again is such
 a breeze that it almost seems like play.  One of the best Again and Again...SOLD
 Triple Reg. TWHBEA/SSHBEA/NSSHA   Alt. Picture1 2 3   Head Picture1 2 3

 Perfectly White mane/tail with three white socks...
 Maybe it's in the washer or dryer... Trigger Lost His Sock but I really don't
 care because he's so handsome and smart that you'll never think about looking for
 it.  This boy must have graduated at the very top of his class as it seems that any
 new thing you show him gets processed and learned immediately.  Riding him is
 just way too much fun and I have to fight Lisa for the chance to saddle him up and
 get a turn in the driver's seat.  He's a 6y/o, big ole 16h sweet gentle guy who seems
 to enjoy pleasing his person in any way he can.  His gait is some kind of smooth &
 easy to ride at any speed and he does not mind walking down slowly with the non-
 gaited riders (amazingly there still are some out there) or stepping on out there to
 cover some ground whenever asked.  He's been started at loping and has a really
 nice easy lope that could be finished on out for those who like to canter.  Seldom
 does a really solid Golden Horse come along but when they do you can bet we will
 do whatever it takes to bring them home to Evening Shade Farm to enjoy and later
 offer for someone to make their lifetime partner.  Gallo has great manners on the
 ground or in the saddle, will park out for easier mounting (add a mounting block
 and you barely even step up to get on), bathes/clips/loads and all the other routine
 stuff that any good horse does with ease.  Take a look at his videos to see just how
 beautifully he travels and like us, you'll be in love with this guy. He's very simple
 to operate and while we never label our horses with vague trader terms, most any
 person who knows, loves, rides, and has good common horseability will easily get
 along with him in every way.  Next time maybe his momma will get an extra pair...
 Reg. TWHBEA  SOLD  Alt. Picture1 2  4 5  Head Picture1 2 3  

All the ladies love him..." Cassanova Slim Pickens" is another example of just
 why I go back to certain bloodlines over and over again.  He's the brother to both
 Freckles and Pretty Boy who are two of the best I've ever raised up and both of
 the ladies that made them their partners would not take a million bucks for them.
 Slim is coming 5y/o, 15.3h who's maturing into one great trail riding professional
 taking on the toughest challenges we've come up against like it was child's play.
 I once rode him out of the woods and onto a side road where there was an old farm
 equipment "graveyard" which included about any type wierd implement you can
 imagine.  We went right down into the middle of it all and picked our way around
 the maze of junk, and the ocassional 10 y/o round hay bale, and he never gave any
 of it a second thought.  He's got a very beautiful way of going and this super sweet
 disposition to match making him one fantastic partner.  All of the everyday stuff
 is simple and easy to do with him and, of course, loading/unloading/baths/shoeing
 etc are all done with ease.  I'll have to say that Slim keeps one of the neatest stalls
 of any horse ever and, believe it or not, he can stay out in the pasture for a few days
 and still look clean in spite of all that beautiful white.  As good as he is today, he'll
 be incredible like his brothers as he ages and matures physically making him some
 kind of fun.  His gait is very nice and it gets better and better every time we go out
 and put in some miles.  He'll stand stock still to mount, walk off on a loose rein, or
 get busy and move on out if that's your pleasure.  This Cassanova aims to please so
 get ready for some fun... SOLD   Reg. SSHBEA    Alt.Picture1 2 4  Trail Picture
 Head Picture1 2 3   
tennessee walking horses
tennessee walker horses
spotted saddle horses

 More amazing than a shooting star...
"StarDust Commander"  is as pretty as a picture of
 the galaxies in all their glorious array.  And like finding life on Mars, locating a truly
 great 12y/o horse is nearly unheard of and combine that with one of the most beautiful
 shades of Palomino coloring, including the White mane and tail, and you've just found
 life on Mars, a Sasquatch, the Easter Bunny, and a whole lot more all in one package.
 He's a stoutly built 15.1h so he can carry most riders with ease all day, plus his gait is
 smooth and easy to ride at any speed.  This may be one of the best natured/mannered
 horses I have ever been around so operating him is simple and easy.  Dusty is content
 to walk slowly on a loose rein for as long as asked but he will do whatever work is in
 front of him, or that he's asked to do, all with a simple nudge.  He stands politely for
 mounting and won't move a muscle until asked and walks away like a true gentleman.
 He has been trail rddien his entire life so it just comes naturally to him.  And with his
 bloodlines, which are very similar to my own Bomber, he's got the DNA to be smart,
 confident, sure-footed and steady.  Great training and continued good habits from a
 rider are all important, but nothing trumps DNA when it comes to great horse partners.
 From the pasture or stall to the trailer and to the trail, you'll likely not find a better
 mannered and more willing partner than Dusty.  In a stall he's one of the best house
 keepers I have ever owned, and when you do all your own farm and barn work by
 yourself, liitle things like that mean a lot.  If he's out in the pasture all you have to do
 is walk out there with a halter and he's yours.  Out on the trail absolutely nothing has
 ever bothered him or distracted him from delivering a simple, fun, and easy ride.  But
 don't think for a minute that he won't tackle anything that's in front of him with the
 calm, steady, confident manner that makes trail riding him a blast.  Sweet, beautiful,
 well mannered, easy to operate, and ride every day or once a month.  Just like Prego
 Spagetti Sauce, it's all in there. Quit wishing in a star and make some unforgettable
 amazing memories by sprinkling you some StarDust... SOLD
 Reg. TWHBEA   Alt. Picture1 2 3 4 5 6 7   Head Picture1 2 3 4 5 6  
 05/08/18... Took a couple of fresh pictures this morning because Dusty's golden color
                       is so much richer and deeper than it was last fall... New Picture1 2 3 4 5
 02/27/18... Today was one of the first really sunny and dry days we've had since last
 December, which was the last time Dusty went riding.  I reset him back in January being
 very hopeful for some riding days but none happened.  So on this day I decided to make
 a ride take place and boy did I ever enjoy it.  Nothing beats a great minded steady horse
 who is just as good after two months not riding as he is if ridden regularly.  He is truly a
 "good un" in the parlance of old school horsemen.  His gait is the best ever and he does
 it with no special effort.  I almost never find a great aged horse but this here is surely one
 and I'm so pleased to offer him to his final loving forever home.  Big sniles for everyone.

 This may be the softest/gentlest soul I've ever met...
 Why go to the movies... Avenger will take you places far better than any movie
 script and you'll have way more fun than watching those "superheroes" fighting
 crime and bad guys. He's a 9y/o TWH that is one of the sweetest/gentlest guys you
 will ever have the opportunity to meet. The adjective that seems to best describe
 his disposition to me is "soft", and not in a mamby/pamby way, but in a make you
 feel affection kind of way. His mind is so steady/solid out on the trail and when
 I ride him he's always get a firm/strong feel to his movement so there's never any
 question that he can tackle the toughest terrain. But he does it in a way that gives
 a feeling of quiet confidence which should make even the novice rider feel totally
 at ease. Avenger has a wonderful "handle" on him and has learned to neck rein
 exceptionally well and his mouth is nice and light so it's very easy to enjoy riding
 in any setting. He loves a bath, clips/loads/shoes and does all the routine stuff so
 easily that it doesn't seem at all like work. He'll walk slowly all day long if that's
 what you want to do and steps up into his gait any time you ask him, so you can
 ride with non-gaited buddies if you have them. Avenger pastures well with all my
 guys, but he really loves to come in to his stall for meals and he's one of the best
 housekeepers you could find. I bet he could even win the GoodHousekeeping Seal
 of approval because it's always a breeze to clean his stall which I can appreciate
 since I do all that work myself. He is such a rare find because he has lived a
 wonderful life every day so far and I surely intend that same picture for the rest of
 his life. While he doesn't wear a superhero costume he does take on the world and
 lets you grin knowing you've got your own personal Avenger...
 Reg. TWHBEA  Alt. Picture1 2 3 Head Picture1 2 3

 Joe and Soldier are just some of the great brothers
 and several more of the brothers are listed below...
 Having the wonderful opportunity to breed, raise, and train many horses through
 the years, you begin to think about lots of different aspects of the horses' lives I
 share. I always am so amazed at how the siblings seem drawn to each other even
 when they are from different years and foal crops. I really do wonder if they feel
 some familial connection like you hear about among sisters and brothers who get
 separated at birth or early age. I absolutely love raising up and training my
 own horses and having the chance to make them special and eventually become
 someone's very own, with no bad habits or "baggage" carried forward from some
 less than ideal life/home. Then that new owner gets the pleasure and opportunity
 to make that horse "theirs" and ride one that is truly unique/custom just to them.
 It's just really hard to imagine how it could be any better than owning, riding, &
 growing with a great minded young horse that hasn't "been around the block".

   CJ is the half brother to my personal horse, LS, as
   well as about 15 other brothers by the same sire...

 CJ has physically matured into one gorgeous boy...
 Merci Beaucoup... Cactus Jack Beaucoup  can't teach you to speak the entire
 French language, but you will certainly learn to say Merci Beaucoup or "thank
 you very much" every single time you're riding him. He's a 6y/o, 15.1h TWH that
 I raised up and started out just like so many other of his brothers and they all
 turned out to make some of the best I've offered. CJ has always been extremely
 handsome and he's matured into one big stocky/sturdy made guy. His gait is one
 of the smoothest from the first step through any speed you choose to ride and it's
 the same every time he's saddled up. Like his full brother Budd Lite and all the
 many others I've raised up, trained and placed by the same sire, they prove over
 and over that DNA trumps everything (with rare exception) when selecting and 
 making a great horse. Even the very best training techniques cannot overcome a
 poor mind. CJ has the type disposition to do whatever has been asked of him with
 absolutely no reservation and he always does it with ease. From the stall to the
 trailer to the trail and back, he's pure and simple pleasure. He'll tackle any type
 terrain I've encountered like a true professional. Crossing water, hopping over
 logs, busting through brush, and anything else odd has never been an issue for
 him and he is about as non-spooky as any live horse could be. He'll make a farrier
 grin from ear to ear, loves grooming and baths, loads/unloads with ease, stands to
 mount/dismount, and it would be hard to find a more cooperative trail partner. I
 am never in a hurry for any my guys to leave and CJ is one of those that I really
 did not want to place ; I may just be on to something. But I can't keep them all
 and this boy is destined to be someone's most special companion so when that day
 arrives we'll be ready to say "merci beaucoup"...     
 Reg. TWHBEA  Alt. Picture1 2 3 4 5  Head Picture1 2 3 

 I am doing something a little different here just because...   11/18/2012    It's the
 Sunday before Thanksgiving and the weather is totally awesome so I decided to
 take CJ out on a beautiful day for a great ride. As I was bringing him up it just
 happened that he and I did quite a lot of solo riding because it  just worked out
 that way. He was always the perfect trail partner from the very beginning once
 again proving that age has absolutely nothing to do with having and making a
 truly great horse. Today was no exception and with such a gorgeous fall day, the
 temperature in the mid 60's and not one cloud to be found anywhere, I can't for
 the life of me find any reason to be anything less than completely thankful for so
 much wonder and goodness around me, truly blessed. Life is good. Here are quite
 a few pictures and videos from our ride... I hope you enjoy as much as we did...
 Trail Picture1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

 Budd is another one of the handsome "brothers"...
 I'll take my Budd Light hot or cold....Beaucoup's Budd Light might just be
 one of the simplest/easiest horses to enjoy on the trail that you could ever imagine.
 He's a wonderful partner from beginning to end and it won't matter what you've
 got planned, he'll deliver with ease and confidence. Budd has been an excellent
 student since day one and has always learned everything I've offered to teach
 him on the first try and once he's learned it, it's in there to stay. He's a real stocky
 15.1 plus hand coming 4y/o TWH that proves again that it doesn't take age to be
 a great horse, it just takes a great horse with great training to be a great horse. I
 would put him up against the very best found and match disposition, mind, and
 overall temperament regardless of age. His gait is very nice, his walk is one of the
 smoothest to be found, and while he's happy to move on out, he would be just as
 happy to walk, literally, all day long. My personal horse, LS, is his brother as are
 many others I have offered in the last few years and I am always grinning from
 ear to ear every time we have one ready. Budd is truly a trail partner in every way
 whether it's rural or urban riding, hilly or flat, woods or road. Never mind that he
 is absolutely beautiful to look at, he's one that I would be happy to ride from now
 'til the end of my riding days... and that's a long way off. You'll never care if he's
 ice cold or not, because he's always great... This Budd is for you....
  Alternate Picture1 2 3 4 Head Picture Trail Picture1 2 4 

 Ride the Ponderosa every day... Beaucoup's Little Joe  couldn't be more fun
 if Hoss, Ben, and Adam were there to ride with you. He's a 5y/o TWH who is as
 gentle as the day is long and sweet doesn't come close to being the right adjective
 to describe his disposition. He's a "big" 15.1h and always gives a feeling of total
 confidence when out on the trail. Joe is one of those trail horses that just seems
 to be in 4 wheel drive taking very deliberate slow steps in even the trickiest type
 terrain. His favorite gait is to walk but it's absolutely no problem to get him into
 his really smooth gait and he has a big fun rolling canter that reminds me of DJ
 every time we do it. I have found him to be extremely steady minded and it would
 seem to take a true disaster to get his attention diverted from delivering a great
 ride every time we saddle up. He's the kind of horse that almost any person with
 just the basic natural ability to ride horses could learn and build their confidence
 while improving their own skill level. But, don't think for a minute you will out-
 grow his ability as he has the natural gift to please even the seasoned riders who
 enjoy a challenge once in a while. Bathing, clipping, load/unload, shoeing, etc.
 are all done with ease and he seems intent on always fully cooperating with any
 request given. Each and every "brother" who shares his great sire have been just
 the same and I would have a hard time dreaming of better trail partners/ family
 members. Joe's pictures give a glimpse of his beauty but the real joy is knowing
 him in person. You can find all the fun of Virginia City and the Ponderosa right
 here and then begin to write your own perfect script with Joe...
 Alt. Picture1 2  Head Picture1 2 3 Trail Picture1 2 3 4 7 

 Atten-Hut, Forward, March...Beaucoup's Soldier is definitely the type to be
 a 4-Star General in anybody's army. He's a 3y/o TWH who proves over and over
 just why we love his daddy, who happens to be the daddy of my personal horse LS
 and several other boys I've previously placed and still to come. Soldier is such a
 sweet/loving horse and has a wonderful mind which makes all the different stuff
 you do with him a pleasure. On the trail he's taken any challenge with the savvy
 and confidence that you'd expect from a much older horse, yet he's always had it.
 He's very steady and his gait is one of those naturally smooth and easy to ride so
 it doesn't require any special knowledge or skill to enjoy. Walking down slowly is
 never a problem and he has just the right amount of go to get the job done if you
 want to move on and gait or climb a hill and see what's up there. I've had Soldier
 in some very tough/tight/tricky places and he has never let me down, and actually
 been quite amazing in a spot or two where we really had to be precise and steady.
 It's always fun to have an excellent student and this boy is sure enough got what
 it takes to be on the Honor Roll. All the routine stuff like baths/clipping/loading/
 unloading/standing to mount/shoeing/etc are so simple and easy to do. He's just
 another one of those really great horses that's born to be a trail partner and he
 literally gets better with every step on every ride. He stands a little over 15.2h at
 this time but will likely get to 15.3ish when he's fully matured making him such
 a great size for about any type riding. While I may be too old to join Uncle Sam's
 army, I'd be sure to find a way to be in the army with this Soldier...
 Head Picture1 2 3 4 5 Alt. Picture1 2 3 4 5 6 7

  Shadow is one big ghentle giant of a trail buddy
 He casts a big Shadow... Beaucoup's Shadow does cast a large shadow 'cause
 he is a big boy. At 16.1h, this 6y/o is built like a Sherman tank and Shadow is big
 enough to pack the larger rider who can mount him but it would be hard to find
 a sweeter/gentler horse. He has the same wonderful disposition all his "brothers"
 exhibit and might even take it a notch up in the gentle department, if that could
 be possible.  Although I know there is someone out there who
 couldn't ride him, I have a hard time imagining who that could be. He is simple/
 easy to ride whether you want to walk or gait and while he never gets in a hurry
 you can get him to move out just for the asking. Just like every horse we own, he
 is grain fed 14% feed twice daily, fat/healthy, stall kept and still has the laid back
 disposition to make most anyone a great riding partner. On the trail he's always
 very careful to step in just the right direction and keeps his footing perfect. He's
 got the same wonderful gait that all these boys have and he'll do it with one rider
 or two as we've found him totally happy to ride double. Shadow's color when he's
 fully shed out is the most brilliant copper sorrel and his unusual white markings
 really stand out in the sun. He's a dream to handle on the ground as he has such
 a laid back "do whatever you want with me" type attitude. All the routine daily
 chores are a breeze and I have many times had to pick out his stall around him if
 he's resting as he doesn't mind just lying there while I work. The only Shadow
 that could be more relaxing would be that of a big shade tree...
Alt. Pic1 2  Head 1 2  Tack 1 2 

 I told you his summer coat color would be beautiful
 and it is.  Enjoy all this beauty plus the rest Nancy...

 Five Star all the way... Golden General made it to the top ranks with ease and
 style.  He's a 5y/o TWH that has that beautiful deeeep gold that we all love to see
 in every Palomino yet it's rare to find.  At 15.1h, he's the perfect size for most any
 rider to mount with ease and still big enough to feel great underneath you.  His
 disposition is second to none and talk about a stylish gait and way of going, he's
 definitely your huckleberry.  Nothing seems to bother him out on the trail and he
 is just as easy going at home and at the occasional parade or anywhere else we've
 had the pleasure to "show him off".  His mane and tail are pure white and simple
 to keep that way as he is one of those wonderful guys that just never seems to get
 dirty.  All the routine stuff like baths/clipping/loading-unloading/etc are all done
 with the simple ease expected from all our horses so any time you spend with him
 is so enjoyable. His mind is so sharp and steady that it almost seems like he knows
 what you're wanting before you even ask and he's always been willing to answer
 every request with a "yes".  Like with kids, you try to not have "favorites" but I
 find myself  putting this boy at the top of the list of really fine
 horses I've had the pleasure to own and place. Take his beautiful color out of
 the picture and this is still one of the nicest all around horses to be found. And if
 you factor in the beautiful Golden shade (and it looks like it will be much darker
 when he's finished shedding out) this may just be one of the finest Palominos we
 will ever offer. I truly salute each and every soldier defending our great country,
 offer each my gratitude, and hope each one has a General of this quality...
 Reg. TWHBEA  Alt. Picture1 2   Head1 2 3 4 5 

 This picture is of Maggie when she was 3y/o. She is
 now 8y/o and even more beautiful, if that's possible
 New pictures and videos this week, weather permit

 This picture is of my Maggie on 5/13/13 and as you
 can see, as beautiful as she was then, she has grown
 and matured into a totally gorgeous girl. I love her
 My Maggie Mae... Maggie Now was raised up from a six month old right here
 at Evening Shade Farm and I have loved her since the very beginning. Her color
 and markings are absolutely beautiful but that's not anywhere near the best of it.
 She has made one of the top horses we have ever brought up here regardless of
 age/size/color/gender and I am personally partial to the geldings, but she is one of
 those great ones that makes you forget everything except the pure enjoyment of
 riding. I placed Maggie when she was just coming four in what I, as always, had
 intended to be a lifetime home. Things change and people face uncertain health
 circumstances and other issues so I was offered the opportunity to bring her right
 back to her original "home".  I never had to even think about it and am so truly
 thankful that I got her back. She had not been ridden in three years when I came
 back home with her so I was initially anxious to see "where she was" in terms of
 her mind. All I did for a month plus was to enjoy feeding/grooming/hanging out
 and just loving on her. I finally shod her, saddled her up, and took her down to
 the round pen to see how she'd do, and she was amazing. I literally worked her
 two rounds when she turned and faced me, walked right up as if to say "why the
 heck are we doing this when we could be riding". So I loaded her into the trailer
 to the woods at Blue Creek. It was one
 of the best rides ever with her never missing a step and performing as though she
 had been ridden every day in between then and now. I rode with friends who
 were all on geldings, met some other folks also on geldings, and no one would've
 ever known I was riding a mare without looking. Up and down, across water and
 over logs/downed trees, off the trail blazing and just sitting still. She was flawless.
 I could go on for days but if you want one truly incredible trail partner and best
 friend then your search can end right here. I'll be very picky when screening for
 her new home so don't get your panties in a wad when I ask specific questions as
 it is information I need to make a decision for "My Maggie".  Thanks, DT

 Reg. TWHBEA  Alt. Picture1 2 

 Well, we finally got a break in  weather and time to
 get Trey's new pictures and boy does he look great.

 Me, Too... Me Three aka Trey has turned out just as we'd expected in every way,
 totally awesome and beautiful.  He's Bold Kat's brother and both apples landed
 right next to the tree. I brought him home when he was just a year old and have
 be waiting, impatiently because of who he is, for him to get to that place where he
 is ready for just the right person for him to share his life. He was a little small for
 a year or two so I didn't even start him under saddle until last fall when he was
 three. I truly expected for him to top out at 15-15.1 hands and that's exactly what
 he measured until january and he took a growing spurt and has matured into one
 beautiful 15.2-15.3 hand boy, making him the perfect size for my taste. Trey is a
 now 4y/o TWH that will make someone their perfect lifetime trail partner and bud
 because he has not only great skills under saddle but he also loves people and all
 the attention you care to give him. Of course, he bathes, clips, loads/unloads, will
 stand stock still to mount/dismount from either side, great for the farrier, and he
 rides just as well in a halter/leadrope/bareback as he does under saddle. His trail
 work is some of the best and he fell into that groove with ease never seeming to
 mind whatever has popped up while out on the trail. He's a great pasture mate no
 matter with whom he is sharing space and usually comes to meet you even if food
 has already been served for the morning, and stays up fine in a stall as well.  I'll
 have to admit he is a little messy as housekeeping goes but maybe I'm a little hard
 to please since I clean the stalls every day. Twice a day!  I always looked forward
 to riding Bold Kat and I find myself just as eager to get this boy out for a trail ride
 because he just keeps getting better every time out and it doesn't get much better
 than that. I want another one just like him. Me, too. Me Three...
 Reg. TWHBEA  Alt. Picture1 2 4  Head 1 2 3 


Perfect vacation every time... Katmandu is one of those incredible type
 horse partners that is just about the perfect fit for any level rider.  For the newer
 rider he's as calm, quiet, easy going as you could probably find to ride and yet
 if a seasoned rider wants to get out there and explore he's got you covered.  Kat
 is a 8y/o, 16h+ who acts like he could be 25y/o if you went by disposition, mind,
 or any other barometer you want to use to size him up.  His gait is super solid
 four beat and he doesn't mind walking down as slow as a snail or stepping it up
 and moving on down the trail.  He's tackled some of Tennessee's toughest trails
 and always performed as needed but also plenty happy to take a leisurely hack
 around the road or field if you just want to climb on for a little spiritual time on
 his back.  You'll never have to go looking for him because if he sees you he's
 coming to meet you just in case you have something good in your pocket, which
 I generally do!  Thank goodness I have a full sibling growing up who'll be along
 in a couple of years and she's as beautiful and great minded as my Maggie who
 I raised up several years ago and has an awesome home with Susan B up in the
 great state of Kentucky.  The really good ones are born and not made so I am
 always grateful to have more of the same coming along because I am looking for
 the same horse over and over again so I never have to worry if I am going to have
 the right kind to place in a "forever" home.  This boy is one in a million and I'd
 sure love to have an unlimited supply just like him.  The perfect vacation...SOLD
 Reg. SSHBEA  New Pictures 10/12/18  Alt. Picture1 2 3 4 5 6 7   HeadPicture1 2 3  

 10/2/18... I have been blessed with the opportunity to bring Kat and Diez back to
 Evening Shade Farm as their owners had an unexpected change of plans. I will be
 getting brand new pictures of Dizzy and Kat next week.  I am so excited to have them
 back cause they're most excellent fun....


Oh Danny Boy... Danny is one cool headed trail riding pro that will leave you wanting
 more every time you ride.  He's a 7y/o, 14.3h stoutly made boy that's got just the right
 combination of whoa and go to be pure trail riding pleasure.  In the woods he'll gladly
 go wherever the trail leads, but if you choose to do some brush busting, hollow hopping
 way off the trail riding then he's your guy.  Danny is confident and sure footed in even
 the most challenging terrain and also doesn't mind riding down the road where it's flat
 and open with cars/trucks/tractors/dogs/mailboxes/etc.  He has one of those really solid
 four beat gaits that is easy to find and requires no gaited horse experiencwe to ride him
 and enjoy him to the fullest.  Being picture album  pretty and beautifully made & marked
 is just the cherry on top of the whipped cream on top of the sundae.  He's a really great
 pasture mate and isn't the type to harrass and challenge every new face so it's simple to
 manage him.  And he doesn't mind staying in a stall when needed which is handy from
 time to time.  Especially if you give him a bath the night before a ride.  Danny loves baths,
 is easy to shoe/clip/tack up and of course loading/unloading are a breeze.  He will stand
 stock still for mounting and dismounting and then politely walk off on a loose rein until
 asked for more.  Because of his stout build, he can carry most any rider size with ease and
 has packed me and my stuff for 5-6 hours without batting one of those quiet gentle eyes.
 This is one of those wonderful horses that make a great partner no matter what you want
 to do for the day and so sweet he'll have you singing... Danny Boy... SOLD
Alt. Pictire1 2 3 4 5 6   Head Picture1 2 3


 Watch this video showing how great minded horses handle the unexpected(I barely got the camera out)
 The Bold and Beautiful... Bold Kat could have a starring role in a soap opera
 if they were about big times and high life out on the trail, and riding him is more
 fun than being a soap star. Coming 4y/o, 15.2h TWH in steel grey who has such a
 sweet disposition that you want to take him with you everywhere. Given his nice
 full build now, I suspect he'll grow another inch or a bit more and since he has a
 big bone structure it shouldn't be a problem for him to carry most anyone. He's so
 laid back and easy going under saddle that you kind of forget you're riding on a
 horse which makes for such an enjoyable time. And he's just as much pleasure to
 be around when he's not under saddle and you're grooming, shoeing, or hanging
 out for no particular reason. His gait is nice at any/every speed and he won't care
 if you want to walk down the trail nice and slow to take in the scenery because he
 is happy to be there. Kat has a steady mind/nature so taking in new/different types
 of places has always been a breeze since he's just not looking for trouble. This boy
 is another great example of how the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and that's
 why I go back time and again to the same bloodlines for my young stock to be
 raised up for future trail partners. Like his brother, Roy D, Kat has all the right
 qualities to make just what I'm looking to end up riding when I'm all finished
 schooling my young horses. I'd be happy to have several more just like him and
 that's just as true for all my horses, each one makes me proud. He's one I could go
 on and on about this aspect or that quality but the real proof is what he'll tell you
 when the saddle goes on and the riding begins. So if you're looking to find a true
 trail partner/companion then you'll want to tune in for every episode...
 Reg. TWHBEA  Alt. Picture1 2 3   Head Picture1 2    Trail Picture

  Sam is a beautiful Cremello with White mane/tail
  and he is the "creme de la creme" in every way...

 Fly high on White Lightning... Silver Streak's White Lightning aka "Sam",
 is another brother of Mojo, one of my personal favorites. He's a stoutly built 15.1h
 TWH with all the great qualities we've come to expect from this superior family
 of horses. Sam has a very regal look about him, maybe due to his soft Cremello
 color which has a pearl-like glow. He's a very steady calm 8y/o boy with a real no
 nonsense/ non-spooky attitude which makes him very simple and easy for almost
 anyone to ride. Sam loves to eat and will follow you anywhere/ do anything for a
 treat. He's lived a wonderful pampered life and had only the best of care, and I
 am committed to finding that same lifestyle for his future (the same as I do for
 all of my family of horses). He loves to go out in the pasture and hasn't had any
 problem with the sun, and loves a stall. On the trail he delivers a solid/steady ride
 and has never seemed to care what you do or when you choose to do it. Sam has
 all the right stuff to make the perfect trail/pleasure companion for life and does
 it with all the style and grace of the truly wonderful Tennessee Walking Horse.
 He has a very solid four beat gait at every speed, and also a nice smooth canter.
 Just for a little fun I took Sam over to the Tennessee Walking Horse National
 Celebration show grounds to ride around and enjoy talking to horse show goers.
 He was a PERFECT gentleman in every way, allowing folks from toddler size to
 adults a chance to pet and meet a Tennessee Walking Horse up close. There were
 vehicles of all type and description, back-up beepers, huge crowds swarming and
 he seemed to actually love every minute. He might be as much at home doing a
 mounted police/crowd control job as being a natural trail horse.I rode Sam and
 we had an absolute blast. Prohibition has ended...

Alt. Picture1 2 3 4    

 Bandit can make any photographer look talented..

 He's so simple to ride that it may be too much fun...
 Backwards Robbery...Bandit could easily steal your heart and everything else
 but he won't because he's too busy giving you 110% of all he's got. And I can tell
 you that it's more than plenty. He's one of the sweetest most accommodating guys
 I've ever met and that's a tall order to fill. At just 10y/o, he's such a great age for
 anyone and has experience plus on the trails and just about anywhere you could
 think about riding. Bandit is a very sturdy made 15 hands and has ample ability
 to carry most any rider all day long with ease. His gait is a silky smooth four beat
 at any speed and he's just as good barefoot as with shoes, making it simple/easy
 for even the novice gaited horse rider to get it right. Say "whoa" and give a light
 touch to the reins and he stops, immediately. But he's also just as easy to get into
 his gait by simply "kissing" to him and giving a light squeeze with your legs. Out
 on the trail he listens for any direction and is one of those guys that seem steady
 no matter what may come along. Up hills, down hills, over logs, through the mud,
 crossing water, whatever the trail has to offer is just what he handles with all the
 confidence expected from a well trained and seasoned trail horse. Bandit is such
 a pleasure to handle on the ground doing anything that may be on the menu for
 the day. He's simple to bathe, clip, groom, shoe (if you decide you want them on),
 lead, load, whatever, and with his sweet loving personality it's hard to decide just
 what is the most fun to do with him. I'll still take saddling up and riding because
 with his steady nature and perfect gait, it's hard to stop riding and un-tack. Right
 now I have six to seven horses that share his great bloodlines because they seem
 to always have just the right combination for making awesome partners. This boy
 will definitely make you want to be his getaway driver... Reg. TWHBEA 
  Alt. Picture1 2  Head Picture1 2  Tack Picture1 2 Trail Picture1 2

 The two Mo's... full bros...  Keb Mo and the Mojo...
 You just can't have too many Mo's...  So you'll know, in the coming
 months, his full brother Keb Mo will be offered for consideration. He has the
 same great mind that Mojo possesses and even though his color is a little bit
 lighter shade of Chocolate Palomino, he is every bit as gorgeous in every way.
 He just turned 2y/o back in March and has only been lightly ridden so he will
 not be available until later in the year. However, due to overwhelming number
 of folks that wanted Mojo, I decided to give a heads up for anyone who might
 seriously want to consider him as their future trail companion. There will be
 other pictures posted along the way as well as videos under saddle to show just
 how awesome he is. Stay tuned for a lotta' Mo to come..... Alt. Pic1  2    Head

 Keb Mo  has left me to move in with his awesome new family.
 I just couldn't let him get gone without making some new pictures and some
 videos to show off. He was born a great horse and turned into nothing less than
 nearly the best trail/pleasure partner I have ever had the privilege to raise up.
 That's not said to take anything away from all of the wonderful horses I have
 had and presently have. I personally miss each and every horse that leaves me,
 but knowing what amazing new homes and families that they join makes it fun
 and joyful. Keb and Pecos Bill are going together and so they'll be there to give
 each other comfort during the trip and as they settle into their new home and

 Copper rides/gaits bitted, bit-less, or in a side-pull
 and has one of the nicest trail lopes/canter to ride
 ...."daddy ran the whiskey in a big block Dodge"....Copperhead Road
 proves to be far better than any big block Dodge if you're looking to have fun
 and see the sights up and down any trail. He's a very solidly built and great
 minded 15h, 5y/o that can carry most any size rider easily and he'll park out
 to make mounting even easier. His color is the perfect shade of Buckskin and
 what makes it even better is that he does not have a white hair any place on
 his body so you get all the perfect coal black to go with that beautiful copper.
 The terrain never seems too tough for this boy and while he'll be all the horse
 that even the most seasoned rider may want, he's plenty gentle for just about
 anyone who has good basic horse sense, and that's needed to ride any horse
 besides the ones out front of Wal Mart. He was raised by the family who still
 own his daddy and we were plenty pleased to be able to acquire such a great
 family horse. Copper really enjoys attention and will let you do anything that
 needs done with the ease and cooperation that we look for in any/every horse.
 He will walk quietly all day if you'd like and never get hurried, or step up and
 gait easily for you whenever asked. He is very simple and easy to handle and
 ride so whether you're loading up to get out on the trails or just taking a day
 to hang out around the place and do routine stuff, it will be fun. You can ride
 him out alone or in any size group, any place in that group, down the road, or
 anywhere else and he's always having fun. Color aside, Copper is going to
 be one of those horses that everybody compliments because he's just plain old
 awesome in every way... You'll always come back on Copperhead Road...
 Head Picture1 2 3 Alt. Picture1 2 3 4 Tack Picture1 2

 This Beau will Rock your world...Generator's Rocky Beau has everything
 even the most discriminating person could want in a perfect Beau. He's a 3y/o
 TWH that stands a a very nice 15.1h and will fill out to make the perfect size
 horse. His disposition is absolutely wonderful and his gait is so smooth that it
 would be hard to decide which is better. Beau is developing the perfect rocking
 chair type canter and never gets wound up about anything. In all of the videos
 listed below he is working in a Bosal that I put on him for the very first time
 five minutes before I began shooting these clips. He has always taken to every
 request I have made of him and just gets better and better each ride. I have
 ridden him at night, down the road for miles, in every type terrain you could
 imagine, by himself and in groups, and he always delivers a perfect ride each
 time he's saddled up. He'll walk or gait on a loose rein when asked like all of
 our horses, is neck reining, and backs. Beau is another one of those awesome
 young horses who turn out to be the aged horses that everyone oohs and aahs
 over and wishes that they owned themselves. I've had him since a yearling
 and he's been a pleasure to work with and never had an issue dealing with any
 new or different situation we've ever encountered. He's the type of horse that
 I focus my efforts on because he was born to be a great trail/pleasure horse
 and the work is always so easy with this type. They just "get it" from the very
 beginning and that makes every day fun. If you're looking to find a wonderful
 partner then this may be the ultimate Beau...
  Head Picture1   2  Tack Picture  Alt. Picture1  2 
spotted saddle horses

registered horses

 Those Blue eyes will steal your heart... "Diamond's Blue Eyed Bandit"  has way
 more than beautiful blue eyes and gorgeous markings.  He's got all the talent and
 ability even the most seasoned rider could hope to find and yet so simple and easy
 to operate.  Bandit is a very stoutly built 15.1 hand, 9y/o with many many miles of
 trail experience in such a variety of terrains that he'll easily fit most anyone's
 riding.  Whether you want to walk slowly, do some hill climbing/sliding, or gait
 on down the trail this is your huckleberry.  I absolutely love riding him any time
 for numerous reasons which include his technical skills, which are 2nd to none,
 but also his extremely stylish way of going.  His gait is that nearly perfect four
 beat we would love for every horse to have and he doesn't mind gaiting for as
 long as you enjoy.  But he is equally happy to walk down slowly on a loose rein
 so you can take in the sights, sounds, and company of the day.  Bandit is always
 paying attention to the trail and listens intently for verbal cues and responds to
 even the slightest rein pressure.  He neck reins very nicely as seen in one of the
 videos and never seems bothered by traffic, dogs, cows, or whatever else may come
 along during a wonderful day spent riding him.  Beautiful, smooth, talented, sure
 footed, and steady; I'm not sure what more anyone could want in a great trail
 partner and this boy delivers it all.  This Blue Eyed Bandit truly is a Diamond in
 the most unique ways...SOLD
 Reg. SSHBEA  Alt. Picture1 2 3 4  Head Picture1 2 3  
 7/30/17  Took the camera today and got some trail pictures and videos to see...
 Trail Picture1 2 3 
 11/21/17  Bandit and I took a Thanksgiving Day ride with two of my closest friends
 and did we ever have a ball.  Sadly, I forgot my camera and my phone so I didn't
 get a single picture or video.  He was so enjoyable and easy to ride.  What a day.

 Bandit is one of my all time favorites to take out for a ride, especially if I plan on
 playing off the trail and deep into the woods.  It matters not what may come along
 as we go because this boy just heads the direction you point him and safely makes
 his way through whatever comes up.  I'm always smiling while riding Bandit.  FUN

 It seems Loretta just gets more beautiful each day.
  No Pit Crew needed... She's All Jacked Up has everything necessary to make
 you the very best trail and pleasure companion you may ever meet. She's a 4 y/o
 reg. SSH  with some of the most beautiful markings you'll see and her ability is
 just as awesome. Loretta has a wonderful gait at any speed and with her light
 responsive mouth, riding her is almost effortless. She has plenty of get up and go
 to suit most anyone but is very content to walk whenever asked. She is always a
 compliant and well mannered partner and is so simple to ride that most anyone
 with basic horsemanship will just love her. On the trail she'll tackle the most
 challenging terrain with the expertise if a well seasoned mount and never seems
 bothered by wildlife, ditches, mud(which is in plentiful supply this winter), hills,
 or anything else we've encountered. Standing a very nice 15 hands, she's plenty
 easy to mount/dismount and built sturdy enough to carry most any rider all day.
 FYI... I purchased Loretta because she is an awesome trail horse but it just so
 happens that at the SSHBEA Fall Championship Show 2008 she won not only
 the Country Trail Pleasure Championship but was also voted the "Horse of the
 Year" in the same category. Not bad for a "country born and raised" girl from
 middle Tennessee. She neck reins/backs/lopes and is just an all around blast to
 ride no matter what you want to do and your farrier will absolutely love her to
 death. There just isn't much she can't or won't do and I really wouldn't be able
 to say what that might be. I'm always hearing people saying that you can't ride
 "pretty" and to that my response is they just haven't met Loretta. She is all that
 plus more a whole lotta' more.... 
 Head Picture Alt. Picture1 2  Trail Picture

  Gypsy is a very pretty dark chestnut/black color
 KING me... The Gypsy King will have you thinking you're the royalty with
 all the devotion and loyalty he'll lavish on you. He's an extremely gentle and
 loving 6y/o TWH who has impeccable manners in every respect from the stall
 to the trails and back again. Gypsy's gait is rock steady at any speed from slow
 walking down the trail to whatever speed you choose to gait and he does it all
 on a loose rein. He never hurries unless you ask for him to and is settled and
 extremely consistent anywhere you take him. It doesn't matter if you can only
 ride intermittently because he never changes and will be the very same steady
 solid horse each and every time you saddle up. He's a thick made 14.3h and is
 plenty sturdy to carry most anyone easily down the trail and his size is so nice
 for mounting. Take him home and you'll be the one joining the Royal family...
  Head Picture   Tack Picture    

  Red Cloud reminds me very much of a wonderful
  horse named Hoss both in build and personality...

 And the winner by a knockout...Mike Tyson  is a real champion but he'll
 give you a chance to be a winner , too. He's a 4y/o SSH that's got all the great
 qualities looked for in a wonderful trail and pleasure horse. His gait is truly
 awesome at any speed from the slowest walk right up through the entire range
 he covers. He's very sweet and affectionate, loves all the treats he can get, and
 is so easy to handle any and every where. Out on the trail he is very steady and
 takes on anything new or different with the cooperation and ease we'd expect
 from a great minded horse. He was born and raised right here in my area and
 has been a family trail/pleasure horse all of his life. At a very sturdy built 15h,
 he's an easy horse to mount/dismount (he stands perfectly still for both) and he
 is plenty able to carry most any rider all day with ease. I call him Red Cloud
 even though his registered name is Mike Tyson, because that is what his family
 before me called him and it is an excellent name. I have found him to be one of
 the simplest horses to ride which makes him so fun and easy to enjoy for even
 the non-gaited horse person who has decided to quit beating themselves up on
 a trotter (not that they don't deserve love, too). The sun wouldn't cooperate the
 day I shot his pictures so his color does not come through with all the sheen it
 shows in person and is a very deep mahogany bay/tri color as his mane/tail are
 black and white. Red Cloud gladly walks or gaits on a loose rein and responds
 to whoa just as all of my horses do, immediately. He's just another example of
 a horse that was meant to be a trail/pleasure horse from birth, because in my
 experience great horses like great athletes, are born and not made. Step into
 the ring with Mike Tyson and you'll both be "Champions" ...
Head Picture  Alt. Picture1  2  

 He ain't no ordinary Hillbilly... Willie Bill  is really an extraordinary kind
 of guy given all his many talents. While he may just be one of the very best 5y/o
 trail riding horses to be found, he's also a whale of a great buggy pulling horse
 and top that off with the fact that he'll hitch single or double. My roads have
 become too treacherous with traffic to hitch up here, but the older gentleman
 from whom I purchased Willie actually drove more than he rode. He stands
 a very nice 15.1h, and it would be hard to find a nicer trail gaiting TWH. His
 color is a very deep/dappled chocolate palomino and is mane/tail are beautiful
 silver/flaxen. Willie gladly steps up into his wonderfully smooth gait, which is
 great at any speed, and he'll also walk down slow for the asking as long as you
 like. He's probably one of the sweetest, most affectionate horses you could find
 and is so fun/easy to handle on the ground, in the trailer, around the barn, and
 most especially out on the trail. Nothing seems to distract or bother him so the
 riding is just simple and fun. Willie has no problem riding out alone (none of
 our horses do), riding in any size group, or riding anywhere within that group.
 The longer you ride him the more you appreciate his easy gait that just comes
 very naturally to him with no real need for any sort of help. Even if you don't
 get to ride for a while it's no worry because horses like Willie are the just same
 every time you saddle up to ride. And isn't that the horse we all really want?
 I look for great horses in every one I choose but it never hurts to get a big
 ole dose of purty to go along with it and this WillBilly has it all...
Head Picture1  2  Alt. Picture1  2 

 Clark just may be as safe as horseback riding gets.
 He's definitely a Super Hero... Quall's Super Color will amaze you with his
 super seasoned trail veteran abilities. He's 7y/o 15.2h reg. TWH who's been trail
 ridden his entire life and it shows in his every move. Take a look at Video1 and 2
 to get an idea of just how safe and solid minded he truly is on any given day. I
 call him Clark (as in Clark Kent) because he'll make you feel so safe and secure
 as if you were being taken care of by Superman himself. His gait is as smooth as
 they come and he's the natural type that just does it no matter what. Out on the
 trail his abilities are second to none taking on any type terrain we've ever come
 across like the seasoned pro he is. While there are people out there who will just
 never be able to ride because they just don't have any "horse" in them, it would
 be hard to imagine anyone not being able to ride Clark safely. He's the perfect
 gentleman on the ground, under saddle, in the horse trailer, etc which makes it
 a real joy to spend all the time possible with him. Naturally, he stands to mount/
 dismount, walks quietly on a loose rein until asked for more, gaits so smoothly/
 effortlessly any time you want, and will stand patiently for as long as necessary.
 Clark is very calm and easy to handle and has taken any/every odd situation I
 have ever encountered in stride. He gets along the best with all the different guys
 he's ever shared the pasture with and seems to just want to be comfortable where
 ever he finds himself. It's nearly impossible to find great aged/mature horses who
 come with all the good stuff and no garbage baggage but every once in a while a
 real gem pops up. Clark is one of the nicest partners to be found and you won't
 have to search the galaxy to find him. Not even Kryptonite bothers him...
 Alt. Picture1 2 3 Head Picture1 2

 More fun than Gilligan's Island...Rachel Ginger is as pretty as any model
 and she's much easier to keep. Ginger is a 4y/o TWH whose natural abilities
 surpass even her beautiful color and conformation. She stands a solid 15.1h
 and has the sweet disposition of the gentlest lamb and yet has the heart of a
 lion when you're out on the trail. Her gait is very smooth and easy for anyone
 to ride and she has one of the lightest/softest mouths that you could ever hope
 for which makes her so nice to handle. Ginger is responsive to any queue yet
 she knows what to ignore making her such a dream to ride in the woods, and
 the going doesn't get too tough for her to handle. Naturally, she bathes, clips,
 loads, shoes, and does all the routine stuff with the ease you'd expect from a
 really great horse. She'll stand still to mount/dismount and walk on a loose
 rein until you ask for more and has never gotten rattled at anything we have
 encountered on the trail, down the road, or anywhere else. While I have really
 never been a "mare person" so to speak, she's another one of those awesome
 mares like Maggie, Beam, Penny, Maxie, and a few others that have made me
 change religion. This is one of the most fun horses I have ridden in the woods
 and no matter what has come up, she's delivered with ease. She'll jump, slide,
 cross, go up/down/across, and be steady all the way. If you really enjoy getting
 out on the trail and having some fun playing around then this may just be the
 horse you're looking to find. She'll turn more heads than Ginger & MaryAnn
 plus she's way too much fun for just a three hour tour...  
 Head Picture1  2  3  Tack Picture  Alt. Picture1  2  3   

 Bummer is not only extremely handsome, but also
 very handy to have around the barn if you find that
 you're needing a little help.

 This is my kind of "Bummer"... Bummer's Threat gives the phrase "what
 a Bummer" an entirely new and very desirable meaning. I seldom ever have
 an opportunity to offer great older horses and yet here at one time have two of
 the best ever. Much like HazMat, Bummer is a very stocky 8y/o 15.2h TWH that
 is absolutely one of the sweetest/gentlest horses to be found. He loves treats, just
 like any and all of our horses do, and really enjoys being groomed and doted on.
 But that is just the beginning because riding him is the real dream. His gait is
 smooth and easy at any speed and as much fun as that may be, he's also happy
 to walk down slowly. He comes from some of the very best old foundation TWH
 bloodlines and true to his heritage, he got the beauty and the wonderful mind
 that reinforces to those of us who've always loved Tennessee Walking Horses
 the many reasons we do. Bummer is at home anywhere you take him and seems
 to never mind what may come up out on the trail. He's extremely laid back and
 very surefooted on even the trickiest trail terrain. At home, he's just as much a
 pleasure to handle and has always been the consummate gentleman no matter
 what's on the agenda. Of course he does all the normal stuff that horses need
 to do like bathing/clipping/loading-unloading/standing for mount-dismount/
 etc. just like you'd expect a great horse to do. He's stoutly built and plenty of
 horse to carry anyone that can climb on as far and long as they choose to ride
 and yet so gentle and easy to handle. Like all of my horses, it really doesn't
 matter how often, or seldom, you may ride because he's proven himself to be
 the same steady horse each time. You'll love saying "man, what a Bummer"...
  Head Picture Alt. Picture1 2 
 Granny always said if the women can't find you handsome, they should at

  least find you handy. Well, Bummer is both.
tennessee walking spotted naturally gaited trail horse

spotted saddle horse for sale natural gaited keg shoe

 Nothing even close to this good at Baskin-Robbins... I'm Orange Julius  is way more
 refreshing and sweet than anything you could imagine, and he's that same way each
 and every day.  He's one rock solid and steady trail and pleasure companion and you
 will find yourself making all kinds of reasons to be hanging out.  At 15h and coming
 5y/o, Jules has years and years and years of fun times ahead and you'd never know he
 is not a much older horse based on his wonderful manners and disposition.  He is quiet
 and loving, so bonding with him is pure joy and I have learned that when these type
 horses bond with you, the connection is stronger than any to be found.  His gait is easy
 and smooth so you don't have to have "gaited" horse experience to find it and you'll
 be smiling all the way to where ever it is you're going.  And because he is such a true
 pleasure to ride, you're probably gonna want to go a really long ways.  This boy has
 no fear when it comes to taking on the trails, and I even accidentally rode him through
 a chicken coop once and he never blinked.  Jules is very calm and surefooted on the
 trails so it's so easy to enjoy the scenery and your trail riding buddies along the way as
 he just takes everything in stride.  Of course, he does all the daily stuff the best and
 your farrier will love you both because he's such a gentleman to handle.  I have sulfur
 water at my barn as it is well water, and he absolutely loves it as do all my horses.  And
 it helps with natural fly control as well.  I would love to have a dozen more just like
 this boy as it makes life so easy and me look like a genius.  But trust me when I humbly
 say that these type are born, not made, and it's up to we humans to keep them pointed
 in the right direction once we find them.  And finding them is becoming more difficult
 every year.  No need for a trip to the mall...get your Orange Julius right here... SOLD
 Reg. TWHBEA   Alt. Picture1 2 3 4   Head Puicture1 2 3 

 Jules might just be one of the most steady and rock solid horses I have ever offered,
 and I have been blessed with some great ones over the years.  I totally trust him in
 any setting as he has proven to me tha he is "one in a million"....

registered spotted saddle horses for sale gaited smooth confident

reg spotted saddle horse steady smooth naturally gaited horses for sale

 Take it to the Max.... Maximum Dollars  will carry you to the best places you can
 ever trail ride, and do it all smooth as silk and in style.  He's a coming 4y/o, 14.3h
 sturdy built guy with a heart of gold and is one of the most naturally gifted trail and
 pleasure partners you could hope to find.  Max reminds me so much of Spider and my
 own "not for sale at any $$$" boy, LS.  He has all the depth you'll ever find yourself
 needing for a challenging ride, and yet so sweet and mellow if you just want to take
 a leisurely hack around the trails and enjoy the scenery and company.  In the pasture
 he's a great fit with any and all I have put out with him and also a very neat house
 keeper when up in a stall.  Recently I let a great friend take him for a multi-day camp
 adventure which was a  corporate retreat over in the mountains of east Tennessee. The
 twenty or so people who went were not experienced horse riders (some had never even
 sat on a horse before) and he was ridden by three different riders delivering a flawless
 ride every time.  The last person was an experienced rider and he said he had a blast.
 Max has impeccable ground manners and does all the routine stuff like baths, clipping,
 shoeing, loading/unloading, standing stock still to mount, etc with ease.  His gait is so
 smooth and easy for anyone to ride, even the person coming from the non-gaited world,
 and there are still some out there believe it or not.  I love raising up great young horses
 because to witness their evolution from ground zero up is such a joy to see.  This boy
 and his half brother are two of the nicest gaited and sweetest dispositions to be found
 and all their best years are yet to come.  I just love it when some Maximum Potential
 turns into Maximum Reality.  Get all you need right here, the Max...SOLD
 Reg. NSSHA  Alt. Picture1 2 3 4 5 6   Head Picture1 2 3   
 Just close your eyes and listen to the footfall.  Even Ray Charles could know how
 exceptionally smooth Maxx is just by listening.  Ain't many this comfortable.....

 10/4/18... Each time that I enjoy riding this boy I have to remind myself that he's only
 coming 4y/o, because the way he performs I'd swear he's 14y/o.  Doesn't matter if it's
 been two days or two weeks since he was last ridden, he's just always "there".  I love it..


  Vvrroomm Vvrroomm... Zoom Zoom and Silver  is another great horse raised up from
 a yearling and trained right here at Evening Shade Farm.  Smokey is an incredible ride
 from start to finish and he just gets better and better with time.  He's a big & stout 4y/o
 who will likely mature out to 15.3h plus a little as he stands a very full 15.2h today.  His
 build and conformation are beautiful and when you add in that gorgeous grey color
 you get a combination that's hard to match.  His gait is really smooth and easy to ride
 and while he is happy to cover some ground for you, he is equally happy to walk slowly
 on a loose rein.  Smokey is calm and steady under saddle and we have encountered so
 much different wildlife I won't waste the space elaborating.  Through the years I have
 discovered that there are several specific bloodlines that just consistently produce the
 really great horses we all want to own and ride so I go back to that same well over and
 over to get a drink so to speak.  This is one of those bloodlines and like Blue and Bold,
 Hershey, and numerous others before, they have never disappointed me and make the
 kind of horses that just improve with age.  Of course, he does the daily stuff with the
 ease we expect and he's a great stall horse or pasture mate.  And you won't have to go
 chasing him down in the pasture as he loves his person and is one of those horses who
 looks at you with adoration and bonds in a way that only a rare few do.  I put lots of
 pictutres on for every horse so that folks can get an idea of who that horse is but just
 take a look into Smokey's eyes on his head pictures to see what I mean.  This boy is
 "all that and a bag of chips" plus some.  Zoom in and get a great one.... SOLD
 Reg. TWHBEA  Alt. Picture1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8   Head Picture1 2 3 4 5 
 Smokey made so many great pictures I just used them all....
 Trail Videos coming.... Windy as all get out for videos. Pardon the noise...

bay roan tennessee walker trail pleasure horse for sale

tennessee walking gaited smooth easy naturally gaited

  Sweeter than a Chocolate Kiss... They Call Me Prime Time  aka Hershey, because he
 loves to give kisses, was raised up from a yearling and trained right here at Evening
 Shade Farm.  And he's sure enough a good one.  His color, a very rare Bay Roan, is the
 same genetically as the Blue Roan and Red Roan which are highly sought after but it's
 much more rare and difficult to produce(I've only seen a handfull in all my years).  His
 disposition is that of a best friend and he absolutely thrives on his person and loves all
 the attention he can get.  Under saddle he is simple and easy to operate whether you
 have and ride trails at home or trailer out to ride in the woods.  Hershey is a big 4y/o
 standing an accurate 15.2h and will fill out into a big ole boy when he's all finished
 growing.  His gait is really nice to ride but he's just as happy to walk leisurely down
 the trails all day long taking in the sights and views and wildlife as you travel.  He's
 a great pasture mate and also a very neat housekeeper when he's up in a stall and he
 doesn't get all whacked out when he stays up for a few days.  Hershey has travelled to
 and from South Carolina for riding trips and trailers the best right along with Smokey.
 Bathing, clipping, shoeing and all the routine stuff are all done easily and without a
 hassle so doing most anything with Hershey is fun.  Of course, he stands to mount and
 waits to be flexed both ways before walking off on a loose rein, and if you forget to
 flex he'll just do it anyway because that's his training.  Really great horses are getting
 really tough to find (that's why I raise and start most of my own) , but when you add
 in great conformation and beautiful color it's almost like searching for the proverbial
 needle in a haystack.  Right here is where you can get it all in one awesome package
 so don't wait to long.  A bag of Hershey Kisses never lasts for long... SOLD
 Reg. TWHBEA  Alt. Picture1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8   Head Picture1 2 3 4  
 10/12/18... I shot videos of Hershey today and didin't realize before I started that he
 was losing both front shoes.  I have reset him and will retake videos asap...

tennessee walking tail gaited horse for sale, tennessee walker pleasure gelding

spotted tennessee walker for sale, spotted saddle horse gaited gelding

 He Smokem' Peace Pipe with you... Khemosabi's PowWow sure enough puts the
 "Wow" back into trail riding fun.  He's a 5y/o, 15.3h very stoutly built boy that
 was raised up in one of the best horse homes/environments I could ever imagine.
 The only reason I was able to purchase him from my friend who raised him is that
 he's needing to build his house  And, while he isn't quitting trail riding, realizes this
 is just way too fine a horse to stand around decorating the pasture for an indefinite
 period of time.  That's gonna be a huge blessing for some really lucky horse person
 who chooses PW for their next trail and pleasure partner.  This boy knows no limits
 and yet he is as gentle and easy bareback in a halter/leadrope as he is bridled and
 saddled.  His gait is smooth, simple, and fun to ride at any speed but he'll also walk
 leisurely on a loose rein to just enjoy talking and looking at nature.  PW is steady
 and calm by himself or in a group and doesn't really have a preference about where
 he's located in the group.  He is very surefooted and careful in any type terrain and
 goes wherever he is pointed.  Crosssing water, ditches, logs, going up or down steep
 inclines, to you name it and he seems to have no problem delivering.  In the stall he
 is a barnkeepers dream and is an equally awesome pasture mate, and catching him
 is a non issue as he's coming to you.  His manners are second to none and he does
 all the routine stuff like a gentleman from the stall to the trailer and back again.
 Of course he stands still to mount or dismount from either side and does not move
 until asked.  He was also taught to park out which makes him a bit closer to the
 ground to mount.  It is getting more and more difficult to find really great horses
 and the best ones are, like PW, usually not for sale unless there are extinuating
 circumstances.  I am so thankful to be able to get this boy and place him in his
 forever home.  Headdress and Peace Pipe not included... SOLD
 Reg. TWHBEA/SSHBEA/NSSHA   Alt. Picture1 2 3 4 5 6 7  Head Picture1 2 3 4
 4/25/19... Took an amazing solo ride on this boy and he's just too much fun out
 there by myself because he is so willing and able. Yet, so completely laid back and
 mellow even being by himself in unknown and tricky terrain.  He is so careful in
 his foot placenment, all the while paying attention even when blazing a trail....
 Here are a few videos from the saddle and a couple of trail pictures....
    Trail Picture1 2 3 

 Everything that Sparkles is not gold... Rocky Sparkles  is a much more
 rare find than gold. He's a 4y/o TWH gelding that  might be one of the most
 eye catching 15.1h horses that you'll see. His disposition is better than gold
 and it would be hard to find a more reliable trail horse anywhere. He's more
 than happy to walk all day on a loose rein but can easily step up into a gait
 that is smooth to ride. Rocky is so polite on the ground or under saddle that
 you might just want him to teach your kids or friends a thing or two. Out on
 the trail he is willing and able to tackle any type terrain and I have never
 encountered anything that has rattled his confidence. He's the kind of horse
 that everybody oohhs and aahhs over. No Jeweler needed to Sparkle...
  Head Picture   Tack Picture     

  Moonshine has a wonderful lope out on the trail
 There's a still in them hills... Moonshine in Dixie might be the only legal
 way to have some "shine" these days. It won't really matter how far back in
 the hills you go, he's still right at home taking on every challenge in stride.
 He's a 5y/o TWH that stands a very stoutly built 15.2 hands and feels the best
 between your legs. Moonshine will gladly walk down slow for as long as you
 like but has all the go you'll ever need to get you wherever you're headed. I
 have found him to be one of the most capable of horses in any setting but he
 really has a great mind for the woods taking on toughest terrain so carefully.
 He's an extremely sweet/loving horse and is so easy to handle from beginning
 to end of any day you spend with him. Once you meet him you'll see just why
 we in the south have always known, the best Moonshine is in Dixie...
Head Picture   Alt. Picture     
 So you had to be a Big Shot... Pusher's Big Shot of Gen can give you
 that same feeling better than Billy Joel. He's a 15.1h TWH gelding that
 is missing absolutely nothing you could need or want in your perfect horse.
 Not only does he have gait, conformation, disposition, and great color but
 he will also pull anything from a Doctor's buggy to a sled and do it like a
 pro. His ground manners are superior, he clips/loads/shoes, side-pass, neck
 rein, and anything else you might want to do with ease. Big Shot has a lot
 of miles of trail experience but also has the walk and shake that it takes to
 succeed in the show ring. He's 4 1/2y/o that's gentle and laid back enough
 for anyone to ride and feel safe. Your friends will be so knocked out...
 Head Picture      
 Check under the hood...Pride's Dipstick  is always serviced and ready to
 take you wherever you want to go. He's a 5y/o TWH gelding that stands a
 perfect 15h and is extremely well made and pretty in addition to his great
 gait and wonderful disposition. He is gentle enough for almost anyone to
 ride with a smooth natural gait and very willing nature. Pride neck reins,
 backs, goes wherever asked without question, and never seems bothered by
 new places or things. He has been ridden by himself and in many different
 size groups and doesn't care where he is within the group or at being left
 by himself. This is one of the nicest all around horses I've had the great
 pleasure to own and he will deliver you full service at no charge...
  Head Picture  
 Can you say "like, totally awesome"? JC Sonny Boy  is all that and
 more. A 10y/o TWH gelding with this kind of style and class is a very rare
 find indeed. He has all the wonderful qualities looked for in a nice trail
 and pleasure partner with plenty of experience to go around. JC parks out,
 neck reins, backs, bathes/clips/loads, and has a gait that will keep you in
 the saddle for hours on end. His disposition is sweet and loving to go along
 with picture perfect conformation, a light responsive mouth, and manners
 that would make Amy Vanderbilt jealous. He stands an accurate 15h so he
 is easy to mount/dismount and he'll walk slowly on a loose rein all day but
 more than happy to gait whenever asked. Leave 'em looking in awe...
   Head Picture  Tack Picture     
 You can have it all.... Greed  is going make someone their perfect horse
 very, very soon. He's a 4 1/2y/o, 15.3hand TWH gelding with all the right
 stuff to finish out as one of the best horses you could own. His looks and
 disposition speak for themselves, but his what is truly amazing is just how
 smart he is. He can learn any lesson almost as quickly as you can show it
 to him and he seems to thrive on being taught new and different things.
 In the woods and trails he is absolutely awesome, with a gait that's really
 nice now and continues to get better. Nothing ever seems to bother him
 and he is as great with his ground manners as he is in the saddle. Who
 says you can't have it all? Greed is well on his way right now...
   Head Picture 
 More bling-bling than a new Thunderbird... T and T's Dr Kahn aka
 T-Bird is truly one fine ride no matter who you are. He's a 6y/o SSH gelding
 whose looks speak for themselves and his ability under saddle does the same.
 Whether you're in the woods or on the road, he's the kind of ride that just
 makes you want to smile almost as big as you will every time someone tells
 you how gorgeous he looks; standing or moving. He neck reins the best, has
 a short lope you can ride for days, a wonderful gait, and a disposition that
 makes him even better. T-Bird is one of those rare horses with a presence
 that makes him stand out in every crowd and when you're riding you can
 know he's telling the world, "yea, I'm all that". Get you some bling-bling....
   Head Picture  Alt. Picture 
 Make your trail riding In-Vigorating...Vigorator  has just what it takes
 to put the "hot damn that was fun" into your riding time. He's a 6y/o, 15.1h
 TWH gelding that's got the total package when it comes to trail riding. His
 gait is true walking and he's happy to go slow on a loose rein, step up to any
 speed you may like, or give you a nice lope to get where you're going. In the
 woods he's as good as it gets taking on any type terrain with ease and agility
 making any ride on him pure fun. He's got a very sweet/loving disposition &
 is so easy to handle no matter what you're doing. Vigor is gentle enough to
 make even the novice rider feel confident yet has the ability to satisfy a true
 veteran rider. Get more goose-bumps than a New Year's Day swim...
  Head Picture       
Spotted Saddle Horse picture  Pictures Spotted Saddle Horses  See the lightning, Feel the Thunder... Comanche's Thunder P has got
 every quality you look for in a safe, steady, reliable, rock solid trail/pleasure
 horse. He is as close to perfect as he can get and still be a horse. His ground
 manners are superb, under saddle he is an absolute dream, and he will even
 pull a buggy if you like to take a drive now and then. Thunder stands a very
 stocky 15.1h even though he seems much bigger and will park out for even
 easier mounting/dismounting. He's a 10y/o SSH gelding that has more good
 experience than most any horse you'll find. He's more than happy to walk
 all day and has an easy smooth gait as well as a wonderful canter. Thunder
 is truly the kind of horse anyone would love. Lightning is optional...
  Head Picture  Tack Picture  
 Mega looks, mega style...Jubilee's Mega Star  is without a doubt, one
 of the prettiest and best made TWH we have ever owned. He has a proud
 and natural way of going that has won him top ribbons in the pleasure
 horse ranks, but also excels on the trail as a wonderful mount. He's full
 bodied with model horse conformation and his gaits are picture perfect.
 At 9y/o and 15.1h, Jubilee is a great size and he is gentle and easy to ride
 for most anyone. He canters on both leads in that wonderful rolling style
 known almost exclusively to the TWH, the "rocking chair". His manners
 are excellent on the ground and in the saddle making him mega fun in
 every way. Give yourself a dose of Mega pleasure.... 
  Head Picture   
tennessee walking horse picture   pictures tennessee walking horses He's pure gold...24Kt Hytone is as close to the real thing as you can
 find at any fine jewelry store. A beautiful 15h TWH gelding that has
 everything you look for in a great horse; wonderful smooth gait, calm
 and willing disposition, looks that will turn heads, and manners that
 are second to none. He's 2 1/2yrs, clips, bathes, loads, stands to mount
 dismount from either side, doesn't seem to care what pops up on the
 trail, and is as sweet as you could ever want. This is one of those few
 horses that are just born to please and it shows. He goes high headed
 and proud with a light, responsive mouth that makes riding him pure
 gold. Why buy silver when you can have 24Kt...
   Head Picture  
 Give a Lil' Bit...Lil' Bit of Perfection  gives you a whole lotta' everything.
 He is a 15.1h, 7 y/o SSH gelding that can deliver the whole nine yards. Great
 horses don't come any more gentle and loving than this boy and he'll be the
 exact same every time you ask him to go. He parks out for mounting and  dis-
 mounting (if you need it), neck reins, listens for every direction and delivers,
 and of course all the routine stuff is a piece of cake. Bud's one of the calmest
 and most solid horses you find yet he'll give you 110% on the trail while still
 remaining so easy to ride that you might forget you're on a horse. His gait is
 smooth, almost like gliding, and his mouth is extremely light/responsive.
 Right here is where you can get a whole lotta' perfection...
  Head  Picture Tack Picture 
tennessee walking horse picture   pictures tennessee walking horses  This one is fully loaded.... Ruger is definitely a hotshot. You will
 have a hard time finding a TWH that goes any prettier under saddle
 than him. This 4y/o gelding is by WGC Gen's Armed and Dangerous
 and it shows in his gait and conformation. His mouth is as light and
 responsive as they get and he is more fun to ride than should be legal.
 At 14.3h he's a great size for just about anybody and you'll never need
 to worry about getting where you're going, and you'll arrive in style.
 Whether you're on the trail or decide to show, you'll get noticed as he
 has a way of going that turns heads. He's easy for anyone to ride and
 has a gait that's smooth and comfortable. 
  Head Picture  
 Tequila Sunset... Sun Set Rider  would put the finishing touch on any
 day and a great big smile on your face to go with it. He's very kind and so
 sweet that you sometimes forget he's a horse. At 3y/o and 15.3h, he's a TWH
 gelding that's just right for fun. All the routine stuff is so easy that you'll
 enjoy every minute. His gait is extremely smooth, easy to ride, and he's very
 settled on the trails, the road, or anywhere else you might ride. With the
 kind of ground manners and saddle manners we all look for, he has made
 a wonderful horse. Smarty is about as gentle and easy to ride as any horse
 we've ever had and he is extremely intelligent. He's truly one of the nicest
 young horses to be found. Don't let the Sun Set on this bright star...
  Hit on 16, Hold on 17..... Queen's Black Jack is a winner
  either way. A beautiful gunmetal grey with a silver mane and tail,
  this 15.1 hand gelding has all the right cards. He's gentle, calm,
  neck reins, backs, and learning to canter. On the trail he is smooth
  and sensible, doesn't spook, crosses water/ditches/logs/etc. and is
  as much fun to ride as any TWH I've been on. His quality gait
  proves that bloodlines do make all the difference and one look at
  his videos will verify that. The kind of horse that anyone can ride.
  Deal yourself a perfect Black Jack. Foaled  03/99
   Head Picture     
 Call for the Lone Ranger... Slick's Tonto is looking to hook up. This
 is one of the most gentle SSH geldings that you'll ever come across. He's
 a 15.1h 6 y/o with a smooth easy gait that perfectly matches his winning
 disposition. He stands still whenever asked, goes whenever and wherever
 he's asked and is willing to please you in any way he can. Just say whoa,
 get off and drop one rein, and he'll be right there when you get back. He
 is truly a pleasure to ride and work with no matter what you're doing. A
 natural in the woods, he will cross water/ditches/logs, climb or slide, and
 at the end of the day you'll feel great because it's all so easy. Tonto does
 all the normal routine stuff with no fuss. Him Tonto, you lucky...
  Head Picture 
 He's hooked up perfectly...Gen- n -Wired  has the right connections
 for a perfect ride every time. He's a 5 y/o TWH gelding that rides so easy
 you may just think he is hooked to electricity. This 15.2 hand boy makes
 riding such a pleasure as he almost seems to float along with a gait so
 smooth and manners that are second to none. Sweet and affectionate to
 work with in the stall, crossties, or on his back, he is absolutely one of
 the nicest horses I've ever been around. GW is also a super trail horse
 taking anything you ask of him and doing it with ease, from crossing
 water/ditches/logs to ponying another horse that is having trouble. He
 can go all day like he's got battery back-up...  
 Head Picture
 Wait 'til the midnight hour...Rebel's Midnight Invasion is just the perfect
 reason to stay up late. He's a 4y/o SSH gelding who's learned all his lessons
 well and is one of the nicest horses to be found. Nothing ever seems to be a
 problem for him and he doesn't mind riding out alone with you or go out in
 a group. He's nearly perfect on the trail and it seems to be one of his favorite
 things to do. Rebel stands a full 16.1 hands and has really turned into a big
 stout horse. He never moves a muscle until asked and his gait is truly one of
 the most comfortable I've ridden at any speed. His mouth is very light and so
 riding him is very easy. Rebel is happy to walk slowly on a loose rein all day
 but will gladly gait at any speed he's asked. If you like your horses big/sturdy
 and rock solid, this is the total package. Set your alarms for Midnight....
  Head Picture   Alt. Picture          

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