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 Frequently Asked Questions
about Tennessee Walking Horses & Champagne colored Tennessee Walkers


Here are some frequently asked questions I receive about the Tennessee Walking Horse and the Champagne color horse. Let me say that I love horses of all breeds and description, but my first love is the Tennessee Walking Horse. WOW! They are really something special. If you have any other questions about Tennessee Walking Horses, Champagne colored horses, breeding for Champagne color, or anything else you might want to know  E-Mail to . You can also call, write to, or visit me at the address and/or phone number below. I look forward to hearing from you.

To view pictures of Champagne color Tennessee Walking horses, pictures and details about "Champagne Lookout" (our classic champagne breeding stallion) and some of his offspring, or pictures and videos of Champagne colored Tennessee Walkers for sale, as well as a few other high quality horses for sale, please be sure to use the Link Buttons above.  I appreciate your taking time to look through my site and hope to hear from you as I always enjoy meeting and learning more about other horse lovers. Thank you       


Table of Contents

  1. What can I expect from a Tennessee Walking Horse?
  2. What is the Tennessee Walking Horse's disposition like?
  3. What are the gaits of the Tennessee Walking Horse?
  4. Can the Tennessee Walking Horse run?
  5. What colors and sizes can a Tennessee Walking Horse be?
  6. What exactly is the Champagne color?
  7. How can I tell for sure it's really Champagne?

What can I expect from a Tennessee Walking Horse?

You can have anything you want with a TWH. From one of the best pleasure horses you can imagine, to a show ring performer at the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration, the TWH is right at home. With their smooth natural gait and calm disposition, they make the most versatile breed you can own. Trail horse, pleasure horse, or show horse~ A naturally gaited Tennessee Walker; there is no other breed of horse like them.

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What is the Tennessee Walking Horse's disposition like?

Almost all TWH's are sweet, loving, and calm. Seldom do you come across a nervous, unruly TWH. Besides being a great trail horse, pleasure horse, or show horse, a Tennessee Walker will make one of the best friends and companions you'll ever have.

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What are the gaits of the Tennessee Walking Horse?

The TWH has three distinct gaits. The flatfoot walk, the running walk, and the canter or lope. The flat walk and running walk are four beat gaits. That means no bouncing up and down in the saddle as in the trot; smooth as silk. The canter is a slow controlled gallop or lope. Put yourself on a Tennessee Walker "for the ride of your life".

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Can the Tennessee Walking Horse run?

YES!!! The TWH is as athletic as any breed of horse alive. Many TWH are used for sport professionally. Some of the top Barrel Racing and Cutting horses in competition today are TWH. Riding a Tennessee Walker isn't just a smooth ride, it's also great fun to share in whether on the trail or in the show ring.

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What colors and sizes can a Tennessee Walking Horse be?

You will see all colors and sizes of TWH. From 13 hands tall to 17+ hands tall, they can all exhibit the same natural gait and calm disposition. A hand in terms of measuring a horse equals  4 inches. So a horse that measures 15hands  tall would be 60 inches in height. Measurement is made at the horse's withers (base of the neck). Colors run the full spectrum from black to white as well as spotted. Some of the most popular are yellow/gold and champagne/buckskin, but you will also find bay, sorrel, chestnut, dun, grey, red roan, black roan, and the list goes on and on.

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What exactly is the Champagne color?

There are four base colors in the Champagne shades; Ivory, Gold, Amber, and Classic. Ivory looks almost white but isn't. Gold is very similar to Palomino, but deeper and richer. Amber looks the most like Buckskin. Classic is a beautiful Taupe/Brown color (the color of a Weimaraner dog) like nothing else you have ever seen. Amber and Classic horses always have Chocolate colored manes and tails as well as Chocolate colored legs of varying shades.
While some people will lay claim to be expert, (that would be Nancy), all of our first hand experience in breeding for the color has taught us that it is very different than any other to reproduce. Even the University of Kentucky states, and I believe they could qualify as expert,  that almost nothing definitive is known about the gene and they are only beginning to study it in depth.

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How can I tell for sure it's really Champagne?

At birth, ALL Champagne horses have blue eyes. These begin to change between 2 and 6 months of age and finally settle on a light amber color. Their skin is pink when born, but slowly begins to freckle in varying degrees on the muzzle, around the eyes, in between and under back legs, and anywhere that the hair is fine and skin is visible. The hair is extremely smooth texture and has a sheen almost like the clearcoat on a new automobile. Once you see one, there is no mistaking it for anything else.

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