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Experienced Trail Horses For Sale
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All of the horses offered for sale are owned by and reside at Evening Shade Farm, Shelbyville Tennessee. I do not offer for sale consignment, horse sale or trade horses. If I don't believe enough in a horse to invest in him/her with my money, why should I expect you to believe enough in that same horse to consider investing in him/her with your money to have as your next companion and trail/pleasure partner? And I would not consider placing any horse until I've lived with them long enough to know who they really are and how they respond to all the many different aspects of their life. That's not something anyone can know in just a few days or weeks, even though some sellers will take your money for a horse before they've had them long enough to need the farrier - sometimes before they've even seen them in person. These are not horses that I just got in last week or month, from some horse sale, or long distance by the trailer load  from some "horse traders/ brokers" who told me how "trail worthy" they are supposed to be. Ask any potential seller where and from whom their horses come as well as how long they've owned and ridden them personally because you have a need, and a right, to know.  I know all of my horses well. These are horses that I (David) personally checked out and tested before choosing and purchasing them. On average, I look at 12-15 horses to find the "one" that I will ultimately choose to bring home, spending most of my "spare time" traveling all over meeting new people and horses in search of those really special horse partners. With the rare exception, all of my horses are registered "Tennessee Walking" or "Spotted Saddle" as I have found that year after year after year they are the best all around trail/pleasure breeds to be found, bar none. Most of my horses for sale are born and raised here, purchased as yearlings and raised here, and have lived with me sometimes two years and more. Their mouth/teeth are done professionally, they are up to date on vaccinations and wormed every other month, eat Purina Impact 12 feed and top quality hay twice daily, are shod and ridden by me, and are a part of my daily life and my family. As the pictures and videos will show, my gaited trail horses are never ridden in "long shank bits", "gag type bits", "twisted wire bits", or any other harsh style of "Walking Horse" bit and/or using lots of hold with tight reins/curb. All of my gaited trail horses are taught to work first in a plain "snaffle bit" with no curb strap/chain for a very light touch. Only when they fully know and understand what is expected are they finished off with a very mild "Argentine" style snaffle for that last little bit of primping. My horses have normal feet with NO long toes or low heels, NO weighted or oversized shoes and are shod to their natural conformation the same as any normal trail horse of any breed should be. Because every horse is a unique individual, my descriptions, videos, and personal insights are original and specific to that horse and not cookie cutter style with just the name changed or some slight variation inserted here or there. Every horse is described as honestly and accurately as possible. I can relate how a particular horse behaves in my experiences because I know them all very well. I am the one that does the feeding, cleans their stalls, and groom/shoe/ride them each personally. These all important hours with them are not entrusted to anyone else. I will never tell you that any horse I offer is "BOMBPROOF" or resort to "trader gimmicks/ tricks" but can tell you that my horses are ridden and tested regularly by me, not some hired "cowboy/girl", in actual real world trail riding situations and they have proven themselves to be as solid and steady as any living/breathing horses could be. Because I start out with innately calm/laid back NON-SPOOKY horses, they don't have to be "trained" not to spook or scare, so I spend my time riding and having fun teaching new trail skills. I will not embellish with bogus terms or exaggerated claims just to get someone to unwittingly place their safety and trust in a particular horse. You are welcome to come here and test ride any horse you like, pictures and videos are available for viewing, pre-purchase exams before a horse leaves our farm by any vet of your choice (at buyers expense) are welcome, and references from previous buyers will gladly be furnished. Just like you, I want the fit/relationship between horse and human to be a total success so I'll have numerous questions for you just as you will for me. Each of my gaited trail horses has their dental records, shoeing records, AVID microchip registration, a current Coggins test, and are furnished with a brand new health certificate for traveling. Horses are livestock and there are inherent risks involved with any horse you purchase. If you are not prepared to accept those risks, please do not consider a horse from me. No warranties or guarantees are expressed or implied. Thank you for visiting my site.

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As the videos will show, my horses are without any doubt trail ridden in the real world of hills, water, logs
dogs, etc. I feel that it's very important to actually ride and use these horses on real trails and I show you
with videos which are taken by me (David ) out on real trail rides. I don't stand on or crawl under
my horses (I could), but I do extensively expose them to real trail challenges which is what truly matters.
I almost always take the trail videos from horseback while either sitting on and/or riding down the trail. The
views will sometimes be a little shaky even though I am most often riding hands-free guiding with my legs so
that I can use both hands to "stabilize" the camera. Maybe someday I'll get some high tech hat-camera...Ha

Every one of my horses is grain fed twice daily for as long as they live here to promote optimum health/fitness &
 so they will feel/look their very best. They will look just like their pictures if you come here to see/meet them in
person and most likely will be even FATTER. In 40 plus years spent around hundreds of horses, I've never met
 an under fed/under nourished horse that wasn't "kid/ beginner/ husband broke" because they just don't feel good.
Years ago I asked a knowledgeable horseman "What's your favorite kind of horse?" The immediate answer... FAT!
I've never forgotten that conversation and I couldn't agree with any statement any more whole-heartedly.
Once you've ever had the opportunity to ride and own a great young horse that's got a clean slate, no bad habits,
and no old "baggage" from previous owners/riders, you'll never want the "typical older" horse again
. The really
great older horses you see aren't great because of age but rather because they were really great younger horses...
I have learned from folks with whom I have come into contact and having them relate their "cheap/inexpensive"
horse stories to me, that the cost of a really great horse is usually less than their health insurance deductible was.
And they don't lose riding time healing an injury or trying to get over the fear/trauma the horse "cheap" horse caused.
At the end of the day, I believe that all any of us really want is a reliable horse that is easy/simple to ride because
trail riding is supposed to be fun/relaxing and not another job.  We already have one of those so we can pay for this.

Each one of my horses carries an AVID Microchip for their protection and safety. These are implanted by my
personal vet (invisible/painless/permanent/tamper-resistant), can be registered nationally and traceable, forever.
This provides a foolproof way to protect your next horse and undeniably proves the exact identity of each horse...
Each one of my horses available for sale is officially registered with papers from the Tennessee Walking Horse
 Breeders and Exhibitors Association and/or the Spotted Saddle Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association.
I have those official registration papers and signed transfers in hand for each and every horse I offer.

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Tennessee Walking Gaited Trail Pleasure Horses for sale Gentle smooth naturally gaited Spotted Saddle Horse
     "Collector's Kentucky Wildman"
  Horsemanship is truly an interpersonal relationship between horse and human
 and by my reckoning, the most important part of horse ownership. It will be at it's
 very best, the sum total of what you are willing to invest in time and effort which
 will in large part, determine what your horse/partner is willing to give back. It's a
 mutual participation activity so if you want to just saddle up and expect the horse
 to do it all, including baby sit while you just hang on, do both of you a gigantic
 favor by getting a big shiny ATV to ride. You'll both go to sleep much happier &
 much less frustrated, and yes, they get just as frustrated with us as we do them.
   Assuming you start with the right kind of horse, there are really only two main
 things you must do to have/keep the horse of your dreams. First, have a very clear
 picture in your mind of exactly who/what that horse is. Second, EVERY THING
 you do with that horse should be working to that end. Your horse MUST always
 believe any/every thing he/she does is in fact 100% YOUR idea--even if it wasn't!
   These two simple concepts will help you develop a loving/lasting/winning/and
 respecting relationship for ALL. It just does not get any better than that, period.
 I have horses not yet posted due to scheduling
 pictures and videos.  Call for info. Thanks...
 Two Beautiful Black/White 3y/o,  Half Brothers and Awesome...
 Two coming 3y/o Black and White puppy dog gentle boys....
 Awesome 3y/o Black and White with perfect Gait and Disposition...
 Will be posting pictures, videos, descriptions ASAP



 To the Bat Cave Alfred...
Call Me Bruce Wayne may not change into Batman but I just
 bet you're still gonna want to be his Robin.  This boy is even more awesome than the
 Caped Crusader and one hell of a lot more entertaining.  Butterbean is a 15.1-15.2h,
 3y/o who has a long wonderfully fun riding career in front of him for some really lucky
 horseperson to share in and enjoy.  His gait is super nice and while he has plenty of the
 juice for most anyone's needs, he is a quiet calm boy that will walk along slowly for the
 asking, all the while looking like a million $$$ doing it.  For those who have followed
 my site for years, and enjoyed horse partners who came from here, you know just how
 very few Buckskin horses I have ever offered.  Not for lack of looking at many through
 the years, but because while the color is out there, the disposition, good conformation,
 temperament, and gait are most always lacking.  Well Gotham City lost a really great
 one when this Bruce Wayne left.  He's a steady solid ride who doesn't seem to look for
 trouble so he doesn't find any, which makes the trail riding so much fun.  Butterbean is
 an affectionate partner and always seems agreeable for doing whatever it is that you
 may have on the agenda for the day.  Bathing, clipping, loading/unloading, and all the
 other routine stuff we do with our horses is just a breeze and your horse shoer will love
 his visits to your barn.  I could go on and on blowing this boy's horn, but he really says
 it all when the saddle goes on and the butt hits the seat.  I doubt very seriously that he
 will last for long, so better get busy cause the Bat Signal is in the sky... $8900
Alt. Picture1 2   More pictures and videos asap...


  Vvrroomm Vvrroomm... Zoom Zoom and Silver  is another great horse raised up from
 a yearling and trained right here at Evening Shade Farm.  Smokey is an incredible ride
 from start to finish and he just gets better and better with time.  He's a big & stout 4y/o
 who will likely mature out to 15.3h plus a little as he stands a very full 15.2h today.  His
 build and conformation are beautiful and when you add in that gorgeous grey color
 you get a combination that's hard to match.  His gait is really smooth and easy to ride
 and while he is happy to cover some ground for you, he is equally happy to walk slowly
 on a loose rein.  Smokey is calm and steady under saddle and we have encountered so
 much different wildlife I won't waste the space elaborating.  Through the years I have
 discovered that there are several specific bloodlines that just consistently produce the
 really great horses we all want to own and ride so I go back to that same well over and
 over to get a drink so to speak.  This is one of those bloodlines and like Blue and Bold,
 Hershey, and numerous others before, they have never disappointed me and make the
 kind of horses that just improve with age.  Of course, he does the daily stuff with the
 ease we expect and he's a great stall horse or pasture mate.  And you won't have to go
 chasing him down in the pasture as he loves his person and is one of those horses who
 looks at you with adoration and bonds in a way that only a rare few do.  I put lots of
 pictutres on for every horse so that folks can get an idea of who that horse is but just
 take a look into Smokey's eyes on his head pictures to see what I mean.  This boy is
 "all that and a bag of chips" plus some.  Zoom in and get a great one.... $9500
 Reg. TWHBEA  Alt. Picture1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8   Head Picture1 2 3 4 5
 Smokey made so many great pictures I just used them all....

  Sweeter than a Chocolate Kiss... They Call Me Prime Time  aka Hershey, because he
 loves to give kisses, was raised up from a yearling and trained right here at Evening
 Shade Farm.  And he's sure enough a good one.  His color, a very rare Bay Roan, is the
 same genetically as the Blue Roan and Red Roan which are highly sought after but it's
 much more rare and difficult to produce(I've only seen a handfull in all my years).  His
 disposition is that of a best friend and he absolutely thrives on his person and loves all
 the attention he can get.  Under saddle he is simple and easy to operate whether you
 have and ride trails at home or trailer out to ride in the woods.  Hershey is a big 4y/o
 standing an accurate 15.2h and will fill out into a big ole boy when he's all finished
 growing.  His gait is really nice to ride but he's just as happy to walk leisurely down
 the trails all day long taking in the sights and views and wildlife as you travel.  He's
 a great pasture mate and also a very neat housekeeper when he's up in a stall and he
 doesn't get all whacked out when he stays up for a few days.  Hershey has travelled to
 and from South Carolina for riding trips and trailers the best right along with Smokey.
 Bathing, clipping, shoeing and all the routine stuff are all done easily and without a
 hassle so doing most anything with Hershey is fun.  Of course, he stands to mount and
 waits to be flexed both ways before walking off on a loose rein, and if you forget to
 flex he'll just do it anyway because that's his training.  Really great horses are getting
 really tough to find (that's why I raise and start most of my own) , but when you add
 in great conformation and beautiful color it's almost like searching for the proverbial
 needle in a haystack.  Right here is where you can get it all in one awesome package
 so don't wait to long.  A bag of Hershey Kisses never lasts for long... $9500
 Reg. TWHBEA  Alt. Picture1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8   Head Picture1 2 3 4 
 Hershey made so many great pictures I just used them all....

 Coming 4y/o, 14.3h smooth riding buddy... full info, pics, and videos asap...

 Coming 4y/o, 14.3h loving trail partner... full info, pics, and videos asap...


And the Eyes have it... "
Mickey Blue Eyes " is anything but a "wiseguy" even
 though he is one tough cookie.  He's a 9y/o smooth riding trail guy with a heart as big
 as Texas and a disposition sweeter than Halloween candy.  At a very sharp made 15.1h,
 he is plenty of horse for most sized riders and he doesn't mind working all day long and
 into the night, if need be.  But don't think that means he is not equally happy to walk
 down slowly on a loose rein with all the folks that just want to ease along the trail, even
 those quarter horse people who still haven't learned that trotting is a drag.  Mickey has
 ridden some of Tennessee's toughest trails and never batted one of those beautiful Blue
 eyes at the hard work and tackled it all with confidence and precision. His gait is a true
 4 beat saddle horse gait that rides like glass and he carries himself so proudly that most
 anyone who sees him pass will comment on his stylish way of going.  I love riding him
 for many reasons that include his technical prowess on the trail, wonderful manners on
 the ground and under saddle, his high headed way of holding himself, and yet he is so
 easy in the mouth he'll ride as well in an "offset D snaffle" with no curb as he does in
 the usual "Argentine snaffle" in which I ride all of my guys.  This boy is one of those
 that really is the "total package" from looks to gait to disposition to ability and back
 again.  He is a breeze to handle doing anything you might have on the schedule for the
 day and your farrier will absolutely love him, and you.  Mickey is going to put a giant
 smile on the face of whoever chooses him as their next trail/pleasure/life partner and
 he truly is one of the "Goodfellas"... SOLD Alt. Picture1 2 3 4 5 6 7  Head Picture1 2 3
  Trail Picture1   Trail Video1
  I would have gotten more trail videos and pictures but was just having too much fun
  and forgot... go figure.  Great horses and great company make even a blistering hot
  day of trail riding the best... Trail Picture1   Trail Video1
 Mickey's family had a change in their schedules/life so I was offered the opportunity to
 bring him back to Evening Shade Farm.  And I pounced at the chance.  He's back.....
 here so don't miss out on making him your next trail partner... 


 He'll be your designated driver in style...
"Jacked Up On Gin"
 will have you all
 jacked up on riding every moment you get the chance.  He's a 6y/o solid 15.1 hand
 boy that has serious skills whether you're trail riding, road riding, doing a country
 show or whatever else you choose.  Jack was the undefeated yearling World Champion
 under halter so it goes without saying that he's drop dead gorgeous but that's not
 even the good stuff.  Under saddle, he's one of the nicest you'll ever ride with a gait
 most would kill for and he looks incredible doing it.  And to make mounting a little
 easier, he will park out so it's just a short step up.  Jack will gladly walk on a loose rein,
 neck reins the best, and has one of the most relaxed short lopes that I've ever had the
 pleasure to ride.  However, his gait is so smooth and easy I don't really see the reason
 to worry about loping.  Out on the trail Jack knows exactly what to do and how to do
 it like a pro so riding him is a simple cool breeze.  I can't say how blessed I feel to
 have the opportunity to offer horse partners like Jack and literally every one of the
 boys I have this day and every day.  My daily goal is to always feel that I have the best
 horses that I've ever had and I can say that Jack just adds one more to what is already
 an impressive group of trail and pleasure partners.  This boy is full of personality so
 if you are looking for a partner to really enjoy from the pasture to the stall to the trail
 and more then Jack is definitely your huckleberry.  Who says that you have to go out
 partying to have a super large time.  Get all Jacked Up right here....  SOLD
 Reg. SSHBEA and NSSHA  Alt. Picture1 2 3 4 5 6   Head Picture1 2 3  

 Jack's family had a change in their schedules/life so I was offered the opportunity to
 bring him back to Evening Shade Farm.  And I pounced at the chance.  He's back....
 here so don't miss out on making him your next trail partner...


 He's may be a thief, but you'll gladly give him your time..."The Lone Bandit" will never
 be riding by himself because he's just too much fun and you're gonna want be saddled
 up and on his back every chance you get.  He's a 4y/o, 15.2h big bunch of trail riding
 pleasure that just gets better and better.  His mind is so steady and solid which makes
 taking on new challenges and obstacles almost a no brainer.  With a smooth easy gait,
 riding all day is comfortable and easy, and you don't need special skills or shoeing for
 him to set up and gait on down the trail.  Cars, trucks, dogs, etc have never seemed to be
 any issue to him, and when I approach something new or different, I just talk to him as
 I ease up and investigate.  With his quiet mind, he just takes it all in and moves politely
 along.  Once he learns something new, much like the Prego Spaghetti sauce, it's just "in
 there" so the future is always simple.  Bandit, and since I have another Bandit it can get
 confusing when talking about them, comes from a long line of very talented horses who
 have been in shows and on the trails.  So it's just in his DNA to be an outstanding horse
 partner who has years and years of fun to share with some lucky person.  This boy makes
 the going look easy, taking on water ditchs, logs, muddy places, hills and "hollers" as
 though he were much older.  That's the real beauty and joy of the great younger horse.
 Given proper guidance and with a vision in mind, they are always the ones that make
 the great older horses.  Here is an opportunity to partner with an incredible horse who
 seems to want to learn and please with his every action.  Don't dilly dally and miss out
 right here and right now.  With The Lone Bandit under you, No Posse needed... SOLD
 Reg. TWHBEA  Alt. Picture1 2 3 4 5 6 7  Head Picture1 2 3 4  Video1 2 3 4 5 6

tennessee walker gaited horse
gaited trail horses
trail pleasure horses 

 Better than Gold Bullion....
"Gold Eagle" is put together, colored up, and marked about
 as beautifully as the best artist could paint him.  He's a 6y/o, 15.1h awesome riding guy
 with a gait to die for and looking like a million bucks doing it.  Sitting up in the bridle
 and carrying himself like he's showing just comes natuarlly to him and when he walks
 his carriage is still beautiful.  But don't let all that "bling bling" make you think he's
 not a workhorse when it comes to trail riding, because Eagle has got skills.  He "cut his
 teeth" riding some of Tennessee's toughest trails and he does it the best all while he is
 looking the best, too.  Uphill, downhill, over and through whatever comes up is just a
 day at the office for him, but if you want to go show out you can take him to your local
 Saturday night show and kick some booty.  Then on Sunday load him up and go ride
 the trails with your friends.  Eagle is a very good housekeeper when he's up in a stall
 but he loves some time out to kick up his heels and burn some enegy.  He's not what I
 would call a "big motored" horse but he;'s got all you need for whatever is in front of
 you and yet still walk on a loosel rein with no pushing at the bit.  This is one of those
 trail partners that causes jaws to drop when you unload because it's unlikely that there
 will be a prettier horse around.  He loves a bath, is super easy to shoe so your farrier
 will love you, loads/unloads the best, and stands for mounting/dismounting.  For my
 own personal taste, the high headed horse with beautiful presence is just my style so
 any time I ride this one I am grinning and loving it.  He's solid and steady, confident
 and cool headed, and sure-footed to boot with plenty of experience to top it all off.  I
 believe that most anyone could ride him but he might intimidate the novice beginner
 because of the presence and feel that make him seem like "bigger".  Who says you
 need wings to soar with an Eagle... SOLD
Alt. Picture1 2 3 4 5  Head Picture1 2 3 4     

tennessee walking horses
tennessee walker horses
spotted saddle horses

 More amazing than a shooting star...
"StarDust Commander"  is as pretty as a picture of
 the galaxies in all their glorious array.  And like finding life on Mars, locating a truly
 great 12y/o horse is nearly unheard of and combine that with one of the most beautiful
 shades of Palomino coloring, including the White mane and tail, and you've just found
 life on Mars, a Sasquatch, the Easter Bunny, and a whole lot more all in one package.
 He's a stoutly built 15.1h so he can carry most riders with ease all day, plus his gait is
 smooth and easy to ride at any speed.  This may be one of the best natured/mannered
 horses I have ever been around so operating him is simple and easy.  Dusty is content
 to walk slowly on a loose rein for as long as asked but he will do whatever work is in
 front of him, or that he's asked to do, all with a simple nudge.  He stands politely for
 mounting and won't move a muscle until asked and walks away like a true gentleman.
 He has been trail rddien his entire life so it just comes naturally to him.  And with his
 bloodlines, which are very similar to my own Bomber, he's got the DNA to be smart,
 confident, sure-footed and steady.  Great training and continued good habits from a
 rider are all important, but nothing trumps DNA when it comes to great horse partners.
 From the pasture or stall to the trailer and to the trail, you'll likely not find a better
 mannered and more willing partner than Dusty.  In a stall he's one of the best house
 keepers I have ever owned, and when you do all your own farm and barn work by
 yourself, liitle things like that mean a lot.  If he's out in the pasture all you have to do
 is walk out there with a halter and he's yours.  Out on the trail absolutely nothing has
 ever bothered him or distracted him from delivering a simple, fun, and easy ride.  But
 don't think for a minute that he won't tackle anything that's in front of him with the
 calm, steady, confident manner that makes trail riding him a blast.  Sweet, beautiful,
 well mannered, easy to operate, and ride every day or once a month.  Just like Prego
 Spagetti Sauce, it's all in there. Quit wishing in a star and make some unforgettable
 amazing memories by sprinkling you some StarDust... SOLD
 Reg. TWHBEA   Alt. Picture1 2 3 4 5 6 7   Head Picture1 2 3 4 5 6  
 05/08/18... Took a couple of fresh pictures this morning because Dusty's golden color
                       is so much richer and deeper than it was last fall... New Picture1 2 3 4 5
 02/27/18... Today was one of the first really sunny and dry days we've had since last
 December, which was the last time Dusty went riding.  I reset him back in January being
 very hopeful for some riding days but none happened.  So on this day I decided to make
 a ride take place and boy did I ever enjoy it.  Nothing beats a great minded steady horse
 who is just as good after two months not riding as he is if ridden regularly.  He is truly a
 "good un" in the parlance of old school horsemen.  His gait is the best ever and he does
 it with no special effort.  I almost never find a great aged horse but this here is surely one
 and I'm so pleased to offer him to his final loving forever home.  Big sniles for everyone.


 Blue and Bold and Big and Beautiful...
"I'm Blue and Bold" is just one big, gentle
 giant and has a disposition so sweet and loving that it's hard not to love on him
 all the time. Big Blue is a coming 4y/o who has been here since a yearling so he's
 had an awesome life so far and I certainly intend for the rest of his life to be just
 as good.  He stands a full 16.1h right now and although I don't really believe that
 he'll get much taller, it could happen.  He has grown two inches since March and
 filling out very nicely, too.  If you like taking leisurely rides enjoying the scenery
 and your friends along the way then this just might be the one for you.  He'll step
 up and gait anytime he's asked but is very content and happy to walk slow down the
 trail.  If riding fast and hard is your thing, don't consider him no matter how much
 you may like everything else about him as he's just not the guy for that job.  Nothing
 ever really seems to catch his attention, and if you do come up on a trail "alligator"
 that he's never experienced before, all he has ever done slow down or stop to take a
 closer look and then proceed on.  And the wonderful thing about him is that after he
 has seen/experienced it, he never cares about that one again.  While I do very little
 to zero cantering (I really don't see the point on a gaited horse) he seems like he could
 easily develop a very nice slow lope.  You would think with his long legs that even at
 a walk he'd cover a lot of ground but amazingly , he can move a slowly as a turtle if
 need be.  Big Blue has learned to take on steep terrain going up or down like an old
 pro and mud, ditches, water, and hopping logs comes as natural to him as eating.  I
 have ridden him everywhere in a group and he's eqally happy whether in the front,
 the middle, or the back and if you want to ride off alone for a bit he's no problem.  He
 is so gentle and calm in his movement that even with his large size, most anyone alive
 would feel safe on his back. Like all my guys, he stands stock still to mount/dismount
 from either side, enjoys a bath, stands quietly for shoeing, clips with no problem, and
 of course he loads/unloads with ease (he does prefer to back out of the trailer).  Being
 a true Blue Roan Tobiano makes him very unique, but the very best part of this boy is
 that he's just a big baby and gentle as a lamb.  Miss out and you'll be Blue... SOLD
Alt. Picture1 2 3 4   Head Picture1 2 3 4   Trail Picture1 2 3 4

registered tennessee walking walker gaited trail horses
Having the wonderful opportunity to breed, raise, and train many horses through

 the years, you begin to think about lots of different aspects of the horses' lives we
 share. I always am so amazed at how the siblings seem drawn to each other even
 when they are from different years and foal crops. I really do wonder if they feel
 some familial connection like you hear about among sisters and brothers who get
 separated at birth or early age. I absolutely love raising up and training my own
 horses and having the chance to make them special so then they eventually become
 someone's very own, with no bad habits or "baggage" carried forward from some
 less than ideal life/home. Then that new owner gets the pleasure and opportunity
 to make that horse "theirs" and ride one that is truly unique/custom just to them.
 It's just really hard to imagine how it could be any better than owning, riding, &
 growing with a great minded young horse that hasn't "been around the block".

tennessee walking walked trail gaited horses for sale

  I always have several horses available who are not yet posted because the
 time/schedule has not cooperated for taking pictures/videos.  Feel free to
 call for more info and I will be posting pictures/videos asap...

  Several more horses always in the works including a very Beautifully made
 and marked Black/White Tobiano gelding and a Dark Steel Grey gelding.
 Both will be available in early summer 2018....

 Every time we ride, our horses are either learning or unlearning something
  from us.  The decision is ours to make and we're conciously/subconciously
 making it every minute we get to spend with them.  Think about it.

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    All of my Tennessee Walking Horses for sale and Spotted Saddle Horses for sale are ridden alone and in groups, on country roads and trails, around cars, trucks, tractors, ATV's, eighteen wheel Tyson Chicken trucks, etc. and are exposed to as many different obstacles as possible. My trail rides consist of uphill and downhill, creeks and water, rocky and muddy, and sometimes roadside riding, so that the gaited horses for sale will be versatile and experienced on trails. My gaited trail horses are never ridden in "long shank bits", "gag type bits", "twisted wire bits", or any other harsh style of "Walking Horse" bit. Each of my gaited trail horses is taught to work first in a plain "snaffle bit" with no curb strap/chain for a very light touch. Only when they fully know and understand what is expected are they finished off with a very mild "Argentine" style bit for that last little bit of primping. My horses have normal feet with NO long toes or low heels, NO weighted or oversized shoes and are shod to their natural conformation the same as any normal trail horse of any breed should be. I represent any Tennessee Walking Horse for sale or Spotted Saddle Horse for sale as honestly and accurately as possible. Potential buyers have the option, and are welcome, to come and test ride any gaited trail horse and have a pre-purchase exam before horses leave Evening Shade Farm.
    I am not a professional horse trader or broker and do not sell horses for my living.  I work with the School System. Consequently, the selection of gaited trail horses for sale that you will find on my site will be limited to only the caliber horse that I would personally keep forever because my goal is to offer high quality gaited trail horses, not quantity. While many of the trail horses for sale are raised and started right here at Evening Shade Farm, I also search out quality gaited trail horses. These are not horse sale, trader, or consignment horses but carefully selected and purchased by me from individual owners, and the truly good ones are few and far between. I look at many different aspects of each gaited trail horse I consider, and ultimately the decision comes down to one all important question; "Would I purchase this gaited trail horse for my own personal companion?". If the answer is yes, that Tennessee Walking horse is the one you will see on my Horses for Sale page available for your consideration. Please feel free to contact me at any time with any questions you may have using the address, phone number, and/or e-mail link above. I really look forward to hearing from you.....

   tennessee walking horse for sale tennessee walker horses for sale gaited trail horse

Palomino Gaited Tennessee Walking trail Horse  Tennessee Walker Walkers gaited trail horses for sale
An absolutely awesome Tennessee countryside view...


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