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One of the many great aspects of life with horses is the joy that comes from placing them in forever homes and with families who love them as much as I do. Few things are more gratifying than to hear how well they have fit into their new lives and how much they are loved, enjoyed, and appreciated. Many of my customers have bought more than one horse from me because they found that I did my best, first for my horse and then for them, to only place them in homes where the qualities desired and needed were matched by the horse's innate abilities. The comments below were not solicited from these wonderful people but just occasional notes sent to me by them in appreciation for connecting them to horse partners that fit their needs and wants while also living up to their expectations in a wonderful pleasure/trail riding companion and extended family member.
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Budd is another one of the totally awesome brothers
 that I brought up to be someone's lifetime love...

 I loved Archie from the moment I first saw him
 and he proved that he was more than I had ever
 expected.  A beautiful horse with a beautiful mind.
 Rescued from a life of hell in a "training" barn....
 Hi David ,  I finally figured out how to download some pictures to my
 computer so I could send them to you!  Budd is doing great.  You wouldn't
 believe how wooly he is.  He seems to like the snow.. he runs and sticks his nose
 in it and has a big time.  He's fat and sassy!  He is SOO smart :)  We rode until
 the first part of December.  Our last ride it was snowing and 22 degrees.  I think
 he wouldn't have minded continuing, but that was my temperature limit!  I'm
 pretty sure I told you that he loads like a dream. 
 We always look at the website and enjoy the pictures of the horses.  Rick still
 wants to get a gaited horse one of these days.
 Well, I hope you enjoy the pictures.  I just don't have the words to tell you how
 special he is and what joy it brings me every time I look into those soft beautiful
 eyes.  Thank you - you can't imagine what Budd has done for me.
 All the best, Karen and Rick D in MI Ditto from me for what you've given Budd

   Hi David ,  Just wanted to give you a quick update.  We had a
 break in the weather- it was 38 degrees today, sunny and no wind.  We took the
 "boys" for a ride and they were both awesome!  Rick took Archie out with some
 friends yesterday - he did really well - even with a barking dog running up to
 him.  Today we had one dog (on a leash!) and he barked, but after a moment to
 check him out, the horses politely walked by.  We probably hadn't ridden for 4
 weeks due to weather.  They both went on the trailer, tacked up, stood to mount
 and rode like we had been out every day.  I just love how Budd touches me with
 his nose while we walk to the trailer after a ride!  It's like he's saying "Thanks
 mom, I like it out here!"  Every time we ride we sing your praises David - We
 have the most sane, reliable horses at the barn (and we won't even go into the
 most beautiful part!!!!)   Don't know if the weather will hold for us to do much
 more riding this winter but you can bet come spring, we'll be out every day!
 Thanks again for our wonderful boys!!  Rick and Karen D in MI (soon TN!!!)

 Bo was only 5y/o when he moved to Arizona and it
 again proves that mind, not age, makes the horse...

 Hi David , I just thought that you guys might be interested in knowing
 how life is going with Bo Dilly after living out west for over a year now.

 He has proven himself to have all the qualities I was looking for in a partner.
 Since he made the trip west he has led many trail rides with groups of 10-15
 trail riders, spent four days on a wagon train called the Fearful Crossing
 going over the "Old California Trail" in northern Nevada as an outrider, has
 camped for anywhere from 4 days to a full week on trail rides with upwards
 of 125 riders and campers, and he has been ridden over some of the most
 challenging trails that I know of in our state of Arizona--- he is awesome!!!
 It was a hard transition for me to make after losing such a good horse BUT
 Bo has proven himself to be as good or better than the gelding that I lost.
 Thanks so Much!
 Billie W. in AZ  aka Bronco Billie

 Thank you Billy for the wonderful home and open heart. Nothing, and I
 truly mean nothing, is more rewarding than to hear from the loving homes
 that my guys get chosen to join and to hear how perfectly they fit because
 that means they have a home for life. It just doesn't get any better than that.

  Dear David,  Bo and I have been together for over 4 years, a
 marriage made in heaven as they say.  He is human friendly, bold and brave,
 which were the criteria that my friend Elizabeth Conyers of Lexington KY was
 using when she came to your farm to find me a replacement for my TWH  I
 owned who had recently passed away.  I consider him to be a perfect partner for
 me and he has proven himself many times in tough terrain to be quite athletic
 and careful.  These photos are of our recent trip to Canyon de Chelly, AZ
 where we spent 3 days of "fantasy riding".  We were about to drop 1500' into
 the Canyon De Muerto on our way to Mummy cave in one of the photos. I'll
 send a few more and hope this finds you guys well...  Bronco Billie in Az

 Pictures like these are made to be shared. Please enjoy, DT ...   Canyon1 2 3 4

 Magic and Cat Daddy had lived their entire lives
 together when I brought them home to Evening
 Shade Farm.  Nothing imaginable could've made
 me happier than when Diane decided that she just
 couldn't split them up and took them both back to
 her beautiful ranch in Texas.  I believe these boys
 do know just how exceptionally blessed they are!!!!
 Dear David ,  I just wanted to write and tell you how much we love  
 Magic and Cat Daddy!  We are trail riding with them about twice a week and
 they will go anywhere and do anything.  They are such fun to ride and be with.
 Cat Daddy is getting used to us and comes running to the fence when we go out
 to the pasture.  Magic is our puppy dog.  Our other TWH, Blue, loves them both
 and is behaving very well and taking a lot of direction from Cat Daddy.  I will
 send some pictures soon.  I can't tell you how much we love them both and how
 happy we are that we brought them both home.  Pray for some rain here in TX.
 I had to order hay in from CO for winter, none to found around here.   Please
 give MiniMo a hug for me!  All the best to you.  Diane C in TX

   David ,  I hope this finds you well and enjoying fall weather.
 Magic and Cat Daddy are doing fantastic- Diane and the rest of us are enjoying
 them so much.  Actually, that's an understatement - we're all completely in love
 with them.  I've attached a photo - on the left is Diane's other horse, Blue. They
 all pasture together and they're so beautiful. It's like watching art walk around
 Thanks again and all the best.  Jeri V in TX

   Kathy sent this candid shot of DJ at home in NY

 Dj was one of the best minded boys I ever brought
 up and he has proven that he was always destined
 to be some lucky someone's "horse partner of a life
 time". He surely landed in that spot when Kathy M
 chose him to be hers.  Thank you so much because
 he is some kind of special... DT
 Hey David ,   I just wanted to let you know that I have been enjoying
 every minute with DJ. He has settled in very nicely and is quite happy here. We
 go out on the trails regularly and he has been very accepting of the other horses
 and new things.  We've also been working with children who have autism and
 he has been awesome with the kids.
 He does like to chase my dogs around though!!  They are used to always being
 with me in the barn and paddock.  Now they are on alert when he's around as
 DJ would run after them. The dogs know how to go under the fence to get away
 and we are working on not chasing the dogs. If I notice him watching the dogs
 and say DJ "NO", he won't do it.
 I will send you some photos soon. I'd say he's gotten taller and bigger. He is a
 chow hound!! Thanks,  Kathy M in NY   That boys does LOVE his food... DT
 Hi David ,  I wanted to send you a recent photo of DJ.  It's so hard for
 me to take one of him because he is always right next to me and when I step
 back... he walks forward, basically he does exactly what he is supposed to do!!
 I can't tell you enough how happy I am with him.  I wouldn't think twice about
 buying another horse from you or recommending you to anybody.  Kathy M
 Thank you Kathy for your vote of confidence in us and my horses.  I try very
 hard to do my best for both horse and human, especially for my horses I love.
 I am not ashamed to say that I selfishly do it for the horses first and foremost.

    Dear David ,  I just wanted to take a moment and wish you
 a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Even though we have never met
 in person, I think of you often and am very glad that I found your website.  I've
 had DJ (Deputy Jack) for about 4 1/2 years now and couldn't be more pleased
 with him.  You have given him a great foundation and he brings me joy and
 happiness every day!!!!  Best Regards,  Kathy M in NY

 Good morning David ,  I know Betty has been corresponding with you
 but I wanted you to have a personal update on Redcloud.  He had his 6th B-day
 in August '10 and is on his way to maturity.  He's come a long way in 2 years &
 we are joined at the hip. He follows my car down the drive when I call & always
 comes to me in the pasture.  I would like to think it's because he is so happy to
 see me but, he is still a "treat-hound" and always will be!  He is in the pasture
 with 3 other horses and 5 acres to run.  The farm is 20 acres total so Kathleen
 rotates them around.  He runs up and down the fenceline showing off.  A truly
 beautiful sight to see.  He and his buddies are out all the time with blankets on
 when it dips below 40.  They have sheds for cover or the shelter of indoor stalls
 during hurricane season.  I'm not going to mention the weather or "torture"
 you like Betty does!  The ride yesterday was great.  RC and Mojo are almost the
 exact weight and height and they gait at the same speed.  Bandit had a longer
 stride so RC always wanted to break out of his gait to catch up.  I took his shoes
 off about 3 months ago and he has adjusted well.  We really ride on soft terrain
 and RC has excellent feet.  Just wanted you to know that RC and I are having
 a great time (especially since I bought the trailer) and my sincere gratitude for
 placing him with me.  Sheila and Redcloud in warm and sunny FL
 Sheila,  It's the wonderful folks like you and Betty, and so many others I have
 been blessed to meet and introduce to my horses, that keeps my heart and soul
 and body and (probably weak) mind doing this 24/7/365 . The "real payoff"
 for me is knowing my guys will have love and all that goes with it, forever.  DT

  Janet met Lexus/Wolfman  in person for the first 
  time arrived at his new home with her in Illinois.

 Hello David!  I just had to let you know how thrilled I have been with Wolf.  I
 renamed him Lexus after I rode him a few times.  The smoothest riding car I
 have ever ridden in was a Lexus.  Wolf is definitely the smoothest horse I have
 ever ridden, hence the name change.  His canter is really smooth and his
 running walk is so speedy that the other horses where I board cannot keep up.
 He loves to move out, and even his regular walk has a large stride to it. He is
 such a pleasure to ride
   I didn't write you immediately after receiving him because I wanted to be sure
 he was everything you said he was.  Well, he's everything you said and more.
 He has the sweetest disposition.  He loves to be ridden and is most insulted if
 I ride my other horse.  When we turn to head back to the barn he stops and
 looks back at me as if to say, "What? Is our ride over already?"  He would stay
 out all day if I had the time.
   He gets along well with all the other horses.  He loves treats and his feed.  He
 is not spooky; when we encounter something new, he just looks it over carefully
 and then moves on.  I am so pleased with him.
   I continue to watch your site for new horses.  My next horse will definitely
 come from you.  I see that you are listing Mojo's brother on the site right now.
 Will you have any of Mojo's brothers that have his same dark palomino color
 coming up for sale?  If so, you can mark him sold to me.  I am that impressed
 with your horses! 
  Sincerely,  Janet G. in IL
 I had a sneaky feeling that you'd love him just as much as me. Thanks, David
  Alt. Picture1 2

 Hi David,  I wanted to let you know just how much I adore Ginger.  She is so
 awesome.  I don't really know where to begin to describe her.  She's so sensitive
 -- in a good way -- as in responsive.  She is incredibly light.  She responds to the
 slightest cues.  Sometimes I almost make a game of it to see how little I can do
 to get her to respond.  Her mouth is so light I'm pretty sure i could ride her in a
 piece of baling twine.  I might even try it!!  She's responsive and quick, always
 controllable.  The farrier loves her.  He called her "phenomenal".  I would say
 that's a pretty strong adjective.  She has been barefoot since the first few weeks
 and never had any problem making the transition.  She leads like a dream and
 is so respectful of my space.  I follow Clinton Anderson's program and she is an
 excellent student.  She learns so fast that sometimes I'm standing there with my
 mouth open.  She learned side-passing in 5 minutes!  She's very easy to be with
 and a joy to spend time with.  I get endless compliments on her.  I really feel so
 lucky to have found your site and to have found her.  If I had to pick out the
 worst thing about her, I would say that she loves the mud.  If that's the worst
 problem I ever have to deal with I would say that I am one lucky horse owner!!
 Thanks for giving her such a good foundation.  Jaclyn E in TX
 Well Jaclyn,  As I've mentioned to you so many times, Ginger was one of those
 horses I could have ridden and enjoyed indefinitely.  I have never regretted that
 she was so lucky as to get to spend her life with you, but I surely was sad to see
 her leave out of here.  As you stated so aptly, She is AWESOME.... DT

 I raised Tip from a tiny weanling to 4 years old.
 He was always an awesome student and so steady,
 confident, and trustworthy out on any trail I ever
 chose to ride him. Becky met him for the first time
 in person when he arrived at his new home in MA...
 It was pouring down rain when he stepped off the
 trailer but he was a perfect gentleman I was told.

 Hey David,  Just wanted to tell you that the trail ride today with Tip was just
 AWESOME!!!  If he stays this way, he is just what I was looking for.  My friend
 didn't have her camera but there will be MANY more times!! I am planning on
 riding at least 3 or 4 days next week.  The weather is supposed to be "fallish"
 (cool, just my kind of weather) so I hope to take advantage of it.  I hadn't ridden
 for 3 months (with my back injury) so I am thrilled to say that I'll be riding all
 WEEK!!  I was so pleased to be able to have a conversation with my friend as
 we're riding as opposed to being way (way, way) out front with my "old" horse.
 Tip handled everything very well, including people throwing sticks out to their
 swimming dogs!!!  We had a little road work with some balloons tied to a mail
 box and he barely looked at it.  I even managed to get him to canter up a hill,
 (a very nice canter) a very nice day, horse, ride!!!  Thank you again.. Keep up
 the good work. (my friend that I rode with may be a customer in a couple of
 years!!!  She was VERY impressed with Tip!!!  Best
 Hey David,  Just thought I would send you a "month's" update on "Tip".  I am
 now calling him "Mack"... a lot of people were calling him Tippy and I used to
 have a goat named Tippy, so I felt I needed to change his barn name(no change
 to the reg. name, as we discussed, I feel that's bad luck...) Mack continues to do
 very well, is filling on out, has lots of dapples, and is settling in very nicely.  I
 have been riding at all of our local state parks two or three times a week for an
 hour and a half or so each ride and the only thing that has seemed to bother
 him at all is BOULDERS!!! You don't have rocks in TN??? hahaha, Seriously,
 I am having a ball!!!  I am riding with all of my friends (gaited and trotting) ...
 Mack is a JOY!!!  A friend and I are going to VT for an overnight and I'll take
 my camera so I can catch some of the foliage and some "ear" shots(my favorite)
 to send to you.  Hope all is well with you.  Becky L in MA  ps..Oh, we have
 a (our first) grandchild... a healthy baby boy 8lbs 4oz.. Named Leo! Two babies
 in a month!!! Don't know which one is most exciting!!! (2 or 4 legged) haha...
 Hi David ,   I just wanted you to know how much we are enjoying
 Cisco and Gabby (aka Loretta).  It has been such a wonderful change to our
 barn to have these two horses.  They are so calm and easy to handle.  Both
 are doing great and they have become great pasture mates.  I have attached
 a recent picture of them with Charlie when we were at East Fork Stables
 last week.  We are so thankful that we found you and our great horses.
 Thanks again.  Ava and Charlie E. in GA

 Ava chose Cisco to be hers at Christmas season and Charlie decided to on
 Gabby (aka Loretta) to be his riding partner the next spring. Thank you so
 much for giving these guys the opportunity to live with you both.  DT

 Thank you Dennis for offering such a quality life
 and all the genuine love and appreciation that he
 truly deserves. I am so thankful...
   Hi David ,  It's been six months since my lucky day meeting you both
 and Brad and it's been six months of Joy and Fun with Brad. He is my best
 buddy and is doing just great. He has never bucked, bolted, kicked, or anything
 of that nature. He is the perfect gentleman both in and out of the saddle. We
 have been exploring the beautiful Mt. Diablo hills here in northern California.
 We work a lot in the round pen as well and he is enjoying that as much as me.
   Brad has put on some weight and filled out nicely since the long trip here
 from your home. The trip didn't seem to bother him at all and he settled right
 in to his new home.
  I have had 3 horses in 18 years and it is a complete joy to become partners with
 such a fine horse. I am recently trying going all natural with no shoes and he
 seems fine and good with that as well. I have also sent for a bit-less bridle and
 will be trying him in that also. I figure as many rewards I can give the better.
  He has become the favorite at the barn and for good reason. He's just a great
 horse. I'd love to have the original videos you have of Brad if that's possible to
 send out to me. I have told everyone of your fine operation and the quality of
  As you said, he's anything but just plain Brad. I know he deserves a great name
 but Brad is just fine with me!!  Feel free to add this to your comments page as
 well!!!!  Thanks again for everything.  Dennis W in CA

  Above are Tina/Stroker on their first trail ride in Georgia
 Dear David ,   You don't know me but a very dear friend of mine, Tina,
 recently purchased a horse from you (Power Stroke's Ace) and I cannot begin to
 tell you how much he means to her. Tina and I first met in Jr. High when we
 were both members of the 4H Horse Club. We spent our Jr. High days and our
 High School days riding horses side by side most every day. She had a amazing
 horse named Zim and we both thought she would never find a horse half as
 good as she was, until now. I wanted to tell you how very special Tina is and
 how wonderful her relationship is with Stroker. I also wanted to thank you for
 upholding high ethical practices and truly caring about where a horse ends up.
 She has told me wonderful things about you and it's obvious that you
 care about both the horse and the rider (a rare find in the horse business these
 days). I love Tina and she is a dear friend so I cannot thank you enough for
 making her dreams come true. I have never seen Tina so in love with a horse,
 even Zim. She loves Stroker so much and he is living up to all her expectations.
 I will definitely be recommending your farm to future horse owners. Keep up the
 good work and many blessings to you.   Sincerely, Meredith A in GA
 Meredith,  I can understand just why you are so crazy about Tina as I found
 her to be just as special. I, too, was extremely taken with Stroker and would
 ride him at every chance. I was so happy when she came back up and chose
 to make him her life partner. They seemed like, as Tina puts it, two peas in a
 pod and nothing brings more joy to my heart or a bigger smile to my face
 than that. It may sound trite, but the reward I hold dearest isn't the dollars
 but the pleasure of affecting the lives of both a great horse and a great human.

 Keb and Bill both had the privilege to move to MT
 where they share some kinda' awesome life. Thank
 you so much Pam and Kent for the love and life....

  I raised Bill from a baby to a wonderful 4y/o...
 Dear David , Where do we begin to thank you for the incredible horses
 you allowed us to bring home in November, 2008?  We have been so blessed to
 have Shilo (Keb Mo on your website) and Pecos Bill join our family here in
 Columbus, Montana.
   Shilo is the most wonderful horse for me that I could ever imagine being a
 riding partner with.  As an experienced rider he has all the spirit and forward,
 elegant movement that I could ever ask for, yet his personality is so kind and
 loving.  Many horses that have as much spirit as Shilo would be hard to handle,
 but you have done such an incredible job of imprinting and training him with
 love that he is as close to perfect as anyone could ask for.  It is amazing that he
 is only 3 years old and so sweet and gentle, yet has so much spirit.  You were
 right on when you said Shilo has a wonderful mind.
   Shilo's gait is as good as his behavior.  He never has to be kicked to get into
 his gaits, he glides like a boat on glassy water, and will go and go like the
 EverReady Bunny until you ask him to slow down.  He has never once broken
 into a gallop, and I am honoring my promise not to gallop him until he is older.
 But, who needs to gallop when you have a horse like Shilo that gaits slow, or
 medium, or fast.  He stays ahead of all the Quarter horses around us, and does
 it with his head high, his ears forward, and a beautiful, natural high step, with
 or without shoes!(I think we may be converting some of these Montana cowboys
 that TWH's are a better way to go!!) Click here to see Shilo/Pam in Montana
   Then there is Pecos Bill.  What a delight!  Although only 14.3 hands, he rides
 like a 15.3 hand horse...  Letters like this make all the hours and days I spend
 with my horses (instead of some really cool laid back vacation) so meaningful
 and joyful for me. You can read the entire letter using these links.Page1 Page2
Enlarge it once downloaded using the icon in the letter's lower right corner.

 Click on the links to see more beautiful views of
 Pepperjack's adventures.  Alt. Picture1 2 3 4 5 6
 Hi David ,   It took me three months but I finally figured out how to
 send these. I am obviously not computer literate. (Sounds like me as I know just
 about enough to be dangerous) It's been almost seven years since we came down
 to Shelbyville and bought Pepper and Gail's horse. We really were lucky! We've
 traveled approximately 12,000 miles with these two and had nothing but good
 experiences. They have proved to be great companions and both just keep going
 no matter how long the ride.  This past September at Land Between the Lakes
 we rode for almost nine hours in one day and they never missed a beat. We also
 stopped at Mammoth Cave a few days and think the riding was better there....
 (The email goes longer but I will stop here and thank both Larry and Gail L.
 for being such competent/accomplished horse lovers, owners, and riders. DT)
 .... I hope you'll enjoy the pictures of Pepperjack.... Happy New Year

 What beautiful country and an awesome view. It's
 no wonder the area was chosen as the subject for
 painting spectacular scenery to share with others.
 Click here or on the picture for a larger view.
 Hi David,   Clay and I wanted to send you an update on Sam and Sunny!!!
 Attached is a picture of Sam and Sunny at the top of the Resumedero Park on
 the Continental Divide in New Mexico. The mountain in the background is
 called Pedernal Mountain which is a famous mountain often painted by
 Goergia O'Keefe and is a New Mexico landmark.
 I have had Sam for one year now and he is everything you said he would be and
 more!!!  He has a great mind and is a fast learner. I have been doing the Pat
 Parrelli Natural Horsemanship with him and he anticipates the moves before I
 even start them. He is so innocent and "soft" and has been a real pleasure to
 work with. Everywhere we go people think he and Sunny are beautiful and they
 get all the attention :-). Sam and Sunny are great buddies and get along very
 well together. He is doing great on the trail- because we ride over deep roots,
 logs, and rocks he is learning to watch his footing and calmly navigate through
 the forest- he is a great log jumper. His gait is very smooth and fun.
 Thanks again David for 2 fantastic horses!!!   Clay and Jill D. in NM

 Hero's two brothers also happen to be included on
 this page. T-Bird and Chief, aka Joey, are posted
 below along with the notes their people partners
 shared with us. It isn't just coincidence that these
 boys all turned out to be great horses. They were
 born to be and I try hard not to mess that up....
 Dear David ,   My new horse, Hero is fantastic! He is everything I have
 looked for in a horse all wrapped up into one beautiful package. He's sweet and
 loving. Hero is a great trail horse and has no problem with the intense trails of
 the Ozark Mountains. He is safe dependable and an awesome partner. He also
 has a wonderful sense of humor.
  Hero is also a true hero. We went to Ponderosa Trails over the Memorial Day
 weekend for a gaited club ride. There were 16 people in a group of experienced
 trail riders. It was a hot and muggy day and we were going through the
 Ponderosa Trail to Huckleberry Ridge State Forest. We were climbing a steep
 hill when suddenly the woman in front of me flipped over her horse (that got
 hung up in a tree) and landed right in front of Hero. At that point Hero
 FROZE. There we were in the middle of a very steep climb on loose footing,
 and Hero saw what was happening and stopped cold. Even with the uneven
 footing, having me on his back, the steepness of the terrain, Hero did not move
 a muscle. He knew that she was in trouble and wanted to make sure that he
 didn't do anything to hurt her. She ended up with some cuts and bruises and
 a sprained wrist, but it could have been a lot worse. Most horses would have
 kept going to get up that hill and might have run over her, but not Hero. He
 didn't move until he knew that we had taken her to a safe location and then he
 checked all of his feet to make sure she was not going to be under him before
 he moved. Hero is just that-- a Hero. His loving and caring nature, his alertness
 to what goes on around him, and his intuition about the situation turned what
 could have been a tragic event into a lesser problem.
  Hero is a GREAT horse. I will have him forever, and forever he will be a Hero.
 Thank you so much for allowing me the privilege of sharing my life with him.
 I am truly grateful.  Mary R in AR    I am just as grateful to you Mary...

  I raised Painter from yearling to awesome 4y/o
 Hi David ,  I wanted to give you an update on Painter as I've had him
 about eight months now. He is as close to the perfect horse as I think I could
 have bought. I have given you a lot of credit for this, because he was obviously
 well raised. I decided to learn some new technology & bought a digital camera.
 I will send you some pictures. He has grown a lot since I've had him and filled
 out very nicely.   People are constantly amazed that he is a 4y/o horse because
 he's so mature and sensible. He's a great trail horse and I have total confidence
 in him. We ride over all types of terrain & he's been wonderful in all situations.
 I generally do not have to use any bit pressure at all because he can be guided
 with leg pressure and voice commands....
(There is much more to the email and
 about Painter's awesome new life but I will stop posting here for now....DT)
 I hope things are well for you.  Frank C in WV

  Chance does it all naturally shod and ridden...
   Another awesome family for any horse to enjoy...
 Hi David , This is an email that I should have sent long ago. Chance
 is such a WONDERFUL horse!!!  We changed his name because one takes a
 chance buying off the internet.  Michele and I have NO REGRETS.... We are
 continually getting compliments on how mature he is for his age.  He doesn't
 act like a 3y/o out on the trail.  The other day Michele rode him in an indoor
 arena and he performed wonderfully, as though he were showing off. We view
 your website weekly looking for our next addition.  
 Thanks again...  Brian and Michele M in VA   
   PS...Brian and Michele met Chance/Boss in person for the first time when he
 stepped off the trailer at his new home with them in VA. This is the situation
 in over half of the horses I place in new homes. Thanks for the faith...
 David , Another update on Chance/Boss. You can add Olympic swimmer
 to Chance's resume' as we recently went on a weekend camping/trail ride and
 had an opportunity to go into a pond. Chance never hesitated. I led him in,
 climbed on bareback, and off we went walking and swimming. Thanks again
 for the great horse.  Brian and Michele  
 David , Another update on Chance. With only one other horse show
 under his saddle, Chance was the Reserve Grand Champion today, beating out
 5 other horses in the non-trotting classes. Chance receives numerous comments
 on how quickly he moves and how flashy he looks. Once again proving what a
 wonderful horse he is.  Brian and Michele   

 Dear David , It has been quite a while (3yrs) since Royal Clue came to
 San Antonio and I have nothing but good things to say about him. In my eyes
 RC is the best horse in the world. We make a perfect pair and I would not give
 him up for anything. Wherever I ride him people want to buy him & the answer
 is not just NO, but H- - - NO! RC will be with me forever. In fact I send them to
 your website. Tennessee Walkers are beginning to catch on down here, in fact,
 I have a neighbor who brought two with him down from Memphis. If you want
 to see something funny you should see three TWH's and my old Thoroughbred
 playing together. RC really impressed me last Sunday. We were at the barn my
 daughter trains at and there were several small children who wanted to ride.
 One little girl about 8y/o was watching her mother ride and upset that she was
 not able to ride as well. I put her on RC and gave her the reins, you should've
 seen the smile. RC was the perfect babysitter and let her guide him around the
 arena for over an hour until her mom was done riding. I'm really proud of him,
 his manners and disposition are wonderful, a real asset to the breed. Kelly's
 mom was equally impressed. As it turns out, Kelly was afraid of some horses
 until she got on RC, he does work magic. I've attached a couple of pictures of
 Royal Clue. As you can tell it was very wet. It has yet to hit 95 here. I saw that
 Shelbyville was 105 today, what's wrong with this picture. By the way, you've
 got me beat on dogs with 10 but I've got you on barn cats; 21 at last count and
 no mice or snakes. The cats stay. If RC is good with Moon Pies, how is RC with
 Moonshine? I had to ask that. Stay cool. Dennis M  
 Hi David ,  Vigorator is doing great and really enjoying the Florida
 sunshine. He came off the trailer and started eating green grass. He looks great
 and was very clean and shiny!!!  He spent his first night in a stall and as soon
 as he got out immediately rolled in the dirt. He is very sweet and laid back......
 ...Wanted to give you an update on Vigorator and let you know how well we're
 doing together. He has been great on the trail. He is everything you said and
 more. He and I have grown as one. We are on the trails every week and he still
 continues to teach me :) and is so forgiving to me learning how to ride while
 learning to find all his gaits. Vigor has all the true "Tennessee Walker" gaits.
 I attended a clinic this weekend and he was one of only two out of the nine that
 could do the Flat Walk/Running Walk. Vigor was also the most willing to work
 and please their owner/rider. Thank you again for the opportunity of having
 Vigor!  Sincerely, Jackie S. in FL    Head Picture   Tack Picture   

 Jerry has sent me numerous accounts of his many
 adventures with Hesper. I don't know how I have
 missed getting one on before. The way he relates
 them is so wonderfully heartwarming. I wish that
 he would publish them for all to enjoy as I have.

 Dear David , I hope that you  are doing well. I know that you are
 busy, but I have a Hesper story that I must share with you. I will try to keep it
 from being a novel. Hesper and I have been connected in an amazing manner
 since the first time I laid eyes on him at your farm. (over 5 years ago). We are
 best friends and I feel utterly safe around him (and Blackjack- who is shy and
 very sweet) and on his back. If I did not know that he was a guardian for me
 before, I know it now.    A while back I was riding in the woods near my home.
 I always ride bareback ( his full out gallop is such an amazing power ride...)
 It was dusk. We came around the corner of the woods to come across a very big
 man with wild hair and a long full beard looking at us. I could feel a shot of
 nerves come from Hesper into my gut. The man stopped short and told me what
 a magnificent horse I had. I thanked him and urged Hesper on, but he would
 not move. He arched his back in flight mode and stood stock still, sizing this
 man up. The man took a step towards us and Hesper who loves everyone, pawed
 and threatened to strike with his front hoof. I attempted to get off of Hesper to
 walk him forward. He continued to out-move me so that I could not possibly
 get off without falling. Wherever Hesper was going, he was determined that I
 was going along. The man backed up and gave us a wide berth. Hesper turned,
 ignoring my urges forward, and watched until the man was out of sight. I
 stroked his neck and we went home.    I was only to find out later that this man
 lives on the other side of the 100 acres where I ride and is an alcoholic who
 suffers from acute schizophrenia and has very unpredictable episodes-- he is
 about twice my size. Thanks again for connecting us with two such amazing,
 intuitive creatures. PS. Hesper is to the point now where I can guide his move-
 ments completely with leg and body weight cues. I rarely even touch the bit.
 Jerry Sanders in TN

 Dear David ,  I know how busy you are but sometimes there is a story
 that must be told. Last week we had an unexpected storm which totally caught
 me off guard. No warnings of any kind with high rotating winds, lightning,
 hail, and flooding. Since I was unable to get the horses to the barn I had to
 watch them huddle together in the far corner of the pasture. When the rain
 got too bad I lost sight of them completely. After the storm ceased but swirling
 dark clouds still threatened, the lower end of our pasture flooded with water
 up to 4ft. plus deep. All 4 of my horses were stuck on a triangle of land just big
 enough to keep them out of the water. I ran to the barn and called for Iceman.
 He started through the water and stopped to play, roll, and get muddy. The
 mares and pony would not come to me even though I called them, but stayed
 with Iceman. Trucks were stopping by the road to watch and offer help. I
 finally yelled at Iceman to bring the horses (a new command). He started out,
 water almost covering his back with both mares and pony in tow. They ran in
 the barn to their stalls where they each got a flake of alfalfa hay and a good
 scraping to remove most of the dripping water. Obviously, they took the storm
 in stride as horses do but I know how dangerous hail and lightning can be.
 My only regret is that I didn't take my phone to get a movie of them crossing
 the water. Iceman is totally in charge of the herd and protects them. The fact
 that he responded to a new voice command in an unusual situation kept me
 from having to come and get him, as most horse would, truly shows the trust,
 intelligence, and love these great horses have for their owners. This is a true
 testimony to the wonderful training you give your horses in the early most
 critical stage of their lives. They all perform well under saddle, but, it's times
 like this when they perform beyond your expectations that you realize what a
 gem you have and the initial price you paid is insignificant to their actual
 worth. I've seen people chasing panicky horses in flood water again and again
 trying to get them to dry land and I walk around with the personal satisfaction
 that I can depend on Iceman. I am seriously considering getting search and
 rescue training with Iceman as he is truly a special guy. When people ask me
 where I purchased Iceman I send them to your website. You don't just raise
 and train horses to sell, you give your horses a complete mental and physical
 foundation for future owners to build upon to achieve their very own "perfect
 horse". Thank you. A big fan.  Kathy L. in AL
 Hi David ,  It's been two years now since I visited you and "fell in
 love" with Bo (ne Greed). I want to add my customer comments. He is such
 a terrific fellow. We have developed a wonderful partnership and he is indeed
 the fabulous trail horse that you predicted. Nothing frazzles him and we ride
 regularly throughout the mountains as well as in the arena. I am working
 toward showing him in some versatility classes. His gait is smooth as butter.
 His manners are close to impeccable. I continue to browse your website and
 think you have one of the finest selections of pleasure horses that I've seen.
 Thank you for my buddy. Kim K. in TN       Head Picture 
 Hi David, I haven't spoken with you in a while and I just wanted to let you
 know how awesome Jubi is. Today, I had friends over and had everyone from
 a 5y/o to a Grandma on him and he was PERFECT. Jubilee is a kind horse
 that just wants to please and the longer I own him (over three years now) and
 ride him with other horses in all different kinds of terrain, the more I have
 grown to appreciate just how awesome he is. I always received comments on
 his looks, manners, and way of moving. I feel like sometimes I need to put a
 "NOT FOR SALE" sign on him because he attracts a lot of attention and
 we have been asked many times if we would consider selling him. We love
 Jubi and he will be with our family for the rest of his life. If and when we are
 in the market for another horse, it will come from you.  The Browns in CA
 Head Picture 
 Hi David , just wanted to let you know that both T-Bird and Pepper
 did 30mile endurance rides this past weekend in SC. I rode T-Bird Saturday-
 our ride was actually almost 32miles but counts as 30- he was super. We rode
 the first 15mile loop a little too slowly since I had no idea what I was doing,
 but the second loop was better. He recovered quickly, ate and drank well, and
 passed the vet checks fine. What a great horse! Everyone was saying how nice
 he is and what a pretty horse etc. "Mr T", (that's what I call him more than
 T-Bird) was great and we'll do another ride. Pius rode Pepper yesterday and
 got an official completion... his ride times were faster so he had some time at
 end which we needed. Both boys were so good. What great horses. We'll try
 Conor in a ride... Anyway, thanks for the super horses. They were stand-outs
 the whole weekend.  Mary and Pius G. in NC
 Hi Dave, Just a note to let you know I rode Al last Saturday and haven't been
 on him since last November. He was a PERFECT GENTLEMAN. I got on
 him and he just stood there and I waited for a hump in his back but nothing,
 so I asked him to to move forward and just went along and he never put an
 ear back or anything. We rode down the road because the fields are so muddy
 and still some snow. We gaited along for a while and boy did I wish for my
 cell phone so I could call YOU and say listen to this... traffic no problem...
 noisy tractor trailers NO PROBLEM... What a great way to start off the new
 year... If this isn't  a selling ad for your horses then I don't know what is.
 Hope all is well... BEV and AL in NY
 It's been 3 years (6/03) since G came to Connecticut and just when I think our
 relationship can't get any better, it does. G is without a doubt one of the most
 intelligent, willing horses I've ever had the pleasure to deal with. He has the
 heart of a lion and the soul of a lamb. We are continuing our Parelli games
 but have added cross training in dressage which has helped his physique....he
 is using his hind end even more, and in turn his running walk is smoother
 than ever. However, our first love remains the trail... G's been a great teacher
 and I have learned more with him in 2 1/2 years than in all my years of riding
 I think we make a great team, and I hope you know he has found his lifetime
 home with us. But it's only a matter of time now before he comes home once
 again when we move to Tennessee which means you better get ready
 to ride as we will be knocking on your door.  Thanks again for the pleasure
 of G's company. I hope you and your family have a happy holiday... Kate T.
   All I can say Kate and Zeke is "Come on down". I'm waiting on you.

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