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Breeding to Champagne Lookout 
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Breeding Pleasure Tennessee Walking Horse  Naturally Gaited Offspring,Choose Champagne Lookout and Breed for Color              
Champagne  Lookout
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Owned by: David Taylor

"Champagne Lookout" offers the unique opportunity to breed for color, gait, and exceptional bloodlines all in one package. Outstanding conformation and disposition are standard equipment on all "Lookout" foals. To date, every sorrel or liver chestnut mare has produced a Champagne shade. If you are looking for a truly natural horse producing naturally gaited offspring, then "Champagne Lookout" is the horse for you!  

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        Some Important Facts and Details About "Champagne Lookout" & How to Breed For Color


 Champagne color guarantee entitles the purchaser of a stud fee or mare that I sell with color guarantee the right to one free re-breed of the same mare if she doesn't produce champagne color offspring. This does not include any related costs such as vet checks, collection, shipping, etc.


Mare color matters if you're serious about producing a champagne shade. Copper/sorrel and liver/chestnut mares have produced 100% champagne, even if they were spotted. The results with blacks and bays has been around 50% so far, but I have not bred nearly as many as with the sorrels and chestnut colors.


Technically the odds say that any color mare you breed has at least a 50% chance of producing the stallion color no matter what she is, but I have tried to remove some of the chance. You could get a beautiful champagne color from your favorite black, bay, grey, red, or any other color mare.


Stud Fee to "Champagne Lookout" is $400 LFG with no color guarantee and $500 LFG with the Champagne color guarantee. I reserve the right to determine if mare is a candidate for guarantee. See the link above for a detailed copy of the breeding contract. Click here for details about paying with Mastercard or Visa.


No matter what color your foal is, you can be confident that it will have great bloodlines, attitude, conformation, and gait. Champagne Lookout foals excel in every way. The proof is already under saddle. Some recently started will be for sale very soon. Breed for color, get the rest for free.


Please feel free to contact me with any and all questions you may have. I welcome your phone calls, letters,   E-mails, or especially visits if you're in our area. "Lookout", or Louie as I refer to him, is always happy for   visitors, and he surely won't mind if you just happen to have a carrot in your pocket!


Mares in Foal to "Lookout" are occasionally available for purchase. 

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