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    Welcome to Evening Shade Farm. I am a small personally owned/operated horse farm in Shelbyville, Tennessee, the heart of Tennessee Walking Horse country. My main focus is the  breeding, raising and training of top quality naturally gaited trail and pleasure Tennessee Walking and Spotted Saddle Horses for sale. I also offer for sale other top quality gaited trail horses that are ready to be your next trail horse, pleasure horse, and forever horse.
    Each of my broodmares has been carefully selected following four criteria; disposition, conformation, gait, and bloodlines. I purchased my first in 1991. "Delight's Miss Missie", a direct daughter of World Grand Champion "Sun's Delight D.", remains in my family still. She retired from active broodmare status in 2000, but is still very useful as she now carries delighted children for rides in Shelbyville's Great Strides Riding Program for the disabled. The Tennessee Walking Horse is versatile throughout its life.
    "Champagne Lookout" joined me in 1996. I fell in love with his beautiful color, smooth natural gait, and wonderful disposition. However, his bloodlines on top and bottom are as good as any Tennessee Walking Horse you find, including "Foundation Era" World Grand Champions  such as; "The Super Stock", "Ebony's Senator", "Ebony Masterpiece", "Mack K's Handshaker", "Midnight Sun", "Johnny Midnight", and of course the source of that beautiful color, "Champagne Lady Diane". Firmly believing that old foundation bloodlines and pedigree definitely make the difference, when I decided to breed for color, I knew that breeding true naturally gaited Tennessee Walking Horses for trail and pleasure had to be top priority. Breeding for unique colors is always fun and exciting because you never know exactly what you'll get. That is why I always breed for
quality individuals so that no matter what color comes on the outside, there's a great horse on the inside.
    I am not a "Horse and Livestock Company" or "professional horse trader/broker". Just someone with a genuine love, and some might say addiction, for horses. This all got started by deciding to buy and breed one mare and raise a baby to keep for myself. Somehow along the way it took on a life of it's own and now consumes most, if not all, of my "spare time". But I love it and that's why I continue to do it. I have always had my regular job to earn a living so I can place my horses when the time and home are right for my horse, first and foremost, and then for whomever selects them as being "the one". Consequently, the number of horses available will vary and be limited to those I consider are the best/safest that I can offer while keeping the amount of work at a level I can do myself since I do not entrust the care, handling and riding of my horses to others. I have some exceptional gaited trail horses for sale of all colors; smooth naturally gaited, non-spooky, with innately calm/loving dispositions. Come and take a test ride, or check out their pictures and videos on my Horses for Sale page. I appreciate your taking time to look through my site and certainly hope to hear from you. Picture yourself on a smooth gaited, great minded Tennessee Walking Horse "for the trail ride of your life"....

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 Thank you for visiting my Website. Please check out the rest of the site using the links bar at the top. You'll find Horses for Sale (including pictures and videos), answers to frequently asked questions about the gaited Tennessee Walking Horse as well as gaited Champagne colored Tennessee Walking Horses, and saddles/tack for sale selected specifically to correctly fit the "gaited horse". Call, email, or visit at the address and/or phone number below. I welcome E-Mails and will always answer promptly. Come back often as something is always changing. Thanks...   

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                        Offering Top Tennessee Walking Horse Colts   &  Gentle, Smooth Gaited Trail/Pleasure Horses

Every time you ride, your horse is either learning or unlearning something from you.

    All of my Tennessee Walking Horses for sale and Spotted Saddle Horses for sale are ridden alone and in groups, on country roads and trails, around cars, trucks, tractors, ATV's, eighteen wheel Tyson Chicken trucks, etc. and are exposed to as many different obstacles as possible. My trail rides consist of uphill and downhill, creeks and water, rocky and muddy, and sometimes roadside riding, so that the gaited horses for sale will be versatile and experienced on trails. My gaited trail horses are never ridden in "long shank bits", "gag type bits", "twisted wire bits", or any other harsh style of "Walking Horse" bit. Each of my gaited trail horses is taught to work first in a plain "snaffle bit" with no curb strap/chain for a very light touch. Only when they fully know and understand what is expected are they finished off with a very mild "Argentine" style bit for that last little bit of primping. My horses have normal feet with NO long toes or low heels, NO weighted or oversized shoes and are shod to their natural conformation the same as any normal trail horse of any breed should be. I represent any Tennessee Walking Horse for sale or Spotted Saddle Horse for sale as honestly and accurately as possible. Potential buyers have the option, and are welcome, to come and test ride any gaited trail horse and have a pre-purchase exam before horses leave Evening Shade Farm.
    I am not a professional horse trader or broker and do not sell horses for my living.  I work with the School System. Consequently, the selection of gaited trail horses for sale that you will find on my site will be limited to only the caliber horse that I would personally keep forever because my goal is to offer high quality gaited trail horses, not quantity. While many of the trail horses for sale are raised and started right here at Evening Shade Farm, I also search out quality gaited trail horses. These are not horse sale, trader, or consignment horses but carefully selected and purchased by me from individual owners, and the truly good ones are few and far between. I look at many different aspects of each gaited trail horse I consider, and ultimately the decision comes down to one all important question; "
Would I purchase this gaited trail horse for my own personal companion?"  If the answer is yes, that Tennessee Walking or other gaited trail horse is the one you will see on my Horses for Sale page available for your consideration. Please feel free to contact me at any time with any questions you may have using the address, phone number, and/or e-mail link above. I really look forward to hearing from you.....

                                                                                                                                                                  David P Taylor
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Evening Shade Farm tennessee walking horses for trail and pleasure riding tennessee walkers for sale pictures and videos gaited horses trail horses
Collector's Kentucky Wildman aka "Wildy" ~~ He celebrated his 22nd birthday in
2014 and in my personal little universe, this is the one that "hung the moon"....
tennessee walking gaited trail horse evening shade farm gentle smooth gaited
This is Wildy, April 24, 2011, and I am so thankful he is here.  I almost lost him to a
strange illness that included seizures and collapse.  Dr. Baker again pulled a rabbit
out of the hat and saved Wildy's life and my heart/soul/sanity for the third time.  I can
never repay that blessing no matter how long I live.  He has my eternal gratitude, again.
the one and only tennessee walking horse for me
I had not saddled Wildy since December '09 for the Christmas parade, and after his strange
illness in spring 2011, really wasn't sure if I would ever have that joy again. Finally, I decided
to see if it was possible to just ride him around the yard a minute. August 30, 2011 was the day.
It was pure and complete satisfaction/joy, I believe for us both. Here's a video of that moment.
He's "still got it" after all these years. YAHOO!!!!!! There's still more riding in our future...

March 19, 2014  Wildman enjoying a great supper buffet with all the trimmings...

March 23, 2014  If we are supremely favored and blessed, we might just have one partner
in a lifetime that surpasses any and all of our dreams of the perfect "one".  For some reason
unknown to me, I was blessed in such a way to have experienced a life shared with such a
partner and his name is Collector's Kentucky Wildman "Taylor".  While many have said to
me that he was such a blessed horse to have lived in a home where he was loved and cherished
here on earth, I know all too well that it is I who am the blessed one because he chose to find
me worthy of loving.  I tried very hard every day of his life to be all that I could be for him, too.
We share a bond that transcends horse/human/time and it rose to a level where we just "were" .
It is a bond that will last throughout all eternity, something that has a value beyond all measure.
And like my HolliAnna, he has left this earth far too soon and I will be missing him every minute
of every day until we see each other again.  He began experiencing some issues with balance and
motor skills which we could not seem to correct.  Both Dr Baker and Dr Warner tried numerous
protocols and the equine Chiropractor worked with us as well, but we could not seem to stop the
progression or turn around the deficits as they appeared.  Wildy never stopped trying and gave 200%
each and every day doing his best to overcome what was robbed from him but in the end it proved
to be more than he could compensate.  The pictures above were taken the afternoon before he went
home to join HolliAnna, and as you can see, he never lost his appetite and from all appearances he
was in perfect health.  He just could not walk by himself and was having more and more difficulty
staying on his feet for any length of time.  Thankfully, I was able to be with him around the clock
as much as needed to keep him safe and happy, helping him to get up, monitoring his lying down, and
spending countless hours rubbing/massaging his neck/back during the weeks he was experiencing
the effects of this strange neurological issue. While it may sound silly to some, we were able to share
so much with each other, talked for hours, and I know he understood all of our many conversations.
On March 20, 2014 at 3PM, after we spent four hours lying in the grass and enjoying the sun on us,
(he would sit up and graze around his spot, ate some alfalfa hay, drank some water, and made me smile)
with Dr Baker's help, he went ever so peacefully on ahead of me to a place where he is totally able/well.
He is by all my estimations, THE MOST PERFECT HORSE EVER.  None will ever compare nor will I
look for, or expect, any to measure up to the standard he set.  The bar is just way too high.  I love you
Wildman Taylor and by the way, Happy Birthday today March 23, 2014.  You are my shining star.
Collector's Kentucky Wildman "Taylor"    March 23, 1992 ~ March 20, 2014 




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Evening Shade Farm pastures in the afternoon sun...
              Evening Shade Farm Gaited Tennessee Walking Horses for slae trail pleasure spotted saddle horses for sale natural horse pictures videos

            Nothing is much prettier than freshly mowed pastures and beautiful horses... 
                  Evening Shade Farm, natural gaited horse, tennessee walking horses for sale, spotted saddle horse, gentle, natural, trail and pleasure horse horses for sale pictures videos calm steady Tennessee Walking Horses spotted saddle horses
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               Exploring new places is always more fun on a gaited Tennessee Walking Horse
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                  Evening Shade Farm, tennessee walking horses, spotted saddle horses, gelding, smooth, natural gaited, horses for sale, gaited trail horse, pleasure horse, horses for sale, pictures, videos novice experienced friendly
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                  Everywhere looks great through the ears of a gaited Tennessee Walking Horse
                  tennessee walking horse for trail and pleasure riding tennessee walkers for sale spotted saddle gaited trail horse pictures videos naturally gaited
                  easy to ride, smooth gaited, naturally gaited, trail horses for sale
                           Beautiful Tennessee hills... winter or summer
                  tennessee walking horses for trail and pleasure gaited rides  tennessee walking horse for sale spotted saddle horses trail riding pictures videos

                                     Some days you gotta' "Just Do It"....
                  Tennessee Walker Horse for sale gaited trail pleasure horse horses naturally gentle pictures videos

                    A cat's eyes view....
              tennessee walker gaited trail horse pleasure horses spotted saddle for sale pictures videos

              If you look closely those eyes on top of the decorative frog pump are Stefan's.  At least
              I thought it was Stefan until baby frogs showed up (three of them), so I guess I should
              have named him Stefanie.  She's lived here for several years now and seems to like it here.
              tennessee spotted walker walking horse horses for sale gait gaited trail pleasure natural smooth
              well trained smooth easy steady reliable trail gaited horses
              evening shade farm, tennessee walking horses for sale

      My two best boys, Bomber and Wildy, enjoy some time out together... they're stallions/brothers
              Evening Shade Farm Tennessee Walker horse horses for sale natural gentle gaited trail pleasure horse horses for sale video picture
              Evening Shade Farm Tennessee Walking Walker horse horses for sale trail gaited gentle natural pictures videos

              HollieAnna doing one of her favorite moves for a belly rub...What human could resist?
              natural gentle tennessee walker walkers trail and pleasure horses for sale spotted saddle gaited trail pleasure picture video 
              HollieAnna celebrated her 3rd anniversary of beating lymphoma cancer on 10/30/11. She
              began her chemotherapy on 10/30/08 and continues a maintenance regimen to keep her
              healthy. We have absolutely been blessed to win this battle and just as David beat Goliath,
              with some divine help (and totally incredible vet clinic/staff), HollieAnna has won, too.
              I thank God every day for so much...       December 1, 2011  On this day I returned my
              one true angel on earth, HollieAnna Taylor, home to our God.  She watched over me for
              ten years and shared with me her very best, something I never deserved and that was
              without equal.  There were probably less than a dozen days in those ten years when we
              weren't together for at least eighteen hours, leaving a hole that can never be filled and
               the deepest cut that will be very slow and difficult to heal. Only with God's help will it heal.
              She fought like a giant and ironically it was her back, and not the cancer, that we could
              not fix. I only hope to be half as brave and formidable as her when it really counts.  Hollie
              is my hero and a perfect example of the purest love on earth.  While I know that she was
              never really mine, I pretended so and tried to care for her the best possible while she was
              here on this earth with me.   
              She was, after all, a blessing to me from above and that is something for which I will be 
              forever indebted.  In the end we all won because we knew her, had the priviledge to love
              her, and were loved so much by her.  I love you HollieAnna.... God got his best angel back.
              I'll see you again, but not nearly soon enough for me.  She really was "something else"...


            HollieAnna went to Florida with me (May '07) and did we ever have a great adventure...
             ...and again in August and September for a day here and there...
                   ..........she wouldn't take my picture..........
                 ...........but I surely did have a large time taking hers........
              ...........when I could keep up with her........she had a large time, too..........

           December 23, 2012     LizzieBeth Taylor
             Last year (2011) on the day before Thanksgiving as I came home very concerned about
             my HolliAnna, out in the middle of my road and seemingly on a very definite mission,
              this small package was finishing an arduous journey looking for me. I know and believe,
               beyond any doubt, that she was sent to find me by Holli and God. It was such a bitter and
               sweet moment because I knew it was their message to me that it was time for my Holli to
                make her final journey home. At first I was somewhat resistant to accept her as I knew that
              it meant Holli was to leave her earthly home here with me. Exactly one week later I would
               experience the hardest day of my life; allowing HolliAnna to return to her rightful place, with God.
              She let me know it was her time, something I did not want to acknowledge or recognize, and
              that it was not just OK but that it was the right time. I had tried to convince myself that if I got
               through this I wouldn't get that close again but as usual, Holli knew me better and I am so thankful
                she did. I wouldn't have made it. After ten years of loving me, and being as protective of me as I was
              her, she perpetrated the most selfless act of love imagineable. She sent me LizzieBeth to love, not
               in place of her but as an extension of her love. Wow, I must truly be the most blessed person
                 on earth as I have had not just one, but two angels in one lifetime. If I never received another
               blessing in this lifetime I have had so much more than enough, not to mention I ever deserved.
               I am finally ready to share some pictures of Lizzie as I know HolliAnna would want for me to do.

               She absolutely loves boating and going to the lake as much as I do....
               ... at the lake she always wears her microchip tag and collar ...
                ....and she loves exploring new places....that's why the microchip and tag...just in case....
                  .... her swimming lessons are coming right along ....
                .... she never seems to get enough time to do it all ....
                   ... enough is never quite enough ...
                She's mighty cute and I think she knows it....
                 .... and the very best of all, she loves going any and everywhere with me. I love it , too ....
              ....including going to Lowe's and Tractor Supply and riding the carts....
              The only big fish I've ever caught. (I've heard that sitting still and quiet are requirements
              and that is absolutely no fun for me) We filleted him and he was really good eating....
              Andy caught several but Hollie wasn't so lucky and didn't catch anything but a tan...
             I must be getting better because I've caught an even bigger fish. This is getting fun...

              Believe it or not, this really wasn't our bait fish. Captain Ahab, I mean pro fisherman
              Andy, worked for hours to haul in this monster. I'm just happy that the Marine Patrol
              didn't check our catch and arrest us for cradle robbing some poor momma fish.........

           This is our great friend, gracious host, and sometimes awesome Captain (we did miss out
           on seeing the 15 killer whales in the gulf off of Orange Beach). But we always have a very
           large time while visiting the 4G's, Greg and Greta and Gunpowder and Gracie. Thanks....


                What a way to start the day...on the beach at 5:30 to witness an incredible sunrise...
             The only sight that rivals an incredible Florida sunrise is a spectacular Tennessee fall...
              If we could just get it all in one state I guess you'd call it "Heaven"... or Florinnessee.

              tennessee walker horses for sale pictures videos gentle natural gaited horse for sale
             That's my HolliAnna's cute little butt shining for all to see, and she's proud of it, too...

              This is Pepper Lee. Someone ran over and left her. I picked her up & she came to live
              with me after a brief stay at the vet's. She had to lose a front leg but you'd sure never
              know it by the way she's adapted. I'm up to 12 now dogs but who's counting anyway.
             naturl naturally gaited trail pleasure tennessee walking walker spotted saddle horse horses for sale pictures videos
             I've never been owned by a Beagle before but Pepper Lee has convinced me that they're
             just about human and having only three legs makes her even more especially awesome.

              This is Abbigail when she was a baby.  I found her while going to get some lunch one
             Sunday.  Never did get lunch but did get something so much more awesome.  She's
               marked almost identical to LizzieBeth and is nearly as rotten.  What's a guy to do?

             It's a dogs world here and I've come to believe that I'm wearing Milk Bone drawers...
              natural naturally gaited trail pleasure tennessee walking walker spotted saddle horse horses for sale pictures videos
                 And this is why there is no room for humans to sit around in my house....LOL

               You see all these dogs? I didn't ask for any of them, and yet here they all are. And
              there are more!!! Every one of them has been spayed or neutered
since coming here
              but that's the rub. They were all strays out running loose and probably breeding before
              winding up with me. Each one is loved and lives here forever, but none of us can take
              them all in. PLEASE encourage and educate everyone with whom you come in contact
              (especially the young coming generation of children) about the importance of being
              responsible pet/animal guardians. We must initiate a change in the mindset of people
              wanting pets and yet not really understanding the consequences and snowball effect of
              even ONE roaming breeder. The roads are busier and deadlier than ever, the landscape
              is harsh and food is scarce for these guys. We ALL have a moral obligation to make
              this world safe haven for all of God's creatures, especially those who bring so much joy
              into our lives. I would hope that every child or adult who wants to know and love a pet
              have the pleasure to do so, but I hope and pray even more that every critter have a home.

               Winn Dixie decided to try his "paw" at School Bus driving.... LOOK OUT!!!!!
              I have made many amazing friends through horses and music.  Several times, when a
               special need has arisen in my world, they stepped up and gave above and beyond, for folks
               whom they will never meet but helped out of love and generosity and goodness.  Smiles...



           MiniMo went to the Bedford County Fair 2014 and showed in the Miniature Model Class


Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association

Spotted Saddle Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association

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This was my Gertie, maybe the most joyful soul I've ever been blessed to know. She has
gone on ahead of me for now but it will be such pleasure to be with her again some day.
We loved each other so much and she truly appreciated every little thing, and she showed it.
tennessee walking spotted saddle trail and pleasure gaited horse horses for sale pictures videos

My two heavenly angels when they were little girls here with me.... I surely do miss them.

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